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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • jmingjming Posts: 9
    Hi fellow Saab folks...2000 9-5 2.3 here.

    At about 25-35mph I hear a distinct cyclical thrumming from the front end. Don't really know how else to describe the sound. It's not the tires...I recently replaced them, but the sound is the same before and after.

    Also hearing a distinct crunching sound in the front suspension over bumps when the car is cold. My normally excellent dealer "can't recreate the problem" that I hear every single morning. Rather annoying. Anyone have similar experiences?

    Thanks! Jim
  • dunn3dunn3 Posts: 29
    Hi everyone - It has been a while since I've been on this website (edmunds), and this is my first posting in the saab board. I went through about 100 previous posts, and I'm wondering if any of you would comment on whether I got a good deal or not...

    I bought a new 2001 Saab 9-5 (equivalent to today's linear) with all the options (heated and cooled front seats, HK stereo, auto transmission, etc etc.) in early september last year. The car had 50 miles and was not a demo. I paid ~ $28k. Was this too much?? I thought I read that somebody paid or was offered a '03 9-5 linear for $29.9k.
    Any comments?

    It has been a great car so far : )
  • rob999rob999 Posts: 233
    That doesn't sound too bad, actually. I couldn't tell you what incentives were available at the time, though.

    If I had waited a couple months to buy my 9-5 the cash-back incentive would've been $2,000 more than what I got, but I can't concern myself with what could've been. You make the best deal you can at the time and go with it.

    At any rate, just enjoy your car. I do.
  • This is easy.

    Saab residuals (Reality ones.. not what Chase and Saab dream up) are very soft for a reason:

    Crap marketing. This means that GM in their infinite foolishness has to rely on dramatic subsidies to sell these cars.

    $400/mo, Nothing down? $40K European Large Luxury car? Gee, that's not such a tough thing to sell now is it?

    I think that if GM Marketed the cars the way Saab did when they were owned by the swedes, things would improve. In Europe Saabs have a reputation for iron-clad reliability/durability as well as having strong resale value. But then they are marketed properly there.

    For god's sake look at the damn 9-5 linear! It's HUGE, Very safe, VERY comfortable, the LPT 4cyl gets damn near 30 on the highway! And even at MSRP vs Invoice it's still VERY Cheap for what it is!

    Instead we get $349 a month, come on down!

    There's your problem guys...

  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Well perhapse GM should create a better marketing pland but to suggest Saab did it better on their own is crazy. As slow as sales are, they are still well above where they were in the pre-GM days. I don't recall any marketing before GM actually. I'm guessing it was all done in the North East to Pointy Headed accentric College Professors back in those days.

  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I'd say SAAB's marketing is like IBM's - if IBM invented sushi, they'd market it as "raw, dead, cold fish" (just like they market iSeries, formerly known as AS/400 - ever heard of those computers??? they're the best there is, no kidding) . . . the sad thing is that they seem to be selling the deal and not the car. BMW for instance is selling the car, and they get away with getting 40K+ for option 3-series, made in South Africa. Yuck.
    BTW, just today a friend of mine, who drives BMW 540 (2 years old, 6 speed) told me that the only car he's ever missed badly after sellign it was 9000 turbo (a few years ago), he still thinks it is the best car he's ever had.
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    SAAB should be spending money on building is brand image in the US like BMW and Mercedes has done for decades.

    But SAAB (and GM) are desperate to sell cars to keep the factories moving so they have to revert to "selling the deal" instead of "selling the image". Deal selling gets immediate results, image selling takes decades. SAAB needs results.

    There was a time that BMW was seen as a cheap alternative to the "premium" Euro brands like Mercedes and Jaguar. It's taken BMW the better part of 30 years to convince brand-concious Americans to pay full sticker for their cars and be happy doing so.

    SAAB needs to sell cars. They need to stop losing money. Once that's done they need to expand their model line. Then they can work on improving the brand. Mercedes Benz is one of the 10 most recognized and valuable brands in the world. It will take SAAB decades to emulate this performance. But first SAAB needs to get thru the next 24 months business plan.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Well guys, if you watch ESPN during the next few weeks with all the College Basketball going on, you'll see some great Saab Ads. They have a great commercial for the new 9-3. Saab/GM is advertising out there. We don't always see it because of their narrow Demographic target in the short term I think. I'm in their demographic though. College Football and Basketball seems to be a recent trend for them. ;)

  • OK,

    Now this is making me nutty. Bret stopped by my store last week (Great to meet ya!) and has me puzzled.

    2 Months or so ago, I sold an '00 Aero 5-Speed. It was a sort of Slate Green, a grayish muddyish green.. very very pretty color. It was NOT Blue or Scarab Green.

