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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • Hi George, that is purely amazing that you were able to get your garage door opener to work seeing as it is that old. If I were you I would check the local detail shops and find out the cost of adding window tinting to the sides and back, there is a law here and I suppose there is one there also that prohibits one from adding too much to the windshield. I`m retired and do not need to use the car on a daily basis, if I did I may be going to a detail shop myself, I live in West Virginia and we don`t have the bright sun as often as you Floridians do. I bet if you tell the dealer you will only pay $800.00 for the extended warranty he will accept it, you could use me as an example. Take care, Phil
  • Same laws here on tinting but not enforced from what I have read, I also am retired and probably only take my car out a couple of times a week ---we alternate between my wifes Camry and my car. I might check on the extended warranty---Is it the same as the bumper to bumber(5-60) or are they exceptions???I always worry about a/c here in Florida as I had one replaced years ago at $1000 plus.
  • Hi gsenft, I was told the extended warranty was bumper to bumper but I haven`t received the contract yet for the warranty, they said I should receive it within 45 days, I`m guessing now since I have already paid for it and read some on the current warranty where there are some exceptions, there will be some exceptions on it too. I will let you know when I receive it and have read it. I can understand your concern about not having ac in your car living in Florida, I have been there in the summer and it is ugly without ac. We originally bought this car to replace my wife`s 93 Lexus ES300 when she retires in about a year, now she says, two weeks later, she never wants to give up her Lexus and she wants to be buried in it, ha,ha, WOMEN, can`t live with em and can`t live without em, I guess its my car now which is ok with me because it is a great car and good looking also, I got the titanium silver with black interior. Now I have two vehicles, anyone you know want to buy a 95 Toyota 4-runner, ha,ha. Take care, Phil
  • I own a 2002 XG350L that is a terrific car and a great bang for the buck. I also suffer with "aggressive gas pedal syndrome". The dealer has tried to "tame the tiger" but to no avail so I live with it. No big deal. Just a word of caution on the bumper to bumper warranty, read it. Don't be surprised like me. The radio/Cd is located between the two bumpers but has a different mileage and year warranty than what is always advertised. That's not all either. I've never heard the Hyundai advertised as "5 years / 60,000 miles bumper to bumper except this and except that". Oh no, it's always "5 years / 60,000 miles bumper to bumper". Let the buyer beware. All the parts between the bumpers are not all covered equally as they would have you believe. I just wish that what they say would be the same as what's in the fine print. Still overall the car is a terrific value for the money, I'm not a disgruntled buyer, and am very happy with the car.
  • I think anyone who paid less than $24,000.for one
    got a super deal.I paid $ 24,900.for my 2001 XG300
    with mats,trunk net and moon roof.At the time only 2 dealers in area and one known to be bad.
    Hyundai is coming out with a car they claim to be
    known as the " The Camry Basher" sometime in '05.Article also said prices would be raised on ALL Hyundai's down the road,now that they have become known for their quality.
  • HI johnm, In reality the price you paid in 2001 for yours was not that bad, probably the norm, maybe I forgot to mention and some others did as well, that the prices we paid for ours was with a $2500.00 rebate that Hyundai was offering each year, I gather they do this at different intervals, we just happen to catch them at the right time. Have you had any problems with yours or has the service manager tried to take advantage of you on the warranty service and performed more on the car than it warranted at that time? Phil
  • Very Interesting, seems to be the norm around the country at dealerships, I`m sure mine is just as bad, I`m wondering though since you had the work done by a private mechanic will this void your warranty if you so need it, when or if something goes wrong. Thanks, Phil
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Hyundai cannot void the warranty if you take your car elsewhere as long as you keep receipts proving the preventative maintenance was done. If the other shop broke something on the car, Hyundai would have to prove it was their fault before denying coverage under warranty, at which time you would go back to the shop who damaged the car and demand that they fix it.
  • I was keeping my fingers crossed but I guess that was not enough, this morning when leaving I turned the lights on seeing as it was raining hard, it took almost a mile before the dash lights come on, I then drove it about 4 miles and then stopped for business for about 10 minutes, I then started it up, the dash lights were working when I turned the headlights on but then all I got from the cd or the radio was static, I went home and tried it an hour later and everything worked fined, hmmmm, I then called the service manager at Hyundai and told him my situation, he said he could make an appointment for me 4 days from now but it would be better if it is acting up so they may be able to trace it down better, so much for them being trained so they could fix it from what I told them was happening, I then asked the service manager if he had a loaner car for me when I brought mine in, he said all 4 of his loaners were loaned out and if I wanted one maybe the salesman that sold me the car could get me one if "I" contacted him myself, I guess this service isn`t in the service managers agreement with Hyundai or the dealer. I paid a lot more for my wifes Lexus in 93, but after all those years the few things I did have go wrong with it were ultimately taken care of and I was treated much better as a customer and the service manager there took care of all the little details, especially seeing as the car is only 3 weeks old with 350 miles. This just "made" my day, if you know what I mean.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I must say, you are expecting way too much from Hyundai and this dealer. Cars are complicated and there can be many different solutions to fixing problems. Expecting the dealer to know how to fix the problem based on your description when its not occuring is like trying to tell a person to find the invisible ghost. If they see nothing is wrong, then where do they start? Would you want them to just start ripping out your dash and potentially cause other issues while searching for something that is working fine? If I were you, I would wait for the problem to occur again and drive straight to the dealer while its acting up. That way they can document the problem and narrow down possible causes.

