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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • I have a 2001 XG300 and I need to replace (much of) the engine. I remember reading it's a Mitsubishi engine, so I'm wondering if I can use Mitsubishi parts.


    Can anyone confirm or deny this? Do you know which engine it is?


    The size is 2972cc (3.0l)
  • I just bought a new 2004 XG350L and thought I would share my experiences since I find these forums tremendously helpful when it comes to making decisions on buying what is for most of us a very big ticket purchase.


    First of all, I became interested in Hyundais because of their value (and warranty). We bought a 2003 Sonata LX for my wife primarily because it had everything standard for a price much less than the competition (Nissan, Toyota, and Honda). It also it had good reviews from consumer mags and an award for quality in the mid-size category (it’s really a large compact). 2 years and 30K miles later, the Sonata hasn't had any problems and still runs like new. This particular vehicle is very well built, and for me answers any questions about Hyundai quality.


    While I liked the Sonata, I found it a little cramped for me personally. I thought about waiting until the summer ‘05 for the new Sonatas to come out but figured they wouldn’t be dealing much on them initially, and I’m always leery of potential new model defects (the new Sonatas will be built in the US I believe). While scanning the Hyundai web site I noticed on the ’04 XG350 they were offering $2,500 rebates plus $1,500 owner loyalty bonus plus $500 military discount. Well, $4,500 is a big incentive. So off to the dealers I went. I’m fortunate since I live in an area with 4 Hyundai dealers within easy driving distance so I was able to find the color, and equipment I liked and had the option to “walk” if I didn’t get the deal I wanted. Bottom line is I paid $20,000 plus TTL including the rebates and “dealer processing fee”. That’s almost $7,000 off the $26,700 sticker of a fully equipped XG350L and is right in the ballpark of Edmund’s TMV pricing before the rebates are factored in.


    Did I get a good deal? I think so. The rebates tipped the balance, but it is a 2004 and all manufacturers/dealers give incentives to push out last year’s models. Did the dealer and Hyundai make money? Sure, it’s a game but they’re better at than us and whatever deal we get it is ALWAYS going to favor the dealer.


    Impressions of the XG350L: First off, I knew I wasn’t buying a Lexus, Acura, or other luxury name plate. That said I’m very impressed with the quality of materials, fit and finish of this car. In my opinion the interior styling is right up there with those luxury cars. To confirm the common complaint, I also find the accelerator very sensitive coming off the line. That’s a minor issue since with a little practice I found I can ease the throttle somewhat to smooth out the acceleration. The transmission is a little quirky too, seems like it shifts around a lot more than I would expect. The shifts are smooth and not really that noticeable but it probably accounts for some of the disappointing gas mileage observed in city driving. However, the engine is plenty powerful, the ride smooth, and the brakes are wonderful compared to other cars I’ve had. I’ve never had a car that would stop as smoothly, quietly and true as this car. I could go on, but so far I really like this car in terms of value and amenities. To get all the goodies and a great warranty for around $20K is hard to beat.
  • rgrrgr Posts: 7
    Well congrats on your recent XG350L purchase. Just a few key points regarding your 2004 "old" model concerns:

    1) There is NO difference between the 2004 vs. 2005 XG350L, except additional inclusive options.

    2) Specifically, the 2005 includes as "standard" equipment: CD trunk changer and front-back floor mats.

    Thus, if you got these included- you DO have a 2005 in actuality (dismissing its manufacture date..)

    Your other concerns/observations, I'll briefly note:

    -Brakes: best operative braking I've ever experienced. On mine- a bit TOO good, and needed minor adjust

    -Power/Torque: exceptional IMHO and enjoyable at initial start..

    Accelerator/Throttle: agreed it IS sensitive. Mine settled down (after +2K miles), or I "learned" how to compensate..

    -Transmission: same as you a bit "quirky" initially. But has also settled down now as well..


    Overall, appreciate the value, styling, and unique "package"- particularly reactions after people realize it's a Hyundai.. Enjoy!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The 3.0 liter engine in the XG300 is not a Mitsubishi engine. It was a Hyundai design called the Sigma (the current 3.5 is simply a larger version of this engine). So, no, Mitsubishi parts will not work.
  • rick9rick9 Posts: 3
    I have a '04 XG350L and wanted to get an "extended factory warranty" on it. I am getting the run-around from the dealers in my area - they say they don't offer extended factory warranties - only 3rd party - D.C/N. Va area.....I saw that you had some information on this....I'm not sure if I am responding to the right person but any help would be appreciated...Thanks - Rick
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 245
    Has it been less than 12 months and 12,000 miles since you bought your car? If so, I would call Hyundai customer service and ask them. I think Hyundai would be very interested in any dealer that is trying to sell only a 3rd party warranty and not the factory 10/100 warranty. I think that after the first year (I may be wrong) you can not get the 10/100 factory warranty.
  • When I purchased my extended warranty for my 350L I went thru my dealer at the time of purchase for $800.00 with no problems. I cannot say the same for a person that I helped who lives in the Florida area who had the same problem as you are having, I just talked to him recently and after app. 3 months of worry and phone calls he finally was told by Hyundai Motors his warranty is in the mail. This fellow went thru the dealer that I purchased my car from, the problem falls on the dealers shoulder, they dropped the ball and forgot about it after they had already charged his credit card for the $800.00. I would suggest doing what the person suggested in post #1658. I really don`t understand why the dealers are not responding to this warranty the way they should be, Hyundai should be notified. Good luck
  • rick9rick9 Posts: 3
    It has been less than 1 yr. and 3500 miles. I did call Hyundai Usa and they said to call around other dealers...said it was up to the dealer what as to what warranty to sell....I am still getting the run-around ..... will be a year Feb 28 th.....Thanks - Rick
  • rick9rick9 Posts: 3
    Thank you very much.....will pursue it....Rick
  • I have a 2005 XG350L. Same problem, lack of power and no increase in engine revs off idle. Occurred twice so far in first 1000 miles of operation. Occurs on start up after car has been turned off at least one hour. Condition has corrected itself each time after 30 to 60 seconds without turning off motor. Very unsafe defect. If widespread recall is warranted. Going to dealer today. Anyone else having the same problem?
  • This is #4 of 4 messages about motor acceleration problems for the XG in the last 30 days or less.

