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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    "but in the real world"

    He actually means Planet Justin, not the real world. Justin seems to offer a lot of advice regarding the "real world". Justin's reality isn't necessarily everyone else's reality though. Just my 2 cents.
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    Vocus, if VWOA accepts to buy your car back, do not expect a full refund offer at first. I think that if they agree to get your car back, they will swap you for another VW model....think about if this is what you actually want to do in case they comeback with that kind of offer.

    Be prepared also to have mileage deducted from the final settlement. Depending upon state law, the manufacturer can deduct mileage in the order of $.20 to $.30 per mile. The clincher here is to make sure they deduct mileage below the first reported dealer visit. For this reason it is crucial that you keep all your paperwork in order and up to date.

    If VWOA in the end refuses to buy back or swap the car, then you need to get rid of it and take a hit on a trade in. Again, let this be a valuable lesson to you. Just think all the money you have spent alone in cars. Also realize that money could have been better invested into savings, CDs, bonds, etc.

    You are very young. Start saving for your retirement NOW, not when you are 65.

    Best of luck.
  • bpibpi Posts: 120
    "If VWOA in the end refuses to buy back or swap the car, then you need to get rid of it and take a hit on a trade in."

    Why does he need to get rid of it, especially if wasting money is a main issue? OTOH, I have no first-hand knowledge of how unbearable the rattles are. Without dumping additional money in, he'll be driving a $15K car. I'll take a "loaded" Jetta with 15K miles and 2-3 rattles over a new $15K car.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    There is no way I am going to trade the car in and take a hit on it. That's not an option right now. If they don't give me another car or a full refund (I would rather have a refund), then I will have to keep it. But at that point, I would get my lawyer involved.

    And with the mileage, these problems started at ~4500 miles. I have EVERY piece of paper from this car since the day I bought it, and have made copies for VWoA. I sent that letter before. I have opened a case with them back in April about this car.

    The dealer called me today and told me that they found the thing making the noise in the back (finally). Figures, they slam the barn door shut after the horse ran out already. Too little, too late.
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    It is just the way these cars are made. Poor assembly I think is partly to blame. Questionnable design and fit of interior trim pieces is perhaps what makes up the other half. Poor assembly is easier to correct than cost cutting and design issues.

    If in the end VW refuses to buyback the car, get rid of it. You'll never be happy with the thing. Once you hate a car is very difficult if not impossible to regain trust in it again. It is not worth it.

    I hope your lawyer makes a good Lemon case. Since rattles are merely annoyances (But not safety issues) don't expect an easy resolution to this. Your best argument is to say that the rattles dimish the value of the car to would be buyers of your Jetta. If you present the rattles as a safety related issue, then expect to have the suit flushed quicker than a running toilet.

    If I were you I would no again for another VW. But if you must, pick a Passat by all means.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I drove all of the VWs as loaner cars, and I found the Jetta to be the most comfortable. I would definitely have to get another Jetta because it's the only one I like.

    And as far as assembly quality, someone in the Protege forum used to work on the port in Ca. where the VWs come in. He said 38% of them had assembly defects when arriving, the most popular being broken/missing dashboard clips (one of the problems with my car). I find this astounding.

    I definitely will go for the value thing (I was going to anyway) in the case. Who in their right mind would buy a used car if they found out in was in the shop 8 times in 7 months? Not me.

    Also, if they do not buy it back, I will get rid of it sooner or later. I would try to sell it privately first though, because I would get the most money for it that way. But this would be a little down the road, like I said.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    i hear what you are saying. but no matter how many people agree with you, no matter what you think too, are you HAPPY RIGHT NOW? HAVE YOU BEEN HAPPY RECENTLY? based on your posts, i would say NO.

    here on Planet Justin (otherwise known as Prima Donna as someone said), your happiness should come above all else. :)
  • drivinisfundrivinisfun Posts: 372
    Planet Justin?

    Planet Jetta?