    As for loaners, I'll be blunt. Hyundai is an economy car company. It's amazing they even offer loaners. However, by warranty standards, a dealer only has to offer a loaner if a repair will cause the car to be left overnight. Otherwise, its up to the dealer to offer it. Yes, a good dealer will try to please you but lets face it, people don't pay big bucks for Hyundai cars so they can't expect top notch service or expensive perks. If they have 4 loaners and they are all out, do you really expect them to bend over backwards to give you something else? No, you will get a ride to work like the rest of us. If you expect more, then Hyundai was not the right car for you. You need to look at more expensive luxury branded cars, like Lexus.

    That being said, I'm sorry you have encountered this electrical gremlin so early on. I know it can be frustrating. Maybe you will be lucky and the problem doesn't occur again. My 03 Tiburon GT encountered a sudden power window failure a few times. I discovered this has been a common problem on my car and fixed by replacing the power window regulator, but so far (knock on wood), the problem hasn't resurfaced. This has been the only gremlin that has affected my car in 1.5 years and 13k. No dealer visits yet and its been a great car. Hopefully your car will turn out the same. Good luck and let us know if it happens again and what fixes it.
  • nornenorne Posts: 136
    I have a 02 Honda cr-v and I get a loaner vehicle based on how long it will take to fix the problem but thats only because I purchased a extended warranty. Had I not purchased the extended warranty, all I would get is ride back to work or home.

    I had a ford, toyota, gm, and mazda vehicles before and they are all the same. No loaner vehicles for warranty work. It really is up to the dealership whether a customer gets a loaner or not.

    blackrussian--since it has only been 3 weeks since you purchased your car, I would contact Hyundai USA and complain and complain. Speak to the customer service manager if you have to. I have heard that manufacturers are more likely to help a customer within the first 90 days of ownership.
  • Phil, sorry to hear about your lights and cd radio problems. I had to take my car in as it was wandering(pulling) right on the road--allignment ok they just switched the 2 front tires and forced balance them. Car steers normal now. While I was there I asked about the Hyundai extended warranties.They do not sell Hyundai(the manufacturer) extended warranties. They sell a 3rd party warranty for approximately $1200--the best plan, as it covers everything except normal wear/tear/maintenance items.There are different category plans with a lot of exceptions of what is covered and not at lower prices. I was also told there is no negotiating prices for extended Warranties as the prices are set by Florida State law?????????? This is hard to believe but I can buy out of state and they will honor it. I was wondering if you got the Hyundai manufacturer extended warranty if there is one? or a 3rd party warranty for the $800? I would prefer a Manufacturing extended warranty, If I should purchase, but maybe there is no such thing???? Let me know if you or any other car owner knows or can find out what is it the dealers are selling?? George
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There is a lot of information on extended warranties over on our Smart Shopper board - check it out, I think you will find it helpful.

