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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • vistarvistar Posts: 4

    Bad news regarding the replacement car. I haven't posted anything because I figured no one on the board would ever believe it. The replacement car is doing the exact same thing. I drive heavy miles and in 9800 miles since March 22 swap date, I have logged 53 incidents ranging from minor lurches, to starts in high gear, moving forward slowly and then dropping into low gear with a huge lurch, to 2 to 5 strong lurches in a row. In the worst case the car "laid rubber" and I took it in to have engine mounts checked. The dealer wants nothing to do with me and actually said, "It's the way you drive the car." They have yet to log one single comment about my complaints on the second car. They claim the car cannot be serviced, and that unless an employee of the dealership can duplicate while driving my car, the Hyundai Motor Company will not allow any repairs. (This is a breach of contrat- I have a premium warranty for 100K bumper to bumper service) They have also not allowed repairs on the original car--- that's frosting the dealer as he can't resell it with an unconfirmed defect. He reports he has had 7 different employees drive it and over 1500 miles they can't duplicate it. I have explained that certain conditions need to occur and even then it is not totally predictable. He jus twalks away and ignors me.
    Out of fear that there will be an accident or injury, I have logged every start with the second car going back to mile 6. I record the odometer mileage, the engine compartment temperature and time of day and describe the start as "clear" or summarize the incident. (More than 500 entries so far). I have e-mailed the log periodically to the dealer so they can't claim I never made them aware of it.

    If I were the dealer I would be very concerned about liability if anything goes wrong.

    Also - I finally got another driver to duplicate it. Last week, I loaned the XG350L to another driver for a 30 mile trip and she let it sit for about 2 hours after arrival. The temperature outside was cool... and she got the scare of her life when she started the car, put it in drive and touched the gas pedal. She said the lurch was so fast and so violent that she wasn't even sure if she touched the pedal.. it was like a flash going off.

    Be sure to file your complaint at We are not alone. You will find others just like it. With enough complaints, Hyundai is going to have to quit sandbagging this serious safety issue and address it.

    Also, since I have been struck by lightning twice (and considering the low defects per million vehicles, that's about the correct odds) I have been invited to appear live on the Car Concerns radio program to be broadcast on subscribing AM stations (Horne Radio Network) Saturday, July 24 between 1 and 3PM EDT. A recording of the show will be available online at If you can possibly call in during the show, we'll talk about the problem and see if we can get some action going to help us. The tool free call in number is 877-958-5850

    Good luck with your car. I don't think Hyundai has a solution for the problem. But with patience we will eventually get this serious safety defect addressed.
  • jjb2jjb2 Posts: 3
    I purchased an XG350 in May of this year. It started the behavior that you talk about in your email almost immediately. I have had it in to the dealership 5 times and get the same responses that you have--cannot duplicate therefore cannot fix. They also questioned by driving. I just laughed because I have been driving for 50 years. Isn't it interesting that there are no other reported cases? I am taking it to the dealership for the 6th time on Monday, July 25th in response to my report to Hyundai that I have reported the car under the Florida Lemon Law. I also sent the report to the Department of Consumer Services, State of Florida. By law Hyundai has 10 days to fix the car. Then I get to go the arbitration. This will be interesting. Yes, the bucking and lurching the car does is very dangerous and scary. Under Florida Lemon Law, they have to either replace the car or refund my money. Of course, I will go for the refund if I get that far. I had a loaner for a week and it did the same thing, so it confirmed the problem for me. And get a load of this, the dealer offered to trade us for another of the same vehicle for an additional $1900. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
  • beemer3beemer3 Posts: 3
    Vistar....oh my gosh, this just floors me. I was hoping for a happily ever after story.

    Today the Hyundai District Mgr has gotten involved and is driving the car this evening. I'm sure nothing will happen and they will say sorry, can't fix if can't duplicate.

    Will follow up with reporting to the nthsa, thanx for the link.

    They continue to say they have never heard of this before. Have shown them this post and asked them to contact dealer in knoxville. Can't believe none of this is in their data base.

    Will let you know how it all works out and will try to call radio show Sat.

  • beemer3beemer3 Posts: 3
    jjb2...looks like we are coming out of the woodwork. Still can't believe Hyundai claim that nothing in their data base. Although Service Mgr did tell me there has to be a "huge" number of the same issue before they trigger the problem to the engineers. Hopefully we will have no injuries before then.

    Unfortunately the Missouri Lemon Law is not as strong as Florida. We have to submit to Hyundai in writing, give them opportunity to fix, go to Hyundai arbitration and only then can we file under Lemon Law.

    Keep us posted as to what happens and good luck.

  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I went under the car front, trying to figure out how to take fog light off. I didn't find the way it is mounted. The only thing I found is how to disconnect the connector. If anyone tells me how I will greatly appriate it.

    A mechanic briefly checked the car, found the ABS is not working. He applied the brake hard, but there was no braking pulse from ABS. ABS warning light does not come on. Don't know why.

    Early I said dealer quote me the center arm rest lid for $500. I think it's wrong. It must be the entire center console. Two dealers were not be able to find the lid piece price. Looks like it's not that easy as I thought to take the lid off the console.
  • bluesky3bluesky3 Posts: 9
    I haven't posted to this board for a long time since I first got this car. At 43k, couple of minor problems, but nothing major so far. 1) Dash lights went out at 15k (fixed within a day), 2) dead battery at 30k, free replacement by dealer, 3) check engine light came on at 35k - bad speed sensor connection and 4) recently another check engine light came on while on highway - myteriously it went away on the day that I was planning to bring it in (after 3 days). Anyone has any idea what this could be? Probably a loose gas cap.