    Beam me up, Dr, Piech!
  • bpibpi Posts: 120
    Is vocus unhappy because his Jetta is a POS?
    Or is he unhappy because he incorrectly thinks his Jetta is a POS?

    So should he get rid of his Jetta so he can be happy again?
    Or should he keep the Jetta, get on Planet Justin and be happy again?
  • hoodornamenthoodornament Posts: 114
    And on this planet are there atleast Passats, GTI's, and soon to be Phaetons ?? hahahahahah

    Vocus, what the hay, get as much as you can, not to mention have you ever wondering how many times the dealer mechanics ripped apart your dashboard, interior door panels, etc just to find this rattle? They probably CAUSED one or two of them .... hmmmmmmmmm, a previous poster had a good point though, wouldnt you rather drive a "nice" Jetta with a few rattles and creaks than a 15k new car? Drive with the radio on ?
  • alyssazmomalyssazmom Posts: 142
    Are you concerned at all about how many times your Jetta has been taken apart and put back together?

  • bpibpi Posts: 120
    If I remember correctly, vocus always drives with the radio on (and at max. volume no less) and the moonroof and windows wide open unless he's using the cell phone or it's raining etc., so the rattles must be really bad.
  • hoodornamenthoodornament Posts: 114
    "If I remember correctly, vocus always drives with the radio on (and at max. volume no less) and the moonroof and windows wide open unless he's using the cell phone or it's raining etc., so the rattles must be really bad"

    - he obviously didnt get the Monsoon option.

    Vocus - have you checked under your seat for foreign objects that might be making noise? - Old french fries from the drive-in, some pens, loose change?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I am concerned about that. I will see how the car "sounds" when they call me to come and get it.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I do have the Monsoon option, and no matter how loud that sucker is, I CAN HEAR THAT RATTLE! It's not necessarily loud, but very annoying. Like plastic rubbing or something. That is annoying no matter what you try to drown it out with.

    And if this car is fixed right this time, I definitely can be happy with the car. I have wanted a Jetta every since the 199.5 models came out, so I am definitely happy with the car. It's the noises I am not happy with.

    And I think the build quality sucks, but I don't think the car is a POS.

    But I know if this car rattles when I pick it up, it's going right back to them and I will remove everything (including the tags) this time. I am not standing for this crap anymore.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    do you really think the jetta is more comfortable than the passat? i know you had a passat as one of your many loaner cars so i would think you would have a better perspective than me. if i had a bigger budget for a car i might of went with the passat 1.8t.
  • meinradmeinrad Posts: 820
    Paul, you hate being quoted so be careful what you type. You want to use diminished value in your Lemon Law case yet you just typed on June 21st

    "If I do get tired of this car and sell it, I can pretty much sell it real close to what I owe on it and get it (VWs are very popular in the MD/DC area), so it won't be a great loss."

    That doesn't sound like diminished value to me. Even if it's taken out of context, lawyers have a way with making things work for them. You don't know who at VW might read these boards. Your dealer might for all you know.

    Even though after reading the law, I don't think you meet it, I'd at least like to see you make a good case and have a chance to win. But statements like the above don't help you at all.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I received a customer service survey from my dealer last night about my service experience with them trying to find my rattle in my dash. She asked if I was happy and I said that they were very sincere in attempting to find my rattle, but the rattle still exists. She apologized and said the dealer would get back in touch with me. It will be interesting to see if they actually call me.

    I have resorted to turning up my radio to drown out my dash rattle. Though I do not think it is as bad as Vocus's. It is annoying but it does not make me hate my Jetta. Thougn smoetimes it really gets to me. I believe it will be fixed eventually and I will just enjoy my ride until then.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    It was a customer service CALL by the way!!

    Soory...just wanted to clarify
  • drmillhousdrmillhous Posts: 16
    Congrats, maybe you're worries are finally over. I agree not to pay attention to those who say rattles are nothing. My rattles drive me nuts!
    Did they tell you what the cause was?
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