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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • I can't speak for Saab's but I had a similar problem on my GMC Sierra. The ABS control module went out and the dealer wanted $700.00 for a new one and $700 to put it in. I decided to try and fix it myself.
    1. The car ran fine without it.
    2. I didn't have to deal with any brake lines. It was an electric only module so it was easy to remove.
    3. I fixed it myself. One of the FET's inside of the control module went bad. I ordered a sample from the vendor and put it in. (The part was probably $2.50 but it was not available.) I put it back together and tested it out. Works great and the ABS light went out. Bottom line is your average TV repair man could have fixed it. I would go with the refurb. Mine has been working since 2002.

  • The break lights and turn signal lights work, they are not mounted on the trunk lid. The reverse lights and second set of brake lights on the trunk lid do not work. I replaced the bulbs. The only thing I have recently done is remove the fuse for the security system. This system was not working properly, alarm going off by itself. Any ideas on why the 4 bulbs on the trunk lid would not work?
  • Thanks Wendel - I'm going to follow your suggestion and have someone look at the module for shorts, as opposed to replacing the whole unit.

    Thanks again.....
  • I have recently took my car to get an oil change and the battery tested.. had that done, got the new battery/.put gas in it after two weeks( have been gone) and as soon as I started the car up .. the check ingine light started to blink and the car started to putter! what is wrong with this car>????taking it to the shop AGAIN.. for the six time in six months! I had a loose wire for the wipes, the crank ensor replaced, a box thingy, new tires, new brakes, and now this! will it ever end??? :cry: :sick:
  • jscottkjscottk Posts: 13
    As for the check engine light after a fill-up. A loose gas cap can cause this, oddly enough.

  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    Incidentally, while in ME we saw lots of older SAABs but the Official Maine State Car, the one that replaced the SAAB, is clearly the Suburu.

    My observation, too. The Saabs tend to be pre-GM takeover and the appeal of the Subie are the full-time AWD, durability and availability. My brother in law, who owns a farm up there, once used a Subie as a field bomb to haul veggies from his fields to his roadside stand. He removed the rear of the roof with a saw. Lasted for years. But the State Car O' Maine is still the ancient American pickup with at least one fender a different color than the rest of the vehicle. In the seat are a couple of gents who will inexplicably stop in the road to peer at something in the distance.
  • tylerhugtylerhug Posts: 1
    Hi there
    New to the forum.
    As far as I can tell, no one has posted a reply/suggested solution or cause to this query. I have the same issue. Could it be the switch?
    If so, where is the switch located?
    I have checked the fuse and the bulbs - both seem fine.
    Any other ideas?
  • First and formost looking at this .. I am wondering if anyone even reads this but me! oh well, Once again I have my baby back, she is well but a moody and unpredictable car if I ever had one... the di system went out and like most of us woman she is exspensive! lol... but i love her so I close my eyes and hand over the money to a man who knows my name but i dont know his I just know her can fix her and give her back to me after I have worn her out... ohhhhh wait, this is coming arcross all wrong! oh well, im a girl so I CAN WRITE IT.. besides who reads these anyways :P
  • It could be just a loose wire that is not connected .. like my wipers and then when i changed the battery my power seat started working... good figure, strange but true
    hope that helps...
  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    I received my May issue of Car & Driver in the mail today, and it includes a comparo of five $25K "funsters." (Mazda Speed3, VW GTI, MINI, Nissan Sentra and WRX -- that's the order C+D ranked them.)

    After reading the article, what struck me was the thought that for $25K, a buyer with some wits about him or her self, could pick up a Saab 9-5 of few years and miles for the same amount. My '99 9-5 now has 120K on the odometer and is still going strong. But I've been of the "what if" frame of mind and, after perusing the $25K field, I'm inclined to watch for a 9-5 Aero, 2.3, manual, coming in off lease.

    For a solid, safe, economical, fun drive that will serve me well for many years, it's still a hard choice to beat, I think.
  • Its in the harness. 9-5 are famouns for fraying harnesses on the trunk lid. Fray from repeated opening/closing.
  • 9-5 is a good car provided its properly maintained. Parts can be pricey and labor if done through a dealer. However, the dealer is the best place to repair because they know the vehicle and save you money in long run. I had saab and service local and spent more money trying to figure problems out that dealers fixed easy. I will not take her to anyone other than my dealer now. You should only purchase ext wrty through dealer beacuse they must honor even if ext wrty goes out of business. Ext wrty is generally good but depends on what level you buy (gold, silver, etc.)

    Good Luck.
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 219
    I agree. My trunk light lids went out and my backup sensors went nuts and it turned out to be the wiring harness. No problem since dealer replaced.
  • ekcekc Posts: 30
    Do all SAAB dealers offer the same extended warranty, or each dealer has its own favorates?
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 219
    I don't have an extended warranty on my Saab but my experience is that dealers offer only one extended warranty, which is the one offered by the manufacturer. There can be different levels of coverage available, but all from the manufacturer.

    Extended warranties are expensive and in fact it's not impossible that a dealer will make more on selling the extended warranty then he will on selling the actual car.
  • jscottkjscottk Posts: 13
    Taking my new/used Saab in for it's 120K maintenance. I could take it either to my dealer or a very trusted general mechanic, Any opinions?
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 219
    Any idea where the car has been maintained in the past? If at the dealer, I think I'd stick with them, because if the car's lasted this long they must be doing something right.
    I guess 120k is a repeat of what is done at 60k?
  • jscottkjscottk Posts: 13
    Yes, the car has been maintained at the dealership - and I have liked what dealings I've had with them. I'm also thinking that saving maybe a couple of hundred dollars might not be worth the piece of mind of knowing I'm getting SAAB mechanics, who know the car.

    Thanks for the reply....

  • azjim66azjim66 Posts: 6
    My 2006 combi already is sporting a dime size ding :cry: that chipped the paint just right of the grill on the lower part of the hood. I was wondering if anyone out there has had success with stone deflectors / bras?? They are pretty tough to find for Saab's. Thanks

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