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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • tonygenotonygeno Posts: 4
    I've got a 9-5 wagon with 60k miles. The car will be 2 years old on June 30. I took it in today for the 60,000 mile service to a new dealer (I moved 55 miles and my original dealer is now too far away). The new dealer said my head gasket is blown and needs to be replaced to the tune of $1250. I had the car in the shop (at the old dealer) two months for a blown electronic brain (SAAB picked up 1/2 the cost of the repair), and he said he noticed no blown head gasket at that time when I called him today. The new dealer said it's been leaking for a while. How can I find out if the new dealer is trying to soak me? How does a car blow a head gasket at 60K miles. It's a lease and I'm thinking I should just turn it in. I've got 1 year left on the lease and 15,000 (out of an original 75000) left on the lease.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I'm not sure why it would go at 60K but I don't believe turning it in early will help. I have to believe that if the Gasket is Blown, the lease company will get you for the cost.

    Is yours the V6?

  • tonygenotonygeno Posts: 4
    It's a 4. Saab is the lease company and I've spoken with them. They say that they do an exterior inspection and test drive. No mechanical inspection at all. The car runs fine and shows no symptoms of a blown head gasket- no overheating, no loss of power, no water in the oil or oil in the water. I brought the car into an independent shop today and they say they can find no evidence at all that the head gasket is blown. I think the dealer is trying to scam me. Must be slow for his service department and what better way to make a weeks worth of work than replacing a head gasket. I am starting to wonder.
  • siwatkinssiwatkins Posts: 6
    Sounds like a), you need to find another Saab dealer, and b), for you to contact Saab customer service about this issue.

    If the car is only 2 years old, and the dealer is being honest (which from what you've presented, they aren't), you should press for some kind of assistance from Saab. That mileage/age is low for a H/G failure.

    Can you not try another Saab main dealer (perhaps your original one). If they are scamming you, then Saab need to know.

  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    That's quite a bold scam to attempt. It's not like trying to convince someone their shocks are bad or they need a fuel injection service. Those are easy scams.

    But a new head gasket??? Even a high school auto shop student knows there are lots of obvious ways to check for that problem. If the story is true then I think it took alot of ballz to suggest that service.

    If they put it in writing then you might have something against them to use at Saab USA. Since you didn't fall for it you'll be hard pressed to prove you were harmed but I think Saab USA needs to know that one of their dealers is trying to stick it to people.

    I'd expect this from something like a Chevy dealer. I have a friend who has an old Suburban that had a bad miss. He just moved out of state and took it to the nearest Chevy dealer in his new town. They gave him an estimate for over $1400 to fix the truck. He arranged a meeting with the service mgr and the tech who wrote the estimate. Over $1000 of the work was parts replacements that weren't needed or so-called preventive maintenance ("well, since your truck is so old we think these repairs are a good idea..."). All the truck needed was new plug wires, cap-rotor-condensor, and fresh plugs. Along with a few other parts the *real* total was about $300.

    If it smells like BS, it is. You did good by getting a second opinion. What's next is up to you.
  • tonygenotonygeno Posts: 4
    I took the car yesterday to the original dealer I purchased the car from. He says he can find no evidence of a blown head gasket. Saab, in the meantime, says they'll cover the repair 100%. I talked to the dealer who claims the head gasket is blown. He asked that I bring the car in and they'll show me where the problem lies (although yesterday he did say they could have made a huge mistake). I did tell him it was at another dealer who can't see any blown head gasket and that it leads me to believe they are being less than honest. We shall see.
  • dan_patdan_pat Posts: 2
    I just picked up my new 9-5 linear - (black/ charcoal interior) automatic – premium package. ( June 27, 2002 )

    The Audi A4 fell off my list as it is small - and feels cheap. I would never buy a car in 2002 without Telematics on it - and if you want Onstar in an Audi - better be prepared to drop 5K on options !!! Build your own Audi. ? .. hmmm it should say : build your own - pay MSRP and wait 4 months.

