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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • Check the MSN Autos reliability ratings to see how used Camrys and Accords age as they accumulate "trouble-free" miles.
  • lleroilleroi Posts: 112
    If you have any reservations about a HYUNDAI I'd go for the Impala before the Accord or the Camry.I have a 2000 Impala -not the LS-84,000 miles not a problem.Orig tires replaced a 60,000 miles-still have orig brake shoes.More room then the others and smooth on the interstate.The LS with the 3.8 should be even better.BTW on the hy 30 mpg.
    The XG350 sure offers more std features tho and with the 100,000 mile warranty seems like a good bet.The only problems ive heard of with the car concern the transmission-which is covered by the warranty.The gas mileage seems a little less then my Chevy also.The Buick LeSabre also falls within your price range-a safe bet too.
  • There are a couple of things I regret about purchasing my XG350; 1.) I should have purchased the X350L and 2.) I should have picked the White Pearl exterior with Beige interior. It’s not practical here in Sunny Arizona to have Black Leather interior; even with the darkest legal tint, it’s still burns my behind.
  • When we were in the heat of the "buying process," we were offered four different XG350L's that the dealer had on his lot. One was white pearl, showcased under intense blue-white floodlights in the showroom's pole position, and the others were black, "gold" (khaki?), and some sort of blue, out on the lot.

    When all the smoke of haggling had cleared, it became obvious that the white one was going to cost us $1000 more than any of the other three, even though it had 500 miles on it and the others had under 50 miles on their odometers. We still popped for the white pearl.

    We think that exterior colors is one area where Hyundai needs to do some serious work. Black would have been a distant second choice for us, but we wouldn't have bought any of the other colors no matter what the price.
  • In the 2001 XG,the only color interior availble
    with White pearal was black.The pure White came
    with the tan interior.
  • I can deal $2000 under dealer invoice and choose from 8 in stock. About the same for the Diamante with less equipment standard and only a couple to choose from, but these are 2002's and have already taken the depriciation hit! They will not deal at all on the 03 Avalons and only a little on the 03 Maxima's I like the 350 L but it is still a lot of money for a Korean car. Regards, Jack
  • I find myself saying that about American cars these days. :)
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    While I was almost used to the infamous wind noise problem that dealer has never been able to fix after two tries, I noticed that something was leaking from the center area of front bottom last weekend. I took it in to be told that five or six gaskets were bad and to be replaced. It has a little over 27,000 miles on it. It has been in the shop for about two months in total due to various problems since I bought it 9/9/01. Paint problems, alternator noise problems, wind noise problems, etc. etc. Now leaking problems due to five or six bad gaskets. Of all of these problems, the wind noise and alternator noise problems have been still with me since the dealer tried to fix them two times. I gave up and have decided to get used to the noises. I am almost used to the noises but greeted by a brand-new leaking problem. Let's say I have gotten a lemon, but these many different problems? I guess Hyundai has thrown all those problems into mine. As bad luck would have it, I ended up buying it. I would have been doing better off with my 14-year-old Volvo that is still strong and running excellent at the same level of noise as this XG300L which is still in the ship waiting for the gaskets very patiently, if I did not shell out about $24,000 for the XG. Well....
  • Six bad gaskets?? Did they indicate that this is a "known" problem, and that the design of the replacement gaskets is different from and a definite improvement over the ones being replaced?

    I certainly can't blame you for being a bit perplexed right about now.
  • Push and hold the AMB and the blue temp. set buttons down simultaneously for more than 3 seconds. That'll let you toggle between F and C.
  • Six bad gaskets?? Did they indicate that this is a "known" problem, and that the design of the replacement gaskets is different from and a definite improvement over the ones being replaced?

    I certainly can't blame you for being a bit perplexed right about now.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    The dealer's extremely poor service was just another problem that I have. The dealer did not make any comments at all. I guess the dealer is as ignorant as I am about its possiblity of being a known issue. I suggest every one on this list should check if his or hers is leaking. It seems that this is known problem on the XG.
    The service rep that I have been talking to was trying to rip me off saying that A/C belt and alternator belt had cracks and that they needed to replace. He also said that they were not covered by warranty because they are maintenance wear and tear items. At around 27,000 miles, those two belts have cracks? If it is true, Hyundai has another quality issue for me. If not, the dealer was trying hard to collect free money from naive customers. This is kind of service that Hyundai has to have full control of, in my book. Anyway, I have been without car for about a week now.
    I wrote a letter to Vice President, Service at Hyundai Motor and wonder what sort of response I would get from him (more likely from someone else from Service related department).
    Now I am a complete convert from a strong Hyundai supporter to the very opposite of it. I think I have been very patient for 14 months with like 20 or more different problems, both major and minor on my XG300L. I am afraid that I have yet to learn how to be even more patient with upcoming problems whatever they might be until my XG300L breaks down completely. I bought mine on the off chance that Hyundai has finally gotten quality to live up with. I am sorry to conclude that Hyundai has proven to remain as a off chance on quality, at least to me who once was sold on the XG. Alas!
  • Did you do it with the power on or off?

