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2000-2011 Chevrolet Malibu



  • Wax the car with Mguire's wax. it's soo good it will not leave water spots from the sprinkler. In the winter during light snow my car is never covered in snow it just slides off. Great stuff.
  • The service bulletins you are looking for are located at On the homepage look under services- recalls and service bulletin titles. They are listing bulletins up to and including 2001 models. Hope this helps.
  • I'm strongly considering buying a 2000 or 2001 Malibu because of the cost vs. Accord or Camry. Can anyone help me with a few questions:

    (1) Is there any hope that the 2001 will have any better side-impact crash safety than the abysmal 2-star rating of the 2000 model? Has the safety cage been redesigned in any substantial way for 2001?

    (2) Has the suspension "retuning" for 2001 significanly improved the handling or road noise of the 2001 vs. the 2000 model?

    (3) I'm drawn to black as an exterior color, but have been warned that black tends to show dirt and scratches much more prominently than the lighter colors. Can anyone comment whether they regret having chosen black or any of the other "dark" colors?

    (4) I'm considering buying an extended warranty because of the Malibu's checkered reliability history. Are there sources other than the GM Buyer's protection plan (cost = $750 for 5yr/75K mi.) that provide better value coverage?

  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    You can bet there will be no major structural changes to this generation of Malibu - those will have to wait for the next redesign. Major structural changes are extremely expensive in what amounts to the middle of a model run.
  • To the individual wanting to know about a Black or dark vehicle. I own a 1997 Black Cavalier, bought new. I like the color and have just a few small scratches, the paint still looks great. So, go for it and buy Black.
  • I have a 2000 malibu, dark cherry red. Like the car a lot, but hate the paint. Just look at the car wrong and the paint will scratch. I laid a cardboard box once on the trunk (light weight) and it was enough to scratch all the way through to the lighter colored undercoating.
    I am worried now that with autumn approaching that the falling leaves will scratch it all up! I'm afraid to even wash the car cause of the scratches that result. Take my advice and avoid the dark colors. Is there any wax that will protect against this?
  • Maguires wax. I have a Navy Blue Malibu and I wax it every weekend and it doesn't have scratches on it. Just don't put anythging on the bumper ( when loading the trunk) or you will regret it. I had a nasty scratch but it got fixed when I backed up into a car and had to have teh bumper re painted. Good luck!

  • Well, I bought 2001 in Light driftwood metallic (seems little golden to me)and I like this color as it hides spots if got any like due to sprinkler and stuff otherwise it will be prominent on darker colors. Anyway everybody has likes and dislikes and different opinions. I like 2001 better although no exprience with 2000. 2001 has some good new features plus redesign brake rotors, suspension and improved tires. Auto headlamp off is also a cool feature and RDS stereo. I gotta good deal too with the dealer on 2001. Almost at the price of 2000.
    I am also considering about extended warranty and I am looking at warrantygold and 1source. 1Source seems to be better with $0 deductible but if you talk to those people both say words against each other's companies. They have like 7yr or 84K or 100K miles waranty $0 deductible $799 and $879 respectively(1source)plus some other benefits too.Thats for the diamond coverage means close to bumper to bumper.
    If anybody has any experience with these guys let me know too. But why should I buy now I mean I have 3 yr warranty anyway.
  • I hit a web site that has many companies that offer extended warranty.
  • I got a quote from Heritage TPA for an extended warranty. Anyone have experience with them, or any other extended warranty company?
  • Does anyone know if I can get my 2000 Malibu retro fitted with the auto headlight override feature that seems to be included in the 2001?

    It doesn't always turn them on when I want them and at other times, I wish I could shut them off. I think I can handle turning the lights on all by myself.

    I've had my Malibu since last December and haven't had to go back to the dealer for any warranty work yet! Great car. I get 28 mpg going to work and 32 on the road. I broke the brakes in slowly and have no problems associated with the earlier models.

    I did dump the cheap Firestone Affinity's and put on good Michelins. Much better 'feel' on the road. I have the old tires in storage and can put them on later when I resale.

