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8 mpg! why? '96 astro

96 Astro, passenger van. while replacing the fuel pump, the mechanic broke the crappy plastic holding the fuel gauge float. so now i notice the miles driven to know when to fuel up. and realized that i'm getting only 8.6 miles per gallon!

baffles everyone. no check-engine-light. no black or other smoke from exhaust. good fuel cap. no gas smell- so it doesn't seem to be leaking anywhere. starts easy, runs pretty well. doesn't over-heat. i drive like i have an egg under my gas foot -always. why is this????? i don't have money to fix the thing at some shop. my guy replaced the fuel pump for 200$ - including the new pump, so i don't complain much about the lousy fuel gauge not working. any ideas???


  • This message is very old, perhaps someone can benefit.

    This engine, the 4.3L Vortec has a "Spider" injection system, real junk IMHO, anyway that's not the issue here.

    These engines typically break the fuel lines inside the intake manifold, the replacement part is called a CP Nut Kit , it is about $65 or so and is only some plastic hoses and quick connects.

    2nd most likely, the FPR [fuel pressure regulator] is leaking.

    Either one can be spotted as they will "wash" down the inside of the intake removing the black.

    It's an easy job to remove the manifold top half and inspect.

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