  • Hi, thanks for all of your responses, I`m a little busy right now, we got the tail end of Ivan and my basement got flooded, I have many problems pretaining to this, I will get back with you guys asap. Take care, Phil
  • Hi Jonathan, it has been 8 days since my basement was flooded and I am now begining to see some light at the end of the tunnel, to begin with, by telling the service manager what the car was doing I would expect him to look in a specific place to begin with, (or even contact Hyundai in Korea and see if they could help seeing as they are the ones that put the car together) much like when you go to see a doctor and he asks where does it hurt or where was it hurting, he is not going to look at your foot when it was a headache you had, personally, from a laymens view, it was raining very hard when it occurred so I would think it shorted out somewhere the wiring is exposed and shouldn`t be, I cancelled the appointment I had with the dealer to check it out, under the circumstances with my flooded basement and have driven the car twice since then when it was dry and everything has worked fine. At a sticker price of $26,600, I do not consider this an economy car, I think a car that you paid 11 to 15 thousand for would be considered an economy car and you should not receive any special perks, I believe Hyundai does make some in this price range, the 350L is their top of the line and if they someday wish to compete with the likes of Lexus they better start thinking about how they treat their customers. The sticker price between the two now is only about $9000.00. Take care, Phil
  • Hi George, I just recently received my warranty in the mail and it is a Hyundai manufacturer extended warranty for $800.00, I looked over it fairly well and I would like for them to list what they do cover, rather than what they do not, or better yet both, I did notice it has a clause in it that states you can cancel the warranty within 60 days of purchasing the warranty, if you do it in writing to the dealer, I think I am going to keep it, thinking of what repairs cost now versus what they will cost from 2009 to 2014 when my regular warranty kicks out. If I have problems with just the power equipment it has, that could cost me a bundle. Take care, Phil
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    My only point was that the XG350 may sticker at that price, but no one pays that much for the car. Let's be honest here. To get the same calibur car from anywhere else, you are going to pay 5-10k more, depending on the nameplate. Hyundai is known as an economy car maker, not a luxury car division. Something is going to suffer for the low price, and special perks is the big one. I've bought 5 new cars in the past 5 years and whenever I ran into a problem, they all told me to bring it in and show them the problem before they would work on it. If I couldn't get the car to act up, the dealer wouldn't do anything and simply say its working like it should. So I was just trying to let you know that what you encountered is typical of economy car nameplates and that Hyundai in general wasn't trying to be nasty to you. Unless the problem is a well known problem that has a tsb fix, the dealer won't have a clue what's causing your electrical issue without seeing the problem in action. Anyway, glad the problem hasn't resurfaced for now.
  • Hi Jonathan, to begin with I have read a great deal of the responses on this site, many from day one up to current and I have seen you many times making comments to individuals who have purchased a 350L/350 that were having problems with it or just making comments about their experiences and I cannot remember one where you were not trying to be helpful, I`m a little confused, from reading your profile you don`t now or never did, as I recall, own a 350 or 350L, I`m not quite sure why you are on here. Hyundai wants to get into the luxury car division and steal as much business as they can from the likes of the Lexus ES330 model, Lexus`s other models are currently out of sight for Hyundai, you have read the responses as I have and have noticed how many people that were drivng Lincolns, Cadillacs, and etc., have since bought a 350 or 350L and were quite happy, these cars along with Lexus ES330 are cosidered the luxury car line and this has to be making Hyundai very happy. Believe it or not some people in this country are paying sticker price for their 350`s, I was one of those jerks back in my 30`s, when I didn`t know any better, well guess what, there are still a lot of people in their 30`s nowdays that don`t know any better. YOu can go sticker to sticker or actual cost to actual cost and the difference isn`t that much when you take away the $2500 rebate that Hyundai offers from time to time. The point I was trying to make in my earlier post is that if you tell the service manager what problems you were experiencing this may guide him to a specific area, this has worked for me in the past. Take care, Phil PS--For the record, I am 62 and have been retired for 7 years.
  • Phil, Thanks for the information---I guess you saw my note about my dealer telling me they did not sell the manufacturer warranty, and all prices are set by the state of Florida. I have not been able to find anyone in the state government who knows anything about this law. I called the Hyundai corp and complained ---so they contacted the mgr at my dealer and the financial mgr said they offer the manufacturing extended warranty---I called the person Hyundai corp talk to and he said they also offer a 3rd party and the manufactures. He said they file their rates with the state of Fl and have to abide by these rates. So, I asked him to give me the price of the manufacturer (hyundai) extended warranty if they now sell it and he could not as they do not sell many of them and he would have to go to Hyundai Hq to get me a price. What a joke!!! But I was told by Hyundai that I could purchase the Hyundai extended warranty at any dealer in the United states. So my question to you is, can you give me the name of your dealer and person you dealt with to purchase your policy. I am not sure they will deal with me but it is worth a try. Maybe you can get a referral bonus for this???????? Sorry to hear about the flooding ---This storm we only lost electricity for 1 hr versus 5 days last time---But a lot of flooding in some areas and many big old oaks down all over as this is a well wooded county(Citrus).Well let me know---George
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