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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    congrats on the new car. stop parking in ghetto areas with this one!! :)

    the cranberry looks nice. do me a favor - DO NOT PUT WOLFSBURG STICKERS ON THIS ONE, haha.

    just think, you can also use cheap gas now!!

    oh, and don't be fooled. you don't have any equity in that car. in order to have equity, you would have needed to pay about $14k for it. "equity" and "brand new car" are terms that don't ever mesh, unless you put down thousands and thousands. in which case, you lost money anyway.

    keep this one - my mom keeps her American cars until they die. her 95 Grand Am has 300k miles on it now, her 95 Stratus 100k miles. no engine rebuilds, only maintenance and lots of brakes.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I really thought the PT was based on the Neon platform. Hmmmmmmmmm
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Should I have paid CASH for my Jetta? (although I plan to keep for over 12 years) I thought it was best to put my CASH into higher-yeilding returns if the loan rate was below that. (It takes me 12 years to save up enough money to purchase the next vehicle 8-)

    You're correct. I keep beating my friends over the head with this. One person stated she had 20k and she was going to buy a new car. Straight out! Uh, if you can get a 0% loan for 5 years and you plan (as she did) to keep the car for 7, then finance it! People just aren't very good with money. Simple as that.

    BTW, I'm fairly certain the PT and Neon share a platform. - testarticle.html?articleId=44277&tid=edmunds.e.roadtests.cont- - ent...Chrysler* "Its Neon beginnings shine through in the Cruiser's excellent suspension tuning, responsive turn-in and minimal body roll."

    Um, excellenting suspension on a Neon? To each his own.
  • AnakinAnakin Posts: 410
    The PT is on a platform originally derived from the Neon platform.

    That's a lot different than saying "it's a Neon" as if it was simply a re-skin.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    That does not sound like what you originally stated. I believe that the price was kept down on the PT due to the fact is was based on a Neon.
  • chmeeeechmeeee Posts: 327
    The Neon actually does have very good suspension. Just look at how many of them you see at Autocross races, and how good they usually manage to do.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    The Neon actually does have very good suspension. Just look at how many of them you see at Autocross races, and how good they usually manage to do.

    The last words that come to mind when driving a Neon are "good suspension." On a scale of 1-10 (dumptruck being a 1 and racecar being a 10) i'd place the Neon at around a 3. Maybe a 4.

    Of course my displeasure with my few neon rentals resides mostly in the engine, drivetrain, transmission and interior materials/refinement. How that car is sold is still beyond me.
  • AnakinAnakin Posts: 410
    I said the PT is NOT a Neon.

    The platform was originally based off a modified Neon platform, but is generally considered to be a "new" platform, often referred to as a "tall wagon" or "light truck" platform. (I think they might have been able to squeak it in as a light truck, which relaxes the CAFE requirements) There may be some shared bits here and there, but the engine came from the minivan line (although the new turbo engine may be similar to that in the SRT-4, I'm not sure) and overall there is enough difference that it's really not fair to say the PT is a Neon.
  • ccozadd1ccozadd1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Volkswagen Jetta that is no longer covered by warranty. The "check engine" light recently came on and I want to take it to an honest mechanic to have it looked at. I live in Los Angeles (on the west side). Can anyone recommend a mechanic?
  • donnabgooddonnabgood Posts: 37
    Hey Vocus, congrats on your new car..sorry your car was totalled, but maybe in the long run it works out for the best.

    So you work in Chrysler Finanacial now, eh? I work as a Finance and Insurance Manager for a Chrysler dealership

    The PT is a very nice car, and the limited is nicely equipped. Saving 125 a month on payments has to feel like the best luxury.. :) Chrysler have some great cars, if only because they are Diamler Chrysler now and share a lot with MBZ. If I would guessed which car you would have chosen from Chrysler aftwer the Jetta my money would have been on the Liberty. Lately I have noticed the same people who lease Jetta's trade them in for a Liberty lease.

    I think the PT comes with a 7/70 powertrain warranty now too, so you're good..

    so interesting to hear you are a big believer in Gap insurance..I sell it all the time to clients, but have just recently found out some insurance companies automatically give it with their policies.. it's worth talking to your insurance agent everyone and finding out if your policy has it..leasing contracts always include gap insurance..

    anyway enjoy your new car..

    I am still in the 02 Jetta 1.8t.. can you beleive only 8900 miles after 1` year of ownership.. oh the benefits of working close to home..

    next car is the NB Cabrio or Audi TT or Crossfire if all goes well.. ha ha fun to dream..

  • chmeeeechmeeee Posts: 327
    8900 after one year? That is pretty low. I am heading for my 30k service after 13 months.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I had 40K on the Jetta after 18 months, but I used to work in DC and commute daily. So far, the PT had 34 miles on it Wednesday night when I took delivery, and it now has 190 or so.

    Donna: Surprising you work for DCX as well. Look at the prices you get for working there. That's mostly why I chose the PT, it's alot cheaper to own and buy than the VW is/was. The added bonus was the reliability data I found in Consumer Reports magazine. How about the 02 PT has a higher reliability rating than the 02 Camry OR Altima? I found it as a shock too, but it's right there in black, white, and red.

    Thanks for the well wishes. :)
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    I just wanted to give the gas mileage for our 2002 VR6 Jetta. We've had it for 14 months and it's has 20,000 miles on it. It's driven daily in moderate traffic averaging under 30 mph. It gets 23 mpg week after week. We took a 700 mile trip last weekend (averaging 55 mph) and got 33.5 mpg. I am amazed and pleased that the VR6 gets that high of mileage on the highway.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    It's gone! Yahoo. The era of the Jetta has ended. I finally unloaded the 1.8T (and took a huge financial bath in the process). I don't mind one bit though. :)

    I hope its next owner loves it more than I did.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Congrats on selling the car finally. Who did you end up selling it to (I mean what type of person)?
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    A dealership. :( I had it listed for almost a grand below kbb's private party price and nobody called anymore!

    Suck it up, learn a lesson and move on I guess.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Don't feel bad man. Mine came in $1113 under payoff and it was a total loss. Thank God for GAP insurance. And yes, I bought it for the PT as well. ;)
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    so how are you dealing with the lack of power. after the first few days, you get used to it, huh? not so bad....
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The car is actually more powerful than one would think. I haven't had any trouble, but I won't be red light racing any time soon in it. It's enough for me, and the parts/maintenance won't cost an arm and a leg either!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Where is everyone???
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