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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • I'm leasing a 9-5 Aero, automatic, ventilated seats, rain-sensing wipers, power everything, excellent shape, silver, tinted windows, new tires (I own winter wheels and tires as well), currently have 32,000 miles. My lease ends Dec 07. Residual value is $16,820.
    I like the car (third Saab I've had). My busineess pays the lease pmt.
    Is a price of $16,820 a "good deal"? Could I feasibly buy it and try to sell it 3-6 months later for a small profit?
  • I dont know the depreciation on Saabs but i'd always go for ~2k under what the dealer wants to sell the car for, haggle with the dealership, and im sure u can get it for ~15k
  • I misled you.
    My company/me makes the lease pmt. I/my company can buy at the end of the lease for $16,800
  • Hoping I can find someone to tell me a definitive answer to a nagging issue.

    Recently purchased an '07 95 Aero with all the trimmings, and love it (my 3rd Saab)........however, the one irritation is that at night, the steering wheel is completely dark, while the rest of the car back-lights. My dealer says this is "how it was made"....but yet, my previous 9-3 had the same wheel, and it DID backlight.

    Is this the best Saab's flagship can do?
  • djb5djb5 Posts: 1
    My daughter has a 2000 9-5 with 92,000 miles. She replaced the head gasket 2 years ago at approximately 50,000 miles. It is now leaking again. She does not drive the car hard. She has a 27 mile commute each way to work. Any one have similar problems with head gaskets on the 2000 Saab 9-5? Thanks in Advance Don Barnard
  • Close friend has same problem at 50K, 9-5, but the V-6 engine, 1999.

    She was not a hard driver either, and kept up with service intervals.

    Dealer got Saab to kick in portion of cost.

    Which engine do you have?
  • Intermittent. Limp mode and then it goes away. Car drives normal but Engine/Transmission Lights stay on and shift level indicator light stays in park. If I stop the engine and restart, shift level go to any gear bu light will only go to R, D and 1. Any idea what is going on here. this problem only occurs from cold start and lights come on before the engine even starts.
  • fran8fran8 Posts: 2
    We are looking for thoughts of whether we should purchase our 9-5 when it comes off lease. The car will have about 45,000 miles, we have serviced the car according to the onboard display, and replace the break pads at 37,000. We heard a rumor that these cars may have problems with the turbo charger and internal cabin heating sensors. Any experience/suggestions?
  • You don't mention what year your car is. I have a 2003 Arc V6 which I bought from the dealer in 2003 with 8k miles on it. I now have about 54k on the car and still enjoy driving it. I've kept up with scheduled maint at the dealer. I also have him do an oil change every six months (synthetic) no matter what the mileage is. I'm very pleased with the car overall and I've had no major problems. Knowing what I know now I'd buy the car again in a heartbeat. Every car is different but if you haven't had any major issues to this point I think that's a good sign.
  • My Saab 95 has started to make a loud high pitch whiining/buzzing noise when in park or in neutral. When shifting into gear the sound stops. any ideas of what is causing this? Thank you
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    Sounds like a bad bearing on a pulley such as the alternator.
  • Hi all,
    I have a 2002 9-5 with ~ 68K miles on it. Car runs like a dream for the most part, but I've noticed something peculiar (and a little alarming) on occasion. After exiting the highway and stopping at a stop sign, I've noticed that the engine noise gets loud for a bit - there is then a whirring sound like a motorcycle from the engine - and then magically, everything returns to normal. :confuse: Car then runs fine. No idea what's causing this - taking it to an independent mechanic to troubleshoot. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  • All,

    I am thinking about puchasing a 2000 2.3l Turbo 9 5. The car has 168,000 miles though. All highway miles. Exterior/Interior immaculate.
    Car lived in Boston first 7 years. I am not sure of service history, but can I get another 100K miles out of the car without dumping loads of $ in to it? I can get the car for $4K. The current owner is the second owner and has had no problems thus far...I would just ahte to get it home and then....I've owned three other Saabs and love the cars, just don't have any experience with the 9 5.

    Any thoughts?

  • zenezene Posts: 2
    I have a saab 95 Aero, 2000. For the past two weeks or so, I'll start the car in the morning, reverse out of the driveway, put the car in drive...and all that happens is the engine revs, car doesn't move...then suddently jumps forward and drives fine?!??! A couple times it also did that when I just slowed down to turn a corner (then it felt like it was going to stall). I thought it may have been related to the cold weather; when this started happening it was about -15 overnights, but it's warmer now, and there is no difference. The car has had always had it's regular maintenance. Can anyone tell me what could be causing this?
  • Sounds like a bad switch. There is a switch that registers what gear you are shifiting into (i.e reverse, drive). Sounds like you have a faulty one...not a hard part to replace but got to get it from a dealer.
  • zenezene Posts: 2
    Well, it does what I explained earlier when i switch gears...but it's also stalled twice when I slow down to turn corners (soon after I leave my house). Also, it has lagged a couple times getting on the highway...doesn't pick up speed quick like it did before this problem started...then jumps forward slightly and catches on. (automatic transmission). Any thoughts? Thanks so much for your input!
  • h20man5h20man5 Posts: 1
    2001 Saab 9-5 with 87000 miles.. I have had this car for 7 months.. have already spent almost 2000 on it. It now is hard to start in the mornings for the first start but gets better through out the day. It is in a garage which is about 45 degrees right now. It will emit a bit of smelly white smoke with a slight smell of fuel upon start up and will run rough for about five seconds until it seems to get ahold of itself... any ideas... thanks
  • you need a turbo. approx $1200.00 through the dealer...but I have been taking my car to Ramsey Mazda....they have Saab techs there and their labor rate is cheaper so I save. I just feel more comfortable with the warranty on parts that dealers give....I have been screwed by local shops before.

    Good luck!
  • jscottkjscottk Posts: 13
    I have a '99 Saab 9-5 SE with 117K miles on it - just recently it started sputtering when I hit the gas and rpm's hit around 3000. It seems to do this less when I'm in the 'sport' mode. Any ideas?

  • foftrefoftre Posts: 2
    If the turbo was not the problem...we have a 2001 9.5 six cylinder..there was a recall on the IDM's in the 9.5, although SAAB has said it didn't relate to the 6 cylinder, both the IDM's in my 9.5 went in Nov 2005 shortly after receiving the written notification that the IDM's were defective (SAAB paid for the replacement). They refused to replace the other IDM saying it wasn't defective, but the 2nd one did go bad in Mar 2008 at about 85k miles...I'm trying to get my money back from SAAB now. Next time, I'll buy a Volvo. I don't like doing business with a company who won't stand behind their product. It really burns me that they knew the IDM's in my vehicle were defective but wouldn't replace it at no cost because 'sorry your VIN# isn't on the list'...I've initiated a complaint with the Federal Consumer Protection Agency and am looking for other SAAB 9.5 owners who have had this problem. Hoping to lodge a class action suite against them.
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