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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • Car overheated multiple times and wouldn't keep coolant - had towed. In addition to other problems (engine leaks oil from somewhere), dealer says biggest issue is two blown head gaskets, and once they would dig into it, if they were warped, it would be another few grand to fix. So, rough estimate was 5-8K to fix (by them). Knowing I could find someone to do it cheaper, is it even worth it? Other problems are cracked serpentine belt, probable oil pan gasket torn, thermostat, etc. Is it worth it, or cut the losses?
  • ilrndudeilrndude Posts: 14
    Is it worth $5k - $8k to repair? Nope. And since the car is a Saab it won't be easy to find someone cheaper to work on it who'll know what they're doing. As a '01 9-5 owner who stupidly loves his Saab, if this were me, I'd chunk it and spend that money on the down payment for a Honda.
  • Thanks - I am getting another estimate on Monday when I can get the car towed there, but the mechanic cited head gasket replacement work (and all the related fixes) he did for someone two years ago for about 2500. I'm sure it would be more now, but if it isn't fixed, I doubt I'll get more than 500.00 from the car donation services, and be shelling out another major car payment. So, we'll see what a real estimate looks like. But, thanks again for the response - good luck with yours.
  • chawk01chawk01 Posts: 4
    Anyone with experience or numbers on what dealers are offering for "new" 2008 9-5s sitting on their lots? Seems like I'm seeing them in the $26,000 - $29,000 range. They appear to be offering 0% financing for 60-months (in lieu of the big cash incentives). Anyone getting the financing and a steep discount in price?

    Any observations or actual deal stats would be great. Thanks!
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 284
    I looked in April and couldn't get anyone to go below 28k except for a demo. I was looking to pay 25-26k and no more.

    For me 28k for a car from a bankrupt manufacturer that has been sitting for close to two years was more than I was looking to pay.
  • cdyoungcdyoung Posts: 9
    Heater stopped working, is there a thermostat and where is it located? Any help would be appreciated. Already recalibrated the panel only number was 0. Thank you
  • I'm looking at a used 2007 9-5 Aero and the dealer says no vehicle history report is available because the vehicle was originally acquired by the 1 original owner using Saab's European Delivery program, where you fly to Europe to pick up the car, drive it around, and then they ship it to the US (it is built for use in the US not in EU).

    Does this sound right to you? When I put the VIN into Carfax and Autocheck they both say "0 records". Any other way I can get vehicle history on this car?

  • My 2000 9-5 Aero won't start. For the last 4 months, I've noticed an electrical buzz sound just before it turned over. Now it just won't catch when I turn the key. It's not the battery, but I'm wondering if I need a new starter, a solenoid, or both.

  • Does the starter make a spinning sound like the gear is spinning, and just not popping out to engage the fly wheel? If so, then I'd suspect the starter. It's hard to describe sounds with words, so I'll just say that you should check your connections on the battery as well as on the starter for corrosion. Often times it will make a strange noise, possibly like the one you describe, if it has a dirty, loose, or corroded connection.

    I'm not a mechanic per se, but my dad was, and I learned a lot from him over the years, and do most of my own work.

  • Likely the crankshaft position sensor. Went out recently on my 2001 lpt. Engine turns but does not catch or catches intermittently. Part is about $200 + labour. is also a very useful bulletin board
  • 2000 model V-6 heat won't work after air conditioning is turned on. Vacuum line on bypass valve is taken off and put back on then heat will work again. Have changed bypasss valve on firewall and have calibrated heater control panel no success. Everytime I pull the vacuum line and re-connect it I can get heat but then if you go to AC and then back to heat... no heat. Any help is greatly appreciated
  • maxsznmaxszn Posts: 2
    Just bought a 2006 9-5 from dealer. asked why there are 4 headlight and only the outboard lights come on. They came up with a story that the inboard were for other country's and not for the USA. Also while driving at night, there is a light that is like a spot light shinning on the roadside ( shinning for deer??) Dealer is suppose to check that next week. Any thoughts ??
  • maxsznmaxszn Posts: 2
    Dealer found the driver side lightbulb was not plugged in correctly. also the inboard lights are note us
  • dk95dk95 Posts: 1
    I just purchased the same car yesterday and have encountered the same problem, no DVD or Car Manual. How were you able to resolve the DVD Nav system? Where would I find a DVD for it? Thx soo much!
  • I have a 2000 9 5. I love the car but the SID has gone out on me a second time, and that's after the factory replaced it once under warranty. It must be a weak spot. I always thpught LEDs were more robust and long lasting.Anyone know of an alternative to Dealer replaced unit at several hundred dollars?
  • jfiskjfisk Posts: 2
    This is a late post considering your initial post date, but I hope you snatched up that gem for that kind of price! I am now on my 3rd used SAAB and knock on wood, my out of pocket expense has been minimal. I can say without question that they have been the most reliable and predictable cars I have ever owned. One of my best friends has a 900 5 speed Turbo that has 360000 miles on it! you read that right 360K! I nave just purchased a 2002 9 5 Arc with all the bells and whistles, even the reverse radar and the Xenon light package. It has 87K and has never been in an accident. It does have some light scratches on the hood and trunk, but most will wet sand out of the paint. I presently have a 97 SAAB 900 SE turbo,a 02 Volvo S40 and a 02 Mercedes C230K 6 speed. The SAAB is the winner hands down with the Mercedes running moderately behind. The Volvo is a CEL nightmare but with 149K on the clock it served it's purpose. But it has been the worst of my stable by far. I have spent 4 years checking CEL faults and costing me a pretty penny along the way. The Turbo is beginning to fail so I am trading it in on the SAAB, the dealer is giving me 2K so I really can't complain. Buy those SAAB's at every opportunity from now until you die, you will be very happy you did in the long run.
  • Hey have bought a used Saab and is having a few problems.. Had Starter taken out and checked and is fine..
    Car was fine for 2-3 weeks no problems then only started every now and again would be fine most of the time but sometimes wouldnt start.. took it into the shop and they put in a new relay box to help it .. went fine for a week now is doing same problem and is coming up with automatic transmission light on dash and an exclamation mark warning light.. and gears seem to be "jolting" in reverse and sometimes when putting into gear..
    The S.I.D (computer stereo screen) is working but is all fuzzy & cant read it any ideas if you need to be able to read the screen??
    .. Love my new car but am having so many problems with it.
    Just want it to START and for NO LIGHTS TO COME UP ON THE SCREEN .. Anyone got any ideas would help out so much ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jfiskjfisk Posts: 2
    what your experiencing is the 9-5 transmission jolt. It is a bad valve body in the transmission. In short if you don't replace the valve body then its yours for life, unfortunately. Google Saab 9 5 transmission problems and you can read all about it. Good news it doesn't effect the performance of the transmission with the exception of a very long hesitation followed by a clunk as it engages the reverse clutch gear. There are quite a few things that can cause electrical nightmares on Saab's one of which is a wrong light bulb installed in the car . Some folks will install a dual filament bulb by mistake and the car will freak out. Try that 1st and if the problem still exist give us a shout. good luck!
  • I don't know anything about the jolt.

    But for the potential good of anyone else finding this thread...

    The intermittent starting sounds like the way my SE wagon was behaving. The problem was a faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor. Not very expensive nor very difficult to replace (not dead easy, at that.)

    I found online step-by-step instructions with plenty of photos to illustrate the procedure. That was a while ago. I would bet the information is still out there, but I don't have the link.

    I *think* I may have had to buy some special sockets for getting something or other out of the way.
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