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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • Actually, I was referring to being physically better off if the airbags do not deploy. Airbags are a violent explosion. You can be seriously hurt or killed if you are improperly positioned when they deploy. I only want my airbags to go off if it will save my life, which is what they are designed to do. I don't know if yours were defective or not, but it could be that the crash, as serious as it was, was not violent enough to warrant the deployment of the airbags. I am interested in hearing what Hyundai has to say.
  • vmaturovmaturo Posts: 71
    A few years ago a friend was in a very serious accident with his Honda Prelude where he was injured badly. The airbags never deployed. He has a lawsuit pending with Honda.
  • dst5dst5 Posts: 39
    Anyone wire lights into these non functioning units (non functioning in USA anyway) What style bulbs go in there anybody know?

    If you do let me know
  • The driving lights in the lower front bumper come on only when the ring switch (next to headlight ring switch) is on and when the headlights are on low beam ONLY. The driving lights will go off in high beam or when the headlights are turned off.
  • dst5dst5 Posts: 39
    Does every body else have active driving lamps?

    There is no listing for those bulbs in hi performance after market sites.

    H1 hi beam
    H7 low beam
    H3 Fog lamps
    But no listing for drivers lamps.
  • I just bought a Honda Odyssey minivan this weekend, and I read the booklet on airbags (front and side). It said that when a car (or van) hits a pole in the center of the hood, it is likely that the airbag will not deploy. This is because the force of the crash is absorbed by the body of the car. If the pole hits off center, near the side of the frame, the airbag will more likely go off. I don't know if that is why the airbag didn't deploy in the case mentioned above, but I thought it was interesting. Learn something new every day.
  • The pole was indeed hit toward the center of the car but was at least one foot toward the drivers side of the vehicle. While I continue to maintain that the air bag should have deployed, I will at least admit that the Hyundai did take a pretty good hit yet maintain most of its integrity. The bill came in Friday at just over $9000. The bumper, grillwork and hood were completely destroyed and, though they were no longer connected to anything, the headlight enclosures on both sides were not even broken. The windshield was destroyed by my head but otherwise the interior was unaffected.

    Also, to follow up, Hyundai called the body shop and put the repairs on hold until they could get someone by to inspect the car. I would give them credit in that they sent an independent engineer out to study the car within two days of their call preventing further delays in the repairs. The engineer wrapped up his study one week ago tomorrow and I await information from Hyundai.
  • dst5dst5 Posts: 39
    They have been very responsive.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Let me guess, you weren't wearing your seatbelt? I gathered this from your head damaging the windshield. If that's the case, you would not have wanted the airbag to go off in the first place. It would have done some major harm to you without a seatbelt holding you in place. There is a slim chance that the airbags were designed to not deploy if no seatbelts are worn. Not sure if Hyundai does this but I do know a few manufacturers have begun to implement that, at least on the passenger side.
  • ACCENTACCENT Posts: 10
    Just wanted to let everyone know that the XG350 brochures are in, at least here in Pennsylvania. Picked up one yesterday. The dealer told me they should be arriving any day now. The only things that I see that have changed is that, if you want a moonroof you have to get the XG350L, and the base model now comes with the CD/CASS player.
    It comes with a 3.5L with 194hp @ 5500 rpm and 216 lb-ft @ 3500.
  • Dst5 - You said, "What more can you ask". Actually several things. For one, it would have been nice had Hyundai been as responsive on the phone when I called them to report that my air bags did not deploy. I was not trying to sue them, I just wanted them to know about what I consider a potential safety problem. The woman on the phone actually asked me, "What do you want us to do" then went on to tell me that forms would be sent out via mail for me to fill out etc, a process that would have taken weeks and left my car just sitting in the shop un-repaired. The fact that they did respond in a timely manner is certainly appreciated, which is why in fairness to Hyundai I have kept this forum aware of my progress. Still, their Customer Service department is obviously in need of training regarding these situations. Also, as I pointed out in an earlier post, the air bag light came on just weeks before the accident and the dealer, who has done a poor job on just about everything, did something to reset it. Did they just turn of the bags? I know that these things take time, but I am waiting on Hyundai to tell me why the air bags did not deploy. Frankly, I want some assurance that they will not fail again. Right now I have no assurance that there are even air bags in my dash. If their air bag was designed not to deploy on this accident, if they tell me that there was not a failure in the system, then I will definately trade the car as I personally consider it unsafe. I am not trying to be disrespectful to anyone out there reading this forum but I don't care about arguents about inertia or the placement of the pole with relation to my bumper. I was in the car when it completely severed a telephone pole. The impact was significant!

