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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    Other than the 2002 costing more to fix than the 2001 in an accident(integrated grill and bumper on the 02)....
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    the 01 se has heated rear seats. my kids sure like them. there is a button the the back of the console for it. don't know if the '02 does. i know the 04 arc doesn't :(
  • Hello! I am so frustrated and disappointed in my Saab. I have had some minor electrical issues - mere annoyances but still a problem. Now I am facing a much larger problem that will probably cause me to sell the hunk of junk. First, note that I have always wanted a Saab - my whole life. My husband was never happy with them, but agreed to finally buying me one for Valentine's Day this year. Anyway, to the point, the car has 9,000 miles on it. It is a 9-5 linear. Last week the engine coolant light came on. So, we called the dealer (which BTW is 1 1/2 hours away) and they said to bring it in - it most likely had a leak. We took it in and they kept it over night. They found no external leak and can't find any internal leak (possible head casket problem). They told me that indeed there is a leak and most likely it is internal, but since they can't find it they want me to continue driving it until it becomes a problem again. I got the car back on Saturday and have begun monitoring the reserve tank. This morning there was a noticeable drop in the level (we are monitoring it after the car has been run and is warm). The funniest thing was that when I picked it up - I went to speak to the manager to explain the situation. Some young sales man asked me (in all seriousness) if I followed the proper break in period. I felt like telling him - "Gosh no! Thank you so much - that must be my problem." But I refrained... :)

    My question, has anyone else had problems with the engine coolant leaking? Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    hils111 - sorry to hear about your problem.
    do you smell coolant when the car is warm?
    btw sabb coolant is BLUE, just like a lot of windshield washer fluid. also, if you have a head gasket leak, usually some white smoke comes out of the exhaust. take a look yourself under the car for any blue coloring. call the service manager, and politely tell of him your concern and that you are worried about getting stranded if the car breaks down.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    regarding you extended warranty prices, try searching for 'gm major guard', i didn't look as far as getting an actual quote, but there are places you can buy a GM warranty other than your selling dealer, or at least find out if they are in the ballpark. there are various deductibles in addition to levels of coverage and miles/years.
    how much sense does it make to get a cover everything warranty with a high deductible, vs one that just covers the major components?
  • Agree that Saab is unreliable. Had many problems with my 9-5 one of which sounds alot like the one you posted. Noticed slow decline in coolant level over time. There was never a puddle under the car nor could one see any tell tale signs of a leak. The problem turned out to be a leaking water pump which was replaced. There have been no problems since with the coolant level. This car is overdesigned and underbuilt (poor quality) with very expensive fixes. Perhaps the water pump is your problem. Hope it is under warranty.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    what year is/was your 9-5?
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    That's a silly general statement. We're on our third Saab now because they have been extremely reliable for us. There isn't a manufacturer or make out there that hasn't had some percentage troubled cars in their run.

    How many Saabs have been in your ownership to base the Proclaimation on?

    Good Luck with the future miles in your Saab.
  • This is my first and only Saab. It has been totally unreliable e.g. 5 sets of front headlights, 2 SID's aformentionned water pump, bad plugs (installed wrong), bad muffler, trunk lid that did not work (required 5 trips to dealer to fix), bad connections to trunk light (twice), leaking oil pressure switch, leaking cam plug, broken climate control "flapper" and climate control that does not work, leaking valve cover gasket, bad right front wheel hub bearing, bad lamp control relay, right front fog light fell off (twice), trunk light bulb burnt out, two recalls. Is this enough reliabily? In addition the car has been serviced every 5000 miles with oil changes following all the required/suggested maintenance procedures. No comment about the tires - not a good experience.
    I bought the car (new) because I wanted reliability, safety and a comfortable ride. I did get safety. Reliability no!! The car is noisy (wind noise)and has a poor heating/cooling system. The repairs are expensive and I really can not find anyone in whom I have confidence that knows how the car works and how to fix it. The Saab customer service has been polite at best, but unknowledgeable and unhelpful.

    I am glad that you were lucky with your Saabs; I believe that is was just good luck. Congratulations. These cars are over engineered and poorly built. My '99 9-5 was the worst new car I have ever bought; the one least lived up to my expectations and predictions of the salesman. I made a bad mistake and will never look at a Saab again. Back to quality - Japanese iron.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I didn't say your Saab was not unreliable. My comment was that it is NOT correct to proclaim Saabs are unreliable based on ONE bad car. All manufactures have "lemons" and you got one. Sorry about that.

    What I do know is that after three Saabs, my experience is one of very good reliability. Also, after having participated here for several years, the overall feeling here is NOT one of Poor Quality and Poor reliability.

    I have no doubt that your Saab is a bad one but I beleive it was your Bad luck and my experience is not one of "good luck". Our experiences are currently Three to One. ;)

    Best of luck from here out.
  • Another day... More Saab reliability. Another headlight failure announcement on the failing SID. It was correct and am going to replace the lamp yet again (I have three spares always on hand).

