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2000-2011 Chevrolet Malibu



  • bcmalibu99lsbcmalibu99ls Posts: 625
    I may be wrong, but I think if you lose too much P.S. fluid, it would make it very hard to steer. But I am not sure if the entire steering would just break

    As for the theft light, if it doesn't come back again, I wouldn't worry about it too much. About two years ago out of blue my ABS light lit up for a second during highway driving. At first I thought I was hallucinating, but about 20 minutes later it did it again. But after that, I've never seen it do anything like that
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    ... will just decrease the power assist. You should keep a check on it though, I am almost sure if you run it without lubrication for awhile, it might be damaged.
  • mrgeneseomrgeneseo Posts: 4
    I am desperately seeking input from Chevrolet Malibu owners about the comfort of the front seats. My wife and I tested a 2003 LS and liked the car, but we both commented that the front seats made our legs feel tired or asleep. Has anyone else experienced this? We are used to driving a minivan, with fairly flat seats, as opposed to an incline. If you have experienced this, does it just take some getting used to? Thanks, Travis
  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    While its true that the Malibu seats aren't as plush as some, the power seat adjustments on the LS have a fairly wide range. I have found that making a minor adjustment every couple of hours allows me to stay behind the wheel all day. I am past 60, and have a bad disk in my lower back so a bad seat gets to me fairly quickly. A couple of months ago, we took our LS on a good long trip of about 4000 miles. One day, I drove almost 700 miles, and got out of the car feeling good. I usually keep the seat bottom tilted back just a little..too much and it will seem to put a bit of pressure on the lower thighs. And, I keep the seat back fairly upright. I haven't spent much time in the passenger seat, but the wife says it is comfortable. See if the dealer will let you have the car, or a similiar demo for a day, and put a 100 miles or so on it..trying various positions on the power seat. You will probably find a position that feels good.
  • jtrujillo86jtrujillo86 Posts: 300
    And the award goes to...John Elway Chevrolet! I went to have my P.S. fluid leak (or possible leak) checked today. I had an appointment at 9:00 and arrived promptly. I was told that they were a little backed up, but would be outta there by noon. One o'clock rolls around and there I am, still sitting in the waiting room. I had to be to work at 2:30 and still had to go home to get ready. At about 1:10 I asked my service advisor how my car was coming. He came back 5 minutes later and said, "my suspension mechanic hasn't gotten to it yet and there are still 3 cars ahead of you". Well needless to say I didn't wait around. I got my car and split! At the same time I was waiting, a lady came in with a 2001 Trailblazer. She was getting an oil change, and two recalls: one on the ignition and one on the air bag inflator. She was in and out in less than 1 hour. Why is that? Oh yeah, her's was under warranty and mine wasn't. It seemed that everyone who was getting warranty work done or had a car with a warranty being serviced, got updates on how their car was coming along. Not me though! I will never go back. I think I'll stick to Century Chevrolet in Broomfield. If any of you live in the Denver area, check out Century BEFORE looking at any other dealerships. The only reason I went with John Elway on this was because I knew I would be closer, due to other stuff I was doing this morning, and the price to have my car looked at was about $2.00 cheaper. Well I guess cheaper doesn't always mean you're getting a better deal in the long run.

    And about the leak - I think I'll just put a piece of cardboard under the P.S. pump and see if it leaks overnight. If so, then I'll take it in.

    Jeremy - 97 bu
  • My theft light was flashes today when i went out to start my car. With the light flashing like it does, i can't start it. So, i don't know exactlly what i did , but i got it to start finally. The strange thing is, my gas hand did a 360 degree turn, and is now under, the needle, and hands down when i turn the ignition off. I am going to visit the dealer tomorrow and see how i can get the needle back around so i can see how much gas i have.
  • jtrujillo86jtrujillo86 Posts: 300
    I'm certain that every Malibu is possessed. I love them to death, but they have these weird problems sometimes. I remember last October, I went to start my car for school and it wouldn't start. It cranked but never turned over. The battery was fine (my headlights and dome light were on full blast), but the entire instrument panel seemed dead. No gauges were operable, no lights behind the dash came on, and no indicator lights came on. Needless to say, I had to get to school a different way. It didn't start for three days after that, then on the forth day, I went to start it and it started right up; almost like nothing happened. WEIRD!
  • mjohns7861mjohns7861 Posts: 41
    Just replaced my battery on my 99 LS two weeks ago and the battery light on my dash keeps coming on about 5 minutes after I turn the ignition. What could this be? Alternator? Any other Malibu owners have to replace their alternators yet? I have 33K miles on mine and bought it brand new in September of '99.

    By the way I posted in this group a month ago on noise from my front suspension. It turned out I needed my front break pads replaced. Somehow the sound was never consistant to me that it meant the brake pads - but that's what it was. Wierd thing though the last several days. The ABS light pops on just after the battery light. Don't know why this is.