    Ingtonge18 - No I was not wearing my seatbelt. I have a colostomy (beats cancer) and the belt cuts right across this appliance occasionally causing a bit of a mess. I carry a letter from my physician pertaining to this problem in my car. Oddly enough though, given that I was going on a short trip in bad weather I decided to use the belt yet be vigilant in checking to insure that it did not cause a prolem. I had gone only about one mile after stopping for gas when the accident occured and had yet to put the belt back on. My wife, who was also in the car, WAS wearing her seatbelt yet it did not deploy either.

    Lastly, I am not trying to slam Hyundai. My initial post was tempered by the way I was treated when I contacted Hyundai. Except for the dealer and air leaks around the windows, I have been generally pleased with the car. I have been very forthright about everything and have deliberately tried to report the good and bad about the car and Hyundai. I strongly believe that the airbag on my car was flawed, the question is, am I correct, and if so is the safety of others also comprimised?
  • Does brochure have gas mileage for new 350? Alos, any new colors and/or combinations?
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    Glad to hear you are alright. It pays to have a hard head.

    It sounds like the system sensors were either defective (re: the Air Bag Light) or that they were turned off.

    Your accident as described should have called for deployment. Center or offset, full flat frontal or whatever, at that kind of speed and impact the bags should deploy period. Any car that severs a telephone pole in half should have bags deploy IMHO. I know the manufacturers have to balance the belt protection with the bags so that unneccessary deployments are avoided but it is the insurance companies who pay for re-installation. (Er, make that all of us premium payers)

    If you haven't already done so, you need to fill out a NHTSA report and put it on the record.

    As to Hyundai Customer Service, I think it's hit or miss, like most things. The particular phone advisor in your case needs to find new employment. At least Hyundai America acted properly when the word was passed along and took your report seriously. Anytime there's even the POSSIBILITY of liability, smart companies get on the ball. Dumb ones stick their heads in the sand.
  • mikeyjohnmikeyjohn Posts: 365
    I have been following both this site and the Sonata site as I will be purchasing a Hyundai for my wife when her lease on the present car is up. As a retired Police Officer I feel you may have a potential criminal matter in this case. I had a funny feeling when reading your post, especially when you stated that you had a problem with the air bag light and your dealer did some adjustments, I feel that he may have turned off your air bags to cover his incompetance, and you may want to get an independent person to check it out, and please don't let your dealer touch the car until you get this check done. I hope things work out for you, and am glad it was not more serious.
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    I've had my XG300L for 2 months, and all is well. A few days ago, a couple of co-workers and I were on our way to lunch and one of them remarked " that the new Infiniti? I've been dying to test drive one of those!". He was enormously surprised when I told him it's a Hyundai. He just purchased a new Camry XLS for 25900, and it doesn't have side airbags, traction control, alloy wheels, or shiftronic transmission. While riding in it, I took a good hard look at the fit & finish.....his car has nothing over the XG....materials are cheap and the woodgrain finish looks more like tinted orange juice than wood. He did get heated mirrors and a moonroof, but no automatic headlights. Although this new model is definitely roomier than previous Camry's, I wasn't terribly impressed. Once again, Toyota has turned out an unexciting car that inspires no more than a yawn.
  • I appreciate the kind words and understanding. Astrol, I read your many posts several months ago before ever buying the car. It is refreshing to know that you can post the truth, even though it is not always positive, without everyone thinking you are just trying to unjustly slam Hyundai. I believe constructive criticism on forums like these will keep the manufacturers honest and draw attention to potential flaws (like perhaps airbags). Mikeyjohn, I also appreciate your comments and continue to await the findings from Hyundai as to why the airbags did not deploy. I have in front of me, awaiting my signature, a form sent to me by the NTSB regarding my accident and the airbag failure. I too am uneasy about the dealer service of the airbags prior to the accident and, as I said earlier, question as to whether they will work next time. I need this assurance from someone in order to keep the car, which I had enjoyed up until the accident. Also, the service department of the only dealer nearby has been terrible. I may have no choice but to trade the car as what good is the best warranty if the service department is incompetent? Lastly, the parts are beginning to arrive and the shop tells me that I may have the car back by next Friday. Everything was destroyed forward of the engine including the sub frame.
  • I agree with you about your assessment of the new Camry. Toyota, along with Honda, has the best reputation for reliability in the automotive world. Unfortunately, their designs are uninspiring, even bland. Their exterior colors are among the most depressing in the industry, and their interiors are dismal and cheap looking. Further, they have just about priced themselves completely out of my market. While I am not necessarily wealthy, I can buy whatever I want. You can pay as much as $30,000 for a loaded Camry now. At that level, the Avalon is a far better value, but still I think comparatively overpriced. I too have had similar compliments and praise when people laid eyes on my XG300 and compared it to their more expensive cars. If you have a good dealer nearby perhaps your XG will be as good as it looks.
  • newxgnewxg Posts: 34
    You are quite right to raise heck about the airbags not deploying. I sure would have expected them to deploy in the accident you described.