    My experience with Saabs is echoed by the mechanics in this area. They have seen lots of folks here with troubled Saabs and a minority of Saabs that are trouble free. We never had any trouble with the 7 Toyotas we owned so it is back to Toyota for my next car. I am sure there are Saabs that run trouble free. You may have one; congratulations on your good fortune.

    Is my car a lemon? Probably not under the lemon laws since it can be fixed and the truly major engine parts haven't given out. It certainly isn't reliable and requires constant repair. However from the long list in my previous post you can see why I hold my breath every time I start the thing. Frankly the car isn't worth much, thus unfortunately I am stuck with it since it probably would be too expensive to trade it in on something that would give peace of mind.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Your not stuck with anything. Just sell it, trade it, or whatever and spare us the rest. Statistically you know I'm right and your local machanics experiences aren't better then CR or JD Powers... sorry. We don't need to hear about every instance when a headlight goes out. Pull the fuse for the daytime lights and leave it at that. I replaced my first headlamp last month on our 18 month old 9-5. It's the price you pay if you wanna keep daytime lights on.

    Actually... I take that back... it's not the price you pay since it was replaced under warranty.

  • Drew: You don't get it. It is getting in the car and often as not something goes wrong, minor usually, which requires attention. Thanks for your advice but for your information the first set of head lights blew at 3 months after I got the car and the fuse for the running lights was taken out at that time. Only 4 more complete sets along with quite a few individual ones have been replaced since. Dealers have been no help.

    I suppose I should do a Col. Potter (MASH) and shoot the thing. The other option is to donate it for a tax write off. The next car certainly won't be a Saab no matter how much loyality incentive I am offered.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I do get it. You have LOTS of problems with your car that you shouldn't. I don't dissagree at all with that. The difference is that I'd unload it as soon as I was convinced that I wouldn't get anything more from the dealer or Saab for relief and move on. I absolutely aggree it's not right.

    I just think it is NOT correct to say Saabs in general are NOT reliable. It's a false statement. I have a neighbor who had the identical situation with 2 Volvo's he's owned. Lights were going out constantly along with Many other problems. After his 2 Volvo's I still wouldn't make a general statement that Volvo's are unreliable.

    He finally dumped it and got a BMW instead of another Volvo. That's what I'd do if I were you.

    I don't mean to badger you. But, I will speak up if i disagree with something said here. I do wish you luck with your future choices. The odds are greatly in favor of consumers getting basic reliable cars no matter what they chose this day in age. That's the good news.

  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Okay... I hate sounding like a Saab nut who will defend them all the time and make excuses even when they get it wrong. So here's one of my Pet Pieves with them:

    Wiper Blades! First of all, why do they have to use a size that is NOT available at retail? They have an odd size only available at the dealer for an INSANE price. Second, it seems that they've made a further change in the Grip Size for the Refill. What i used to do was buy longer Refills and cut them to the proper legnth. Now when I do that, the little Gripers you slide the blade into are too small. This method worked great on our previous 9-5 but not on our '02.

    I'm really ticked about this. I bent them to fit but the Blades do NOT work well now. The funny thing is that this it the type of issue that annoys me enough to think more in my next purchase. LOL My reason for that is because i have to beleive they thought about this and decided to force a high profit part sale at the dealer level.

  • Curious to know if anyone has made any mods on there 9-5 Saabs. I am interested in stiffer shocks and steel braided brake lines. Has anyone used Abbott Racing, Hirsch or Nordic parts?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    exactly what is an insane price? i thought i bought a set, but couldn't find a receipt. don't seem to remember having a heart attack over the price. there are places you can order factory parts at discount prices out there. i actually might need a new set soon.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    It's been awhile since I priced them at my dealer since cutting down larger Refills used to work well. It seems to me that a pair was gonna run me around $30. That's INSANE.

    I'll find out before long though... after several hours of driving in the rain today with poor blades the sounded like finger nails on a chalk board on every pass, I'll have to do something soon!

  • Note -- not trying to tick anyone off here just thought I would mention my experience with Saab. I think it is important in a forum like this.

    When my wife and I looked for a new Sedan 3 years ago we were not comfortable in purchasing -- nothing on the market stood out. So at the time we thought --- hey what the heck we will lease and try a car out for 3 years...if we like we will buy. After a ton of research BUT NOT looking at the customer satisfaction reports, essentially just features -- we ended up on a Saab 95. I am soooooo glad to be getting rid of this car next month ---- soooooo glad. This car has an MSRP approaching 40k and let me tell you it is not worth 15k, IMO. 1 week after we got it, a colleague of mine who is a citizen of Sweden laughed at me and outright told me that Saabs are considered Junk luxury sedans in Sweden. They are better known for other vehicles like commercial trucks. He was saying that most Swedes cannot figure out why people buy these cars over a Volvo or other well known European models.

    So with this in mind we started down our lease. Well, within 5000 miles it sprang an oil leak all over my garage floor. Once that was fixed, one of the headlamps went out. Then the digital display got all jarbled. Then the brake pads needed replacement at 20,000 miles (seems awfully short to me), now there are popping noises coming from the steering column, high pitched screeching sounds in reverse at low speeds, