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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • cards28cards28 Posts: 145
    Hey blueguy,
    You told me how to use the bold, italics, & etc.,features, but haven't been able to figure it out, or how to use it. Do you mind giving it to me again? Maybe, with and example, if that's possible? Also, what do all the letters like, lol, btw, & others mean?
  • Is just a butt-ugly car, its kind of like a Maxima, the rear-end design ruins the entire look of the car...

    My friend just got an S80 (new 2002) for $10k under sticker (around $30k). Its a comfortable and safe car, but for that money I would have gotten a Passat GLX and put like $3k in my pocket
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The S80s are so low priced because they aren't selling in this day and time. I know they also had a bad reliablilty rap (especially for transmissions), so I guess that doesn't help either.

    I know they're are some great deals on Volvo S40s floating around too (saw one around here for $20,500 that MSRPed for $25,000 or so).
  • cards28cards28 Posts: 145
    I tried to reach your address but message I got was, something like, "results not found",. I probably did something wrong. Let me know what I did. Thanks for the prompt reply, though.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The message you got was "I am out of the office". :) That's my work address, and I am out until Monday so I set that to be sent back to anyone who emails me. The email is still there though. I will check it later and reply. :)
  • target3target3 Posts: 155
    "Totally agree with you. I drive nearly 30K miles yearly, and am not about to pay more than $20-25K for a car that I will more than likely have to replace by the time the payment book's done."

    I don't think I will have to replace my car for at least ten years.
  • sntxsntx Posts: 33
    I totally agree with you Shawn. Jettas with slush boxs are an abomination. A super model dressed as a clown I could deal with.

    The center "sunvisor" is not sunvisor. Its function is to reduce glare on the reaview mirror when the dome or map lights are on. Although I can see how you could use it a sunvisor if you are tall.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    the GLX models with the dimming review mirror (oh how I miss that!) so when you turn on the map lights, the light from that doesn't dim the rearview mirror.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    That is a center sunvisor, meant to block the sun when it comes in over the rearview mirror. That's how I use mine though, and it's something I have grown very accustomed to. :)

    I am 6'3 though, so that might have something to do with its function as a sunvisor to me... :)
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    HTML coding.

    <letter> text </letter>

    b= bold
    i= italics
    u= underline
  • I was wondering if anybody in here who has a MkIV has gotten an alignment... if so, were the front wheels adjusted to the thrust line of the rear wheels or the vehicle center line? I know the rears aren't adjustable, but I've been having some trouble finding a place that can do a "four wheel alignment" on my car. My fronts have been aligned but I still have a crooked steering wheel and some pulling to the right. Any suggestions?
  • chmeeeechmeeee Posts: 327
    So I went to a homeless shelter this weekend in downtown Worcester with a group of people to serve sandwiches, and when I got out, I found my window smashed and my cell phone gone. Naturally I was upset, and I found out the hard way that Saturday is not a good day to break a window. Driving around in Massachusetts in January with no drivers window is a rather chilling experience.

    I went today to Settles Glass to get the window replaced (under insurance), and the guy had a really hard time getting to it. He said trying to get into it was "like trying to get into Fort Knox." When he finally did get everything apart, guess what he found? Thats right, a broken regulator. Luckily he was able to install the window and tape it up, and two hours after going in, I was able to leave and continue to the dealer.

    Lucky for me, they had space for me with no appointment, and brought my car right in, so now I have two new metal regulators. I was worried they would figure out that the window had been smashed and try to say that they would not cover it because of that, but they either didnt notice or didnt care.

    Now all I have to do is buy a new phone. Who knew they were so expensive without a plan? Yikes!
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    But on the phone, it will probably just be cheaper if you renew your plan for a year so you don't have to pay that outrageous price for the phone.....
  • chmeeeechmeeee Posts: 327
    Unfortunately, it was a brand new phone from a new carrier (T-Mobile), so the service agreement just started less than a month ago.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    Isn't T-Mobile used to be Voicestream?
  • target3target3 Posts: 155
    that sucks. But if your phone was in plain sight, you're asking for it (not that it's right).

    Every time I see a phone, palm, or other expensive item in plain view in a vehicle, all I can think is that the owner has never had his/her vehicle broken into.
  • AnakinAnakin Posts: 410
    Doesn't your insurance cover that?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You can still renew the plan for a year (maybe). I know you can with AT&T.

    And with leaving stuff visible in the car, why do people do that? My friend complains when I tell him he has to put bags in the trunk when I park my car. I have never lost a window yet (knock on glass!) in 6 years of driving, and I live in Baltimore and park in DC regularly. I don't plan to anytime soon either.

    With the regulator, it's possible that breaking the window caused the regulator to break as well. And VW door panels are not the hardest thing to take off. Sounds like the glass guy just didn't have alot of experience. I have seen them taken off in 3 mins. at GTGs.

    Sorry for your misfortune. Good luck with replacing the phone! :)
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I was driving to work this morning, stuck in traffic. Moving along at about 25-30mph (speed limit is 55mph there). I decided to change lanes to try to get going a little (it's only a 2-lane road anyway, but the other lane always seems to go faster) so I check my mirror. I look back, in literally a split second, and this Saab is stopped dead in front of me. I floored the brake pedal as hard as I could. And next, nothing. I got stopped, about 2 inches away from the rear bumper of the car. It scared the hell outta me! Thanks VW, for great brakes!

    That would have been my first at-fault accident too, and tomorrow will be 6 years that I have been driving. Thanks again, VW.
  • chmeeeechmeeee Posts: 327
    I am usually careful about not leaving expensive stuff sitting in view like that. I always keep my phone in my pocket anyways, it doesn't do me much good in the car. I just forgot to grab it when I got out that day. You can be sure thats a mistake I won't be making again anytime soon.

    On the upside, at least I am getting a nicer phone, the Motorola V60, which I kind of wanted when I signed up but didn't get.
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