    If you live in New Haven CT, you will also experience the uglyliest Audi dealer I have ever seen in my life. It's located in Wallingford CT with 5 brands crammed into a shack like warehouse building.. The sad Audi rings are spray painted on metal mesh and is falling off the building....... very very funny. Oh yes the sales team - well lets just say you will hop on a time machine and vist the 1970's.... in my opinion these people could also be selling knives... siding....vacuums .. it makes no difference....... :) and I have never been on a test drive where I was explaining how a car works. ! - this guy was a senior sales guy...:))

    OK - moving along - dumping Audi off the list - I gave the 9-5 Linear a test drive and loved it. The first dealer in Connecticut quoted me 34K – and initially would not get me the above color combo. I called dealer #2 up the road and immediately got a quote of 31.5 K ( less tax and documents ) plus the color combo I wanted (he had to bring it in from Hartford). The first dealer obviously did not tell me about the rebate and wanted to take advantage of me so I did not mind driving 30 miles to dealer #2. I’m sure I could have got dealer #2 down even more ( 30k even ) however I think I got a decent price on this regardless. Bewarned that CarsDirect quoted me 34K.... so even this highly rated online source is cashing on in this hidden deal...

    The best part of the purchase was being pre financed via PeopleFirst.Com . I walked into the dealer and the salesperson gave me absolutely zero attitude ( – no the undercoating - no extended warranty chat – just the keys waiting and polished 9-5 with 35 miles on it. I wrote the amount in the preapproved check- signed some other forms and I was out the door in 30 minutes.

    Things I love about this car:

    - Despite being a four cylinder I love the speed and handling.

    - Quality – Quality - Quality - the doors shut like a vault – and it feels like 40K car. ( I can not say this about the many A4’s I test drove )

    - Premium Stereo rocks

    - Love the room in this car – the A4 was like a little box compared to this

    - Onstar is great – can’t believe you would buy a car with out it.

    - Great traction - it was pouring last night and this car handles very well on slippery surfaces

    - Not having to use premium gas will save me mondo.

    Not too happy:

    - the 3-year maintenance seems a bit thin - should be 4 to match warranty and include a few more bells and whistles

    - I may look at replacing the wood dash to Aluminum and give the car a bit more of an edge (has anyone done this yet)

    Global Saab suggestions

    - Get a new website - the current US one sucks and almost turned me away from this great car.

    - XM satellite radio should be an option in all 2002 Saabs – a total no brainier. A further perk could be a free XM Saab channel if one doesn’t want to spend the 10 bucks a month.

    Overall I’m very happy - I feel I have purchased something unique - well built – with good value. I hope the A4 owners enjoy the 37K Jetta :)
  • tonygenotonygeno Posts: 4
    Well, I took the car back to the diagnosing dealer yesterday. He showed me where the leak was and indeed it is slightly leaking oil. He said the problem is that it's leaking onto the belt which could cause problems and is why he is recommending a fix. I asked point blank "So, do I have a blown head gasket" and he admitted that no, that's not what I have. I have a slight leak that could get worse sooner rather than later and probably should be taken care of sooner. So, since Saab has agreed to pay for the work and they have agreed to loan me a car, I'm going to do it.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Happy to see you've discovered the finer points of the 9-5. Good choice as you've discovered. Keep up with that Black. I got Steel grey and love it. I've also grown to like the wood dash.

    Couple notes: Although the 3year maintenance may seem thin, you have to remember it is NOT really free. They could increase the time and coverage but ultimately the cost shows up in the purchase price. You got a Great price. The savings is better in your pocket now rather than paying for 5 years of wiper blades up front.

    XM would be nice. Saab is putting it in the new upcoming 9-3 which appears to be an AMAZING car from what I've seen so far. I've already seen the full brochure and we may actually be regreting not waiting for it. It is much better equipped and will leap frog over the competition finally in it's Class.

    I loved your idea of a Saab Channel on the XM radio. I have not experienced XM yet. Are Manufacturers creating their own channels?

    I also love the On-Star system. I do wish they would offer a more competitive package and ability to use a Portible phone like BMW does with their hands free system though. I keep bugging On Star about this one when I get surveys. I only want one phone and one phone number for my Cell Service. Help me out with that one guys. It can already be done but On Star has licensing rights to the equipment so they could squash us from connecting a portible phone and by-passing their service.

