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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • whitetopwhitetop Posts: 36
    Hyundai has come up with a fix for this problem. I posted the information a few months back that tells the number of the release, which came out in February of this year. It involves downloading new linear movement software. They fixed mine in January of this year and so far it has worked fine. Good luck. I know how frustrating it is. I really like the car, but I still have to get psyched just to go in for an oil change.
  • How much did that cost an arm and a leg.I had mine hooked up to computer today 12 codes came up. I like my car too but i'm single parent if i pay money to get it fixed i need it fixed. I've spent quite bit of money still not fixed.
  • obandoobando Posts: 1
    Melissa, you might want to have your master air flow sensor check out. I had a similar problem with gaining speed from a complete stop and accelerating up a hill, but once I got above 50 mph it got better. I paid about $300 for parts and labor. It was mostly parts. Good luck!!
  • whitetopwhitetop Posts: 36
    My car is still under the original warranty, so I don't know the cost. All they did was upload software. Good Luck.
  • rhealrheal Posts: 1
    hello, i have a 2001 XG300, with all the same symptoms. Won't go much over 2000 RPM, unless you use manual shift.
    Happens at random. My dealer hooked up to computer andgot no results. i told him what I found on the net, about the acceleratror position sensor, he didn't listen.
    If you have any more info, it would be greatly appreciated, my e-mail is
    many thanks.
  • I know as soon as I can I'm getting rid of this car!! I like the car everything about it but If no one knows how to work on it even the dealership why have it.. When I first got the car it was fast now I can't even pass anyone I have people passing me going up a hill how embaressing! I'm getting a Chevy Maxx . I'll never have another HYUNDAI no wonder they have the warranty they have !!!!
  • I have the same problem. I cannot cross the road unless there is there is no uncoming traffic. I have no faith that it won't stop in the middle of the street. I bought this thing brand new in 2001. The worse car I ever owned.
  • My wife"s xg will do the same thing . Hesitate on starts, rough idle louse power tries to stall going down road. Dealer did chemical cleaning of injectors and this cured problem for a short period. I have found that the injectors in this car are very finicky to say the least. About once a month I put a can of injector cleaner in the gas tank. I have found that SEA FOAM from advance auto stores works the best. This stuff is expensive at about 6.50 per can but works a lot better than other brands. Try about 2 tanks and see if this helps
  • Actually had a similar problem, particularly when it rained - erratic idle, skipping, check engine light going on and off, car wanting to stall. It would smooth out once the car warmed up.

    The car has three coils, one each on plug wires 2, 4, and 6. I wound up replacing all three over a six-month period, and it fixed the problem. The coils sit at the front of the transverse engine, and the problem would only occur when it was raining and the rain was blowing into the front of the car. I believe the computer codes were 302, 304 and 306. Difficult to diagnose. In each case the coil housing had developed tiny cracks, and water was seeping in.
  • I have a 2002 XG350L with 168,070 miles ya thats correct 168,070 and the only thing that went wrong was a couple of hoses here and there. With enuff care it will be forgiving even if u beat it up and down twists and turns. All I have to say to all u out there with all these car problems daaaaaaaaaaaa ummmmmmmmm it's called
    Maintenance you should try it some time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA PITY
    Couple of things that these odd cars from the pacific rim are known for
    1.short 1st/2nd gear for faster acceleration and gas millage all thought it dosent go that fast nor get good gas millige
  • I have an xg350l and on the dash next to the cruise control light there is a light that says sport i just noticed it because it never turns on i think it is for when u put it in shifttronic mode but it just blown or something can anyone explain????
  • Just experienced the same issue under the same conditions with my 2001 XG. The car coded misfire of one cylinder. The plug, wire, and injector were fine. I mentioned your email and they found a cracked ignition coil. I was shocked to learn these coils went for almost $100 bucks each!!! Replacement solved the problem. The alternator went about a month ago, another costly replacement. And I had issues with the accelerator position sensor and throttle body in the past few years. I have some earlier posts on those issues in this forum. While I enjoy driving this car I feel this is way too many issues for the age and low millage (30,000) of this auto. I'm considering trading it in for a new Honda Civic, better gas millage!!!!
  • Glad my experience helped to solve your problem. Unfortunately, the coils are expensive, and I wound up replacing all three. I have 88,000 miles on mine, and it's cost me some money in the last year, but it's still enjoyable to drive, and I don't have car payments, so for now I'm going to keep it.
  • I have a 2004 xg350L, which I bought new, the first year everything was fine and then the rattle started, just once in a while at first and then just in the winter time, now it is all the time, more prominent over rough pavement, without taking the dash out I have not been able to locate the noise, it appears to be coming from behind the passengers side air bag compartment, The warranty for something like this is only good for the first year. Has anyone else experienced a rattle similiar to what mine is and in the same approximate location and been able to fix it. Thanks
  • I have a 2002 Hyundia XG 350. Generally speaking a good car. I recently started to have a problem at cold start.

    I live in WI and its currently around or below 32 degrees every day. Twice now when I go to start the car it starts and idles at about 2000rpm. Typically when it starts it revs to 2500rpm for a few seconds and then goes down to 1500rpm.

    I have no response fromt he accelerator pedal. After it runs for a few minutes and I start and stop it a few times(up to 10) all of a sudden it works normal.

    I am thinking its a sensor failing? Any ideas? I have been reading about the throttle position sensor, where is this located and can it be changed easily?

    I am a maint mechanic and wrench on my own junk all the time so it shouldn't be a big deal, just looking for pointers. Oh yeah, I dont have a code reader YET:)


  • I have had a similar problem a couple of times on my 2005 XG. The local dealer kept telling me no one had ever complained about this problem, but I had read many similar complaints on this forum. To make a long story short, Hyundai did finally load a linear motion software fix that has solved the problem for almost a year now.

    Meanwhile, I found that during the symptoms you described I could get it to return to normal by some pretty heavy pumping of the accelerator pedal a few times. Eventually the tach started responding. and I was able to drive away.

    The car has a "drive-by-wire" system which I think has been a bit troublesome.

    Good luck!
  • Center wheel cap or plate would be my guess.
  • wcw1wcw1 Posts: 44
    Same exact problem. Very bad in cold/cool weather here in SW Florida. Not so bad if car sits in sun and heats up inside.

    I can locate the general area of the dash rattle but have no idea how to fix it.

    I have not taken it to the local dealer here in Fort Myers, first because it is not under warranty and second I don't trust them. I have no doubt it would be a very expensive fix if they even knew how to fix it.
  • I have a 02 xg350l and in the maintenance log in the manual it says to replace the fuel filter every 52,000 miles.Took it to the dealer for regualer check up they said it is a part of my fuel system wich meens it is perminant or it would cost $500 to replace.Seems odd it would say to replace it in my owners manual when they say you dont need to or they are wrong. Can annyone explain? hit me back if so
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