        I just got a call from Hyundai service dept saying car is repaired already! (just took it in 4 hours ago, this service dept is great!) My '05 XG350L had a CD changer defect in addition to the lack of throttle response. Service advisor told me the throttle sensor (drive by wire system component) was reset and that should eliminate the problem. He's heard of the problem before and that solution seems to fix it. Hope so, the defect causes potentially deadly situations while driving.

        I love almost everything about this car, including the great value for the price paid, BUT, if this defect ever rears its ugly head again I may dump the car in favor of an alternate, probably a new Nissan Altima 4 cylinder with every option available, to try to bring it up to a level of luxury close to the XG. On second thought, since I don't want family members or others killed because of a lack of accelerator response, I guess I should check the boards here on any possible replacement cars to make sure they don't have this or a more serious problem too.

        I wonder if Hyundai USA has anyone reading this board.

    My immediate family has owned 5 new Hyundais and a Kia over the last several years. Here's hoping we survive this one.
  • 2005 XG350L. Current mileage 1100 miles. Each tank driven mostly (90%) in town. MPG at Gas tank refills so far:, 19.10, 20.68, 17.52, 17.84 . How are the rest of you doing? I'm pretty satisfied, but hoping for 25 mpg or so at 75 mph on future all interstate trips.

    My '04 Kia van with a 3.5 liter motor improved MPG significantly after a couple thousand miles.
  • This month, a local dealer is advertising a 2005 XG350L for $18999 after factory rebate and owner loyalty rebate. But in addition to the $18999 the dealer asks $399 for window tint film, $699 for an added security system, and $200 for theft identification registry.

    So, for $20297 (plus tax title and license), what do you all think of the deal? The MSRP on the factory sticker is $26594 and includes only factory standard equipment and shipping.

  • The extra $1300 for grossly overpriced crapola that you don't want is a pretty transparent ploy to boost their profit on the deal, if you ask me. There is a dealer in St. Louis that does much the same thing on every new car on their lot. This turns me off big-time, makes them look like scam artists, and not very good ones at that! What do they say if you tell them to delete the window tint film, the security system, and the theft ident registry?
  • But even with the crapola it is still a 24% discount from MSRP on a 2005 model. The window film is worth probably 1/2 of the $400 they ask for. I have not seen many ads for 24% discount on Honda Toyota Nissan. The Hyundai rebates on mine were $2000 rebate plus another $1000 owner loyalty discount. The rest of the $ off sticker was a reduction in dealer profit and/or a secret manufacturer to dealer incentives. If the cars are being sold at the ad price of $18999 for a $26594 MSRP car, I'm guessing Hyundai and the dealer are not making any profit. I wonder how many cars the dealer would really sell for the $18999.

    Or, do you think maybe they just need to unload them before the new Sonata and new XG come out later this year?

    I'm interested in what price (excluding tax title and license) these cars are actually being sold for.
  • Oh, it's still probably a pretty good deal even with the superfluous add-ons. But one thing to consider is that the new Sonata has been taken up-market to such an extent that it competes rather directly with the present-day XG. That sure isn't going to help the marketability of the remaining XG's.


    We paid over $25,000 for our 2002 XG and I can tell you it is not pleasant to realize that it is now worth no more than $10,000!!! It has been a pretty good car, now has 45,000 miles on it, but hasn't been trouble-free by any means.
  • johno111johno111 Posts: 114
    The gas pedal failure solution was to replace the Accel Sensor part no. 35357-3B011.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    Window tint is not bad. If you live in the south, it could be wonderful. I'd tell them to keep the security system for that price as the XG already has one on it. The theft registration (window etch) is priced right and can be great if your car is stolen.
  • I read that U.S. production of the new model Sonata begins in May of 2005. I did not want to wait that long. The interior of the new Sonata does not look luxurious in the pics I've seen. I have not heard when the Korean built new XG (TG?) will arrive in U.S. for sale, but am guessing fall of 05. I read Sonatas will have a 162 hp 4 cyl or a 237 hp 3.3 liter V6, and maybe 253 hp for the new 3.8 liter in the updated XG.

    Is that a Kelley BlueBook trade in price for your used 2002? I think the trade in price is pretty close to what we'll get if we sell to a private party.
  • I paid $21,800 for my 2004 350L and I thought I was getting a pretty good deal, $18,999 is out of sight, are you sure that was the price for a 2005 350L. What city is that dealer from? "Something is wrong in Denmark", as the old saying goes.
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