    Great car!
  • a few months ago, when my 1998 malibu was still under warranty, my ABS light was coming on intermittently. I took it in to have it checked out, and they told me that the relay needed to be replaced. They did that, and the $10 was covered by the warranty. Now, a few months later, when my car is past the warranty period, the same thing is happening again. I again took it in, and this time, for some reason, the speed sensor is shorting out. IT will cost over $300 just for the part, and an additional $200 or so for the labor. $500+ for a problem that was supposed to be fixed before? Quite a coincidence i must say. It makes no sense to me. With that sensor not working, my anti lock brakes will not work. What good are they to have if you cant use them? WInter is coming and i live in WIsconsin, so they are much needed here. I am a single mom and cant afford that kind of money for a car that was bought thinking it would be reliable since it was so new. I have lost all faith in Chevrolet products and want no part in them anymore. I plan to sell the pile of crap and never buy chevy again.
  • Did you ask them if they would cover it under warranty? Sometimes they will. Either way don't blame Chevy for the dealer's mistake. When the relay goes they need to replace the sensor also or it will short out because of the new part. So to beggin with it was the dealerships mistake. My Berreta once blew the relay and they had to replace almost $300 in electronics because everything else needed to be replaced. Even though it wasn't bad the new relay would have caused a voltage change and would have ruined the sensor. All covered under warranty. Give them a try, they might just do it . Good luck. :-)
  • I have a question about engine heat needle. Wondering if anybody has that experience. After driving for a while if you stuck badly in a traffic and A/C on (like very slow moving traffic)I see the engine heat needle (that usually stays at the middle) moves slightly higher than middle. It comes back very quick if you go above 30 MPH. DOes anybody has also notice that and does it just go little higher from middle and stays there or reaches to red spot???
  • What exactly is so cool about the "RDS" radio in the new Malibu's? It seems everyone is very excited about this feature.
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    RDS is kinda like those cool radar detectors that tell you there is an accident ahead or that there is a specific icy road condition in certain areas. You can basically customize your car to set readio stations, keep the light son for aa ceratin period of time aftre the car is off, set certain prefferences for different key fobs. Nice feature. I really liked that feature when I test drove the Impala but unfortunaltely not an option for 99 or 2000.
  • i have a 98 malibu ls... the car will sporadically lose power when making turns, going up or down hills and now its starting to do it on speeds over 60 while on the highway.. ive had it to the dealer 4 times and the factory tech had it for two days and drove it 250 miles and nothing happened of course...i picked it up from the dealer and it happened 2 miles after i picked it up...chevy usa has said since the dealer cannot diagnose the problem cause it doesnt happen to them there is no problem so go away..what happens is the car will start to decelerate slightly and will not accelerate, doesnt matter how far youve gone, whether the engine is hot or cold, sometimes it happens after driving 10 miles, sometimes 200 miles,u put your foot on the gas and nothing happens, even if u floor it..if u release the gas pedal and touch it lightly the car will then pick up speed after a few hundred yards...very annoying and scary especially when theres a car behind you...anybody have this desperate...
  • aniazianiazi Posts: 39
    Besides whatever features mentioned by malibu99 there are some other great features too like it shows you the name of the song being played by a radio station, it can search for radio station by category like pop, rock, rap, country, weather, traffic etc. If you set it to weather alert and if there is weather alert it will stop the CD or tape and let you hear the weather alert! etc
  • Does anyone know if there is a way I could wire it so that when the "Lock Out" button is engaged it not only disables the window switches on the other three doors but the power lock switch on the passanger's door as well? I am tired of some immatural friends of mine who act like they have never seen power locks before and play with my power lock switch whenever they get a chance......
  • Bought a '00 Malibu LS two weeks ago, so far have 550 miles on it. We both liked it very much and hope to keep the car for many years if it cooperates with us.
    Have following questions and would appreciate your inputs.
    1. In Owner's Manual, it states "Don't drive at any one speed -- fast or slow -- for the first 500 miles." Does anyone know the technical reasons for this?
    2. The car comes with standard 3-yr/36,000-mile warranty. The dealer also offers 6-yr/60,000-mile extended warranty from GM, which costs considerably higher than others available from credit union or the Internet. Does anyone have any recommendations on this?
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