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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • Congratulations on your new TDI. I'm hoping to purchase one soon. Could you possibly tell me when your TDI was built and shipped? It should be noted on the window sticker or possibly on the door pillar once you open the driver door. Also, what part of the country do you live in? I am in the Atlanta area and have not seen the curtain airbag upgrade yet. I will probably wait till these are available before I get serious about purchasing. Finally, did you have to pay sticker or was the price negotiable?
    Once again, Congratulations...when gas prices skyrocket you'll have one of the best sedans around and getting 50mpg to boot!!!!!!!
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    I know I just got rid of my 99 Gen IV Jetta GLS VR6 in August. I can't stop thinking about it. If the stock does what people say in December, I think I am going to have to pick up a GLX.....I can't really think of any other car that I would want that fits my life right now. A Volvo S40 is close...I might just have to bite the bullet and pay for a decent parking place and hope for no "dings"....

    I envision myself with black leather this time, still auto tranny, and a nice dark red or dark blue exterior. Had black on tan last, but oh so hard to maintain! Has there been ANY engine spec changed on the VR6 since the redesign in 99? Still 174 HP and 180lbs of torque?

    My Hyundai is cheap, but, call me shallow, it makes me feel Everyone thinks I am CRAZY for getting rid of my Jetta, and I am starting to believe them ;) I thought I would be happy knowing how much money I am saving in monthly payments and insurance (all said - $300/month), but I am questioning my decision......what to do, what to do!?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    If you get rid of that Hyundai now (2 months or so after getting it?) you are going to be one sorry man. You will end up losing about $2000 or so and having to go negative on the loan. That's true with any car, and especially so with a Korean made automobile.
  • Hello all. I'm new to this forum. Am thinking of
    waitng for the April? 2001 release of the updated
    Jetta. I understand that, among other improvements, it will have the 5-speed automatic.

    Does the current VR6 have only 2 valves per cylinder? That would explain it's rather meager (by today's standards) power ratings. since it's 1992 (at best) technology does anyone have info on the '01 1/2? Numerous dealers tell me the Passat V6 won't be used (fitment problem?).
  • Hi all. I am a new user to this forum. I have a 2000 vr6 Jetta. I have read a lot about problems
    from check engine light and certain other engine problems. I must admit that since receiving it, I have not had a problem that I know of. The only thing I notice was some black stuff at the end of the tail pipe. Any idea why this is taken place. I also have'nt notice any performance problems due
    to that. So far I have enjoyed driving it and overall I think its a pretty cool looking car for the cost.

  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    The VR6 is only two valves per cylinder. It is a rugged engine though - designed for use on the autobahn. The power is smooth and seamless. The black tail pipe is normal. Happens on all VW's. I don't think they are the most emission/smog friendly cars, but i don't give a hoot ;)

    Vocus - you are right about the negative equity. But a sizable down payment would help.....or i would just keep the hyundai as my inner city driving car.

    this is all depending on stock options, as I said.

    we shall see! I personally don't want them messing with the VR6 is very reliable. My check engine light came on once due to me running the car out of gas.....had it reset and never ran it out of gas again!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I have the same problem as you do. I have a 1999 Protege DX with 30K and I owe about $11K on it right now. Because of the high mileage I drive, the car is going to have negative equity if I trade now. I would love to have a Golf or Jetta right now, but not willing to trade a perfectly good car and lose money. Your Hyundai is brand new and even has a better warranty than the Jetta does. Thought it's nowhere near the same, it's cheaper to maintain and also, you don't have to be as careful with it. If I were you (which basically I am in the same situation), I would drive the Hyundai at least for a year or two and save even more money up before thinking about another Jetta. That would be the smart thing to do.
  • jwink1jwink1 Posts: 17
    Mine came with the MF wheel and side airbags, so I think that stuff is standard.
    The black stuff on the tailpipe is normal, just carbon, a little oil. All cars do that.
    As for the check engine light, is your gas cap on tight, 3 clicks or so?
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    why isn't mazda talking about the 2001 protege's?
    is there something wrong? every other car is updated already except for daewoo...
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    They are not talking because the car is being introduced in January as the 2001 model instead of now like everyone else's is. In the top-line ES model, the new standard engine will be a 2.0 4-cylinder good for 130+ hp. No one knows yet if it will be a Ford Zetec or Mazda engine. We shall see. Also, the 2.0 will be optional in the LX models as well. And the front and rear fascias and interior will see a minor change as well.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    Justin, I KNEW you couldn't hold out! Well, I hope your stocks do well, so you can get that GLX with sport ride and 17" wheels - suweet!! I love the black leather!! Good choice. My GLS 1.8T is doing awesome! I'm at U. of Oklahoma taking a 2-month grad course, and oh all the comments I get from students (yes, chicks dig this car). Wife says I'm not allowed to offer rides to coeds though - rats).