    Enjoy the new ride.
  • stan18stan18 Posts: 8
    In case anybody cares, the pictures Edmunds shows under their 2002 9-5 section are actually MY 2001. I don't know what's going on because they used to show MY '02, but now just the '01 pics as '02. First the wretched 9-5 review (see the July Road&Track for a nice counterpoint), and now the wrong pictures. Does somebody at Edmunds have a beef with Saab?

  • saenz74saenz74 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2002 9-5 linear wagon and have noticed two particular noises that are kind of annoying.
    1. When I shut off the car I hear a noise coming from the engine (I think it's the a/c compressor shutting down??) It's not a fan but rather a low rumble that dies down after about 2 or 3 seconds.

    2. When I make a quick turn left or right a noise from the steering column. Not a scraping noise but again like a rumble.

    any advice or anyone with similar issues?
  • manamalmanamal Posts: 434
    Thought I would relay a negative onstar experience...

    I was in a 9-5 SE wagon. Was hit broadside by
    a caddy doing about 50. Airbags deploy....
    no call from onstar.

    So much for GM promises....
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Wow, I hope you're OK, manamal. I wonder if the malfunction occurred with the car, the Onstar installation, or if the defect was in the Onstar alone?

    Roving Host

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  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Well, it's not a perfect world. Sorry to hear about your misfortune and I hope everyone is okay.

    You obviously own a computer so you know how todays technology can sometimes fail and let us down. I'm sure you've experienced similar failings with your Cell Service as well.

    I'd bet the OnStar system has a pretty good track record in these matters but don't forget, it may not even be OnStars fault. They also have to depend on a Reliable Cell signal and Service to work properly. Maybe it was Verison's or WorldComms fault. If you were in a Dead Cell service, it's not really anyones fault. Have you considered that possibility? OnStar is pretty clear about explaining their dependibility on Cellular services and any damage to the equipment in a crash.

    Best of luck hope they fix the car fast for you.
  • manamalmanamal Posts: 434
    dski, kerstie_h:
    I know that onstar works in the area of the accident: the other vehicle was a '01 caddy, and
    onstar called him. My guess is that the impact severed a cable in the car or something.

    By the way, the car is not reparable. Everything
    right of the center console is damaged. (the center console was crushed). The car has been replaced with a Toyota minivan.
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136
    I have a 2000 9-5 wagon. On a recent trip I had to go over 10 speed bumps in the driveway of the place I was staying. I alway went over slow with the clutch in. The front end made a "grunch" noise when it hit the bumps. The rear was quiet when it went over the same bump.

    Is this normal? I have the 30k service coming up. Any thoughts on what to say to the dealer?

    Ride Safe,

  • dskidski Posts: 414
    If it were me, I would report this situation to Saab. The fact that the Caddy's On-Star worked might mean your system was dissabled from the crash. Saab may very well want to examine why it failed and where it was damaged so as to improve the system. They have a history of improving small Safety related designs for existing owners. Our first 900 was recalled for a safety improvement that was NOT a result of any Government intervention rather a discovery on Saabs part to make a small improvement.

    If there is something that can be improved to keep On-Star functioning after a collision, We current owners sure would appreciate it being addressed.

  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    Looking to replace my wife's 2000 Lincoln LS V6 -great car, no problems - just want a change. She loves the looks of the 9-5 - and i just started doing my research. It appears that there are some great deals out there - i'm looking for premium package, auto trans and met. paint. What should we be paying? I figured this is a good time to buy since they must want to clear out the 2002's. Any hidden rebates (to dealer, etc.) that i should know about? Any advice would be appreciated!!
  • peterson33peterson33 Posts: 24
    We are looking at the 2002 Aero, metallic silver, touring package and automatic. The deal we are being offered in $35,600 to buy, that is with a GM Supplier discount(which anyone working for a GM supplier can get, eg. if your company provides hardware or software to them), the current $3000 incentive, and $500 loyalty since we have a Saab 9-3.

    Or we can lease it for $467 month, 3 yr. 12k mile lease($20500 residual, 1000 down). To me the lease is almost $3000 more then just outright buying it, can anyone explain why that might be? Does this sound like a good deal?
  • zeusalexzeusalex Posts: 1
    I just purchased a '99 9-5 with black paint and realizing this car does not have clear coat. I previously had a black '97 900 that didn't have clear coat either. I have heard that Lexus does not put a clear coat on their black cars either. Can anyone explain this to me?
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