    Was this maybe a special order Euro color? i think I have seen it on Saabs in Europe.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    have been out of here for a while. the car is now going on 3.5 years--2000 aero--
    and very happy so far .great handler.
    but on the snow tire package which is a good deal be careful...i just got burned today.
    the gislaved tires are hard to find and when i blew one out this am on the way from ct. to vermont i ended up going to the dealer in hartford ct.
    no one had theses tires in stock except for the dealer---and the new series 3 are uni-directional.but the problem with mine is that to buy the tire the dealer forced me to buy the wheel also...........$275.00 total bill for one snow tire that sells for about $80.00----or,wait 3 days for them or a local tire store to get one.
    i could have returned home but the spare is not that good . so now i have a spare wheel which i will use to buy a spare all wheather tire and throw away the donut which stinks.

    so,when you buy the tire/wheel combo,think about it before you do.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    after my last post i went out and got a 215-55-16 all weather tire to use as a full time spare instead of the donught tire.
    advantages -------the donut is a pain due to its limitations --150 miles range at about 55 mph....
    this is enough to get you to a local tire or saab dealer.
    but,my experience with 3 tire damages is that the tires that come with the 9.5 either snow or regular are not easily found everywhere and you may have to wait 1 or 2 or 3 days to get the replacement.and pay a premium due to the last minute purchase.
    if you are on a trip you are out of luck......

    so,i decided to purchase a size that matches the snow tire size since i had the spare 16 inch wheel
    and because the overall diameter of the tire matches the regular tire also i will have no problem in mixing this size with the regular tires.

    the tire fits about right in the trunk where the donut used to be.---you do have to remove the spacer where the jack is and place the jack back in the space----take a look and you will figure it out.
    the cover falls fine over the spare tire but there is about 1/4 of an inch or less of an overhang but i can live with it ...hardly noticiable.------worth the peace of mind on a trip.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    From your name "brentwood Volvo" and fact that you post here, I was thinking maybe you might also have a Saab Dealership there... Obviously not the case...

    The color your asking about is a fairly popular one for Saab called Sun Green. No color for the 9-5 beats the Steel Grey though ;)

    As far as Volvo's are concerned.. sorry bout your luck there with 2000 New Volvo SUV's ending up at the Bottom of the English Channel instead of arriving in the US. The fact that the demand for those are high, it'll be a win win situation for Volvo. After the shipping companies insurance company pays off, that's 2000 new cars sold twice for them. The demand will still be there and Volvo dealers will continue to charge preimums for them. Saab should be so lucky.

  • I was in the market for an Infiniti G35, but after test driving the 9-5 Aero, I changed my mind. I still prefer the exterior look of the G35 over the 9-5, but I like the 9-5 much better in the interior. I was only going to get about 2k off the sticker of the G35. Got a new 02' Aero for $10,000 off sticker. My car listed at $41,370; I paid $31,370 and had the dealership tint the windows for additional $200. (They had two 02' wagons and one 9-5 Linear model left as of last week).
    So far, I love the car. Hopefully the honeymoon won't end anytime soon.
  • rob999rob999 Posts: 233
    Congratulations on the new ride! I hope you enjoy your new car LONG past the honeymoon!
  • eitan1eitan1 Posts: 4
    If any of you Saabers from No. NJ could comment on their dealer experience (professionalism, reasonable deals, service...) I would apprereciate the advice.
  • jmingjming Posts: 9
    Eitan1 - I've dealt with Reinertsen Motots in Denville and have found them to be outstanding. Like any dealer, they're not perfect - but I would recommend them to anybody.
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    I havent been there in YEARS (BWV)

    And it wasnt Sun Green. Isnt SUn Green more of a Jade Green? Kinda a light metallic?
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    No.. Sun Green is NOT like a Jade. The use of the name Sun Green is not very good IMO. The color sometimes looks like it has a Green tint and sometimes looks more like a pale or faded Grey. It's an odd color, very different.

    I'd be willing to bet that's the color you saw. There is no other color quite like it on the road.

  • I'm looking for some advice on the deal i just struck with my local SAAB dealer. I only put a deposit down to hold it while I "sleep" on my decision.

    I got a '03 9-5 Linear with every available option except the Touring Package. It was a demo car with 4,700 miles on it. They agreed to sell it to me for $30,400 (original sticker was around $37,450). Although I got them to throw in some small things like all weather floor mats, I still feel weird about getting a demo. They claim that buying a demo is an "automatic" $2,500 off sticker .. is this a good deal??? after reading some of these posts (e.g. '03 Aero for $31k) I'm beginning to feel like a sucker. Any words of wisdom?


    (FYI: Merlot Red with Beige Interior)
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. If your not comfortable though, no use going ahead. Your post was two days ago, what'd you end up doing?

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