    Vocus - Why do you care what's new on the '01 Protoge when your next car will be a VW? Anyway, isn't the zetec a 2.3, so if the '01 Mazda has a 2.0, it's their engine!
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    but, yuck, who wants a Ford engine in a nice Mazda?? That would stink. As far as econonmy cars go, the Protege looks the best. They are gonna mess with it, and it is going to go down the tubes I bet....

    Ya know - I don't like the 17" wheels on the Jetta, personally. I think they make the car look too small - the car is all wheels at that point. The standard 16's are a little "classier" to me. To each his own! I have a feeling even if the stocks don't do well, I will find some (probably detrimental to my wallet) way to do something...;)
  • the 2.0 liter in the 2001 protege is going to be the jetta/golf 2.0 liter.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Now the Jetta/Golf 2.0 in the Protege would be something! :)

    Fischda: You just know in your heart my next car's gonna be a VW huh? :) I am going to keep my Protege until it dies though, just to see how much I can get from it. I have 31.300 miles now and it's a year old, so will probably be ready for a replacement within the next 5 years. I will then check out the VW Golf or Jetta at that time.
  • I can't tell you when the car was built, it's not on the sticker and she's still with the dealer - there is a malfunctioning sensor and the ABS light is stuck on and the brake light is blinking. They assure me that nothing is wrong with the ABS, but it is tedious to unravel exactly which sensor is misfiring.
    I'm in Florida, near Orlando. The car was actually on the truck without a designated dealer when they located it, so it only took me two weeks to get it. It was difficult to find a TDI with the leather seats and luxury package (Sunroof!). All of the TDI's on the lot were the GL trim package, I guess they think diesel drivers don't like extras.
    The price was a little negotiable, I got the car for 20,500 and the sticker was 21,650. I think I could have gotten a better deal, since the car was on and off the lot in one day, but I didn't think about that when I negotiated for the car (too excited that they found it, I guess).
    Good luck with your TDI, I love driving mine, and can't wait to get it back later today!
  • I would love any very non-technical advice about the trunk mounted CD Changer. I don't want to take up valuble storage space with the in-dash player. Should I choose the dealer installed, or shop around for a changer from a car stereo dealer. Will they work the same? I wouldn't mind upgrading speakers at the same time, is that easy to do at a car stereo place? I have to emphasize that I'm not likely to order anything online and install it myself, I just don't have the time to take on that project right now.

  • Okay...I've been lurking but now I'm in. I couldn't help it. I just picked up my new Galactic Blue with gray interior this weekend. I love it! MFS is cool too. You can turn off the lights to the MFS which makes it less distracting at night. Leave it to the German engineers!

    I'm going to put the dealer CD Changer in myself. I decided that I didn't want to take the chance on anything else. But I talked to the parts manager and he said it really wasn't too difficult a process.

    I'm enjoying the lively discussion. Thanks!
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    the 2.0 in the 2001 Protege is going to be the 2.0 in the Jetta? That is going backwards in technology....the base 2.0 in the VW's are HORRIBLE. I would take the current 1.8 in the Protege ES over the Ford Zetec or the base VW engine. Gotta get the VR6 in the least the 1.8t or TDi.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Not me. I want the 1.8T! :) But one thing that bothers me about it is that I hear turbos wear out quickly and are expensive to fix as well.

    I also thought about a TDI because of the gas mileage. Consumer Reports just reviewed the Golf TDI 5-speed and they liked it enough to give it good marks.
  • come on, the engine isn't bad. it's got acceptable power and good torque. it's better than any engine honda makes as far as drivability goes. maybe on the mk4 jettas it's bad because of the added weight but on mk3 jettas it seems adequate. i even have a slushbox with mine and i merge and keep up with traffic and cruise at 85 on the freeway with ease. then again, i am not into racing,etc.
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