    As I read the posts about the rules under which airbags may or may not deploy I was reminded of my own biggest complaint about car makers in general and Hyundai specifically, the difficulty in finding good technical information about the vehicle behavior and characteristics. For example a Hyundai mechanic told me that the XG throttle is controlled electronically (sort of a virtual cable) and that if for any reason the virtual cable 'breaks' that the engine would run at a specific rpm to allow you to drive it home. While this is probably not likely to happen, it's useful information that might be of value to the vehicle owner. I also would like to have more specific information on the characteristics of the variable front shocks and the transmission fuzzy logic, but it's nowhere to be found. I doubt it would take much to produce a technical FAQ and put it online, so no doubt the lawyers are to blame here.

    Regarding service quality, I'm lucky that I've got a choice of dealers in the Atlanta area. The dealer that I bought the car from also sells Acura and the dealer that I have my car serviced at (Saturday service) also sells Audi and Porsche. I have no doubt that the service attitudes at the dealership overall were influenced by their selling cars where people demand very good service. It was kind of funny to listen to the service reps telling me that they get penalized if I fill out the follow-up Hyundai service survey with 'very good" instead of "excellent", but the whole service survey approach resulted in excellent service. No doubt there was some financial incentive involved.

    I third your comments about the Toyota and Honda sedans. I did find the Avalon to be a very strong contender but over priced (Toyota you can thank the Southeast region franchise 'tax" for losing that sale. I actually put a offer out on a Avalon before the XG came to market).
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    I have to agree with the previous sentiments. My niece sells Toyotas and called me to visit when the first Camrys arrived on her lot. I was unimpressed and particularly struck with the continuing de-contenting trend affecting Japanese autos. Much of the vinyl/plastic in the new Camry can be found in any of our Hyundais. The interiors are utterly pedestrian, especially those of the entry level models (which cost as much as a fully optioned Sonata). What the hell are people thinking?

    I do like the Avalon but the price is too dear when cars like the XG are so available. I look forward to the 350 and am glad to see Hyundai using only the latest vehicles in its' brochures even down to the 2003 Tibby.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    Do keep in mind that the XG350 has not led to a significant upgrade in some areas. Compare it to 2002 Camry or new 2002 Altima on safety equipment. Both of these can get you side curtain airbags. Heck, with Camry you can get brake assist with full EBP. And you can get Vehicle Stability Control system. None of these were available on XG300 nor have I heard them being available on XG350. So I wouldn't say Toyota has de-contented the Camry. Hyundai is lagging in safety options.
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