    Any guidance on above is appreciated! Magnus
  • jtrujillo86jtrujillo86 Posts: 300
    Hey - I'm just replying to your post on your battery light. I encountered that once one day and it turned out to be my alternator. Mine went out at was $350.00 to replace at the dealer; I only got it fixed at the dealer because my car died right there. Hope your problem is not as serious as the alternator, but the bu's have a reputation for bad alternators.
    Good luck!
    Jeremy - 97 bu
  • It is the Alternator. When mine went it the same thing happened. I think it is the computer shutting down some of the systems. First the charge light, followed by the ABS light, which meant no ABS. I got mine fixed under my extended warranty, and paid $9.00. You can probably get yours fixed under your factory warranty.

    Also, i posted a messenger about my gas hand doing a 360 degree turn, and not reading the gas currently. Well, i fixed it, i took the instrument cluster out and turned it back around, and it works fine. I was very surprised at how easy it was to take the dashboard apart. If you unscrew the two screws at the top of the instrument panel behind the steering will, you can just pull the whole strip out, the air vents and all. It all just snaps in and out. It was pretty neat.
  • m257257m257257 Posts: 8
    The gas meter pointer in my '98 Malibu flipped over into la la land, presumably when my alternator died. I don't know if this is a common occurrence or not, but I wanted to share that you shouldn't need to take the instrument panel apart to fix this. I just straightened out a paper clip and snuck it through the hole for the odometer/trip meter selection stick. If a recall correctly, I left a little bend in the paper clip so it resembled a hockey stick. With a little luck, I was able to flip the pointer clockwise back on top of the little resting post and all was well.
  • I wish someone could have told me about that sooner. It's to late know, I've already took it apart, and i took out the little stoppers that holds the gas and temperature needles so the can hang down when the ignition is off, I personally thought it looked kinda cool. I'll keep them though, so maybe i'll put them back in later. But if it spines around again, it wont matter.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I think Jt and chevy answered yur questioned. Personally, not unless it is covered by an extended warranty, I would take it to an independent garage and save yourself some money.
  • jtrujillo86jtrujillo86 Posts: 300
    Definitely take it to an independent. It wasn't worth getting it done at the dealer. It would have been a piece of cake to do myself but I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. You can get a decent alternator at Checker's for about $75 bucks I would guess. The GM part alone was $120 through the dealer then $240 of the bill was all labor. If you want the GM alternator, go for it. It comes with a one year warranty, but I'd just go with a cheaper part that will last longer than, IMHO, than any GM part, considering yours has only lasted you 33K.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    You should be able to lower the front end of the seat using the controls. I actually need more leg support and tilt the seat up slightly.

    They are not the most comfortable seats but i have driven much worst.
  • mjohns7861mjohns7861 Posts: 41
    Well, driving to work today (I live about 2.5 miles) from where I work the battery light came on again. Then the ABS light, then every other light on the dash. The car then died in a busy intersection. A panhandler working the corner and a co-worker of mine who happened to be driving by helped push my '99 Malibu LS to the curb.

    I call my motor club - after some debate in my head (and some duress on a very humid Virginia day) I directed the driver to the Chevy dealership almost walking distrance from my work. While convenient a big mistake. Unfortunately, I had not read the posts above with the sage advice of taking it to an independent shop.

    I took it in and yes, it turned out to be the altenator. Final cost $506. $348.29 for the part and $151 for labor according to the receipt. I told the sales guy this seems VERY high for an alternator (referring specifically to the part) and he indicated this is the price and some BS about some lifetime warranty and that in fact I was paying "going rate". In disgust I paid my bill and I got out of there. Basically, I think I got ripped off - plain and simple. Any other thoughts?

  • mjohns7861mjohns7861 Posts: 41
    Yup, it was a GM Goodwrench Plus dealer. Any recommendations on a follow-up? Got a written quote via e-mail from another Chevy dealership for $362 for the same repair. Will likely be going back today to complain and follow-up my complaint in writing. Lesson learned.

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,452
    have been shopping with my mom for a new car.
    she bought an '03 malibu base model(sticker almost 20). traded in her 94 lebaron with 99k and some weird body damage down the right side. didn't leak and everything works. both cars dark green. price after everything was a lincoln under 14k.
  • jtrujillo86jtrujillo86 Posts: 300
    This is a repost. I had to fix a few things since it violated the member agreement:

    That price was horrific! The same alternator problem happened to me, but mine was about 200 less than your's, and I went to a Goodwrench service dealer. Is it a GM Goodwrench service provider that you went to? If so, you REALLY got ripped off. I would call the customer service # and complain. It's weird how a guy (me) in Denver got the thing replaced for $360, and a guy in Virginia (you) got it done for $505. I don't think location had anything to do with it! Sometimes parts and labor charges vary dealer to dealer, but by $200! No way in heck. I'd DEFINITELY complain.

    Oh and about all of your indicator lights comming on when the alternator finally took a crap - It's weird you mention this because the night I got my alt. replaced, I went to start the car (we were going to dinner). It wouldnt start and all the lights stayed on for about 10 seconds. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I told you guys the Malibu was possesed!
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    i say you got raked over the coals. Not unless there was more to your bill. This is why I always suggest taking it to an independent garage once your warranty is up. The Malibus are not complex machines. Any competent mechanic can install an alternator in the Malibu. And you would save tons of money.

    explorerx4: Sounds like you got a great deal!!! Congratulations! Enjoy.
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