    Overall, we're very happy with this car. We're in the market for a second car, and my wife wanted to go with another hyundai. Wanted to wait for the Hyundai minivan - but can't really wait that long. On well.
  • Own xg350 with 2000 miles and since 200 miles I have noticed a shaking feeling thru the accelerator and foot rest when accelerating moderately, especially just after the car shifts to 2nd gear. Seems worse with AC on, and is not always the same. Sometimes it is very noticeable and other times only faintly noticeable. Often before the engine warms up, I get no shaking at all for the first few miles. Took back to dealer and no one could reproduce the problem therefore, no repairs. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem. Let me know by posting a note.
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    was checked by dealer. They scanned the error code and found it was the rear two ABS sensors. Sensors are good but something blocked them. They cleaned them and said OK now. However, I tested with my heavy foot on the brake, I still didn't get any ABS pumping. Maybe it is the design. The ABS warning light is working fine even before dealer's service. Therefore my question is that why ABS light shows normal when there is error with ABS?

    Besides ABS, this car has a long stopping distance than most cars I drove.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Posts: 559
    January '05 purchase. $18738 plus tax and license and a $296 document fee for the XG350L with all factory equipment and 23 miles on the odometer. But then I paid an additional $200 for sun and heat reflecting polyester window tint film which was dealer installed. Anti-theft window etching was included in the deal at no charge.
    There was a $3000 total rebate from Hyundai. The rest of the discount was courtesy of the dealer. There was no trade-in car and no factory nor dealer financing shenanigans to obfuscate the cash deal price.
    I wonder if better XG350L deals are possible now that the '06 Sonata is available and the Azera is coming out soon.
    Anyone get a better deal than 70.5% x MSRP with no dealer adds (plus tax, license and doc) ?
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Posts: 559
    Nothing was rotten in Denmark.
    The actual deal in January 2005 worked out even better than the advertised price of $18999 for a new 2005 XG350L which had a $26594 MSRP.
    But, that was then, this is now. How much are these cars selling for now? Are there any even left for sale?
    If so, the new 2006 Sonata in GLS or LX trim might be selling for considerably higher prices than the '05 XG350L.
    How about you buyers now? Which is more attractive for your $$ ? A new 2006 Sonata or a new 2005 XG350 ? Which would you pay more for?
    Or are you waiting for the new Azera?
  • jjb2jjb2 Posts: 3
    So glad the new transmission worked for you. I have had so many frightening experiences with my 2005 XG with the same kind of lurching that you were probably having. Even with the slightest pressure on the accerlerator, I have bounced forward with such thrust that my back tires have squeeled--and I am not a teenager out to make that kind of noise. My response to this problem has been that they have never heard of it and can't duplicate it therefore, can't fix it. Please tell me which dealership fixed this problem for you and maybe I can refer my people to them. Thanks.
  • jjb2jjb2 Posts: 3
    Beemer, I forgot to tell you that they are sending an engineer down here to FL to check out my car. Maybe that's good for all of us. I have looked back at several posts on this subject. We are definitely not the lone rangers here. Someone got a new transmission and said now his car shifts like a normal car. What is this denial thing with Hyundai?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • averigejoeaverigejoe Posts: 559
    2035 mile trip in 29 hours. Three people and luggage for a week. Nearly all freeway with cruise control on at 75 to 80 mph.
    Average miles per gallon for entire trip was 25.80 Car has 10,000 miles on it now.
    I'm very happy with that fuel economy under those conditions.

    What mpg are you all getting?
  • dbronzodbronzo Posts: 19
    I'm looking at tires to replace the Michelin's that came with the car. Only 32,000 miles and they are junk. I'm constantly watching tire pressure and rotate every 5,000 miles. I think that 32,000 miles is not that great. I'm looking at Toyo's, one is a "toyo proxes" TPT and another is a "toyo spectrum." The spectrum has a one step lower speed rating than the originals and the proxes have one step higher. Also has anyone heard or used "federal's", they are also one step higher. Is it safe to get a one step lower speed rated tire???
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • gsenftgsenft Posts: 9
    Hyundai of New Port Richey, Florida. Contact me via e-mail and can give more specifics----Gsenft
  • I just brought at Hyundai X350 I love it, but only one complaint Hyundai
    should advertising more on TV and thru the newspaper, people are always
    asking me what kind of vehicle it is, when i tell them it is a Hyundai, they
    say that is one classie vehicle, mind is black on black in black. Hyunadi
    keep up the good work, also, more variety of colors.

    San Francisco
  • I experienced the same problem. What action/resolution did you take to solve the problem?
  • Hi All
    I have a 2001 Hyundai XG300 and I am having problems with it and need help real bad. If anyone knows what are these OBDII codes for P1110, P1175, P1191, and P1196 and how to get them fixed. The other thing is that I had an OBDII codes for Shift solenoid P0760, P0750, do I need to replace the whole valve body or just the solenoids and how about rebuilding the transmission?
    This car has been a night mare with all sorts of problems. I had to replace the throttle body the mass airflow sensor, speed sensors, etc. I would appreciate all the help that I can get. These problems are very costly to fix and any help will be appreciated. Thanks and take care.

    PhD Rashed
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