    I tried both and didn't get it to work. With the power on, when you press both buttons simultaneously, the temp indicator will go down and the fan speed goes up. I held both buttons there for more than 10 seconds and nothing happened. With the power off, nothing happens. I even tried it with the engine on.

  • px260px260 Posts: 42
    Thanks for the UAL address on used Camry/Accord. The details are very vague and it seems to contradict what Consumer Reports publishes. In any case, from my personal experience, I used to own a '87 Integra, driven 180k miles in 8 yrs, original clutch (lots of freeway driving), the only items replaced other than maintenance were radiator, brake master cylinder, and head light bulbs. The four cyliner 1.6L enginer was still running strong up until it was hit in an accident. I wonder if your XG350 can match that in 8 yrs.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    As some of you might recall, my XG300 is still in the shop patiently waiting for the gaskets for 8 days now. I had to call Hyundai consumer affairs department yesterday without much luck. What the customer service agent at Hyundai said mostly was "I don't know." She also mentioned that each dealer was independent and that Hyundai had no control over dealers. In my book, Hyundai must have certain level of control though as dealers represent Hyundai and as they are authorized by Hyundai. Anyway, that was what happened and I am still without car. As of yesterday, little bit leftover of HOPE for Hyundai has completely turned to total disappointment. I now feel very sorry for all those people who bought XG300 listening to my extolling XG300 to the skies. I am also sorry for Hyundai that Hyundai has not realized they had had customer service problem, let alone long-time quality problem. I just hope that all on this list do not have service and quality problems that I have gone through since I bought it on 9/9/02. To recap, it has a little over 27,000 miles on it and has been in the shop for about two months in total for a slew of problems like paint peeling off, alternator, air bag light continuous on, wind noise and the current oil leaking, just to name only a few. The paint peeling off, the noisy alternator, the wind noise problems are still with me after two tries for each. What next?
  • Hyundai has no monopoly on feckless "Customer Service."

    I bought a new 1999 Lexus LS400 and was well aware of all of the hype about their customer being king.

    On several occasions, after exhausting the path of trying to work with the dealer to resolve a problem, I called their "Customer Service," and discovered that all they would do was put me on hold, call the dealer, then come back on the line and simply repeat to me what the dealer had already told me - in several instances, only a few minutes prior to my call to Lexus USA.

    Needless to say, I found this extremely insulting and of no value whatsoever.

    Thus far I have made one attempt to get Hyundai USA to intercede on my behalf with a dealer, and I got the "have no control over their dealers" runaround. When I pointed out that they DO have the power to renew or not renew the dealer's franchise, they said that yes, that is true, and if I would care to send them a letter it would be put in the file for consideration the next time the franchise came up for renewal (in a couple of years, I gathered).

    Since that particular dealer moves more Hyundai product than just about any other dealer in the country, you can imagine just how eager they would be to yank the franchise.

    This was a fraud allegation in the selling process; Hyundai suggested I contact the appropriate Better Business Bureau. Thanks loads.
  • saber86saber86 Posts: 128
    The customer service is nothing more than a call center. They will pretend to listen and act like they care but they don't. Customer service is about as useful as a you know what.
  • I tried to warn my friends about buying a Hyundai 18 months ago. Now after hearing all of their problems and reading about the onew in here I am glad I didn't do what they did.

    I was shopping for a car the same time they were and ended up buying a Japanese made Camry. I haven't had a problem with it. None. The more I drove the xg the more it told on itself. The interior smell, the cheap interior parts, the potential for great loss on resale.

    I used to hear alot of people taking about how great the warranty is. But I don't hear that anymore. I'm glad I didn't make that mistake.
  • The next thing is to check your state's Lemon Law. File suit under that statute if you qualify. Sue Hyundai USA by having the suit papers served on their registered agent or other permitted service of process. Contact your State Bar to see if there is inexpensive legal help for consumers. Fight for your rights and make them take the car back!
  • I posted about the lemon laws several months ago. If you have had all these problems over this length of time without checking into them, this situation may say more about you than it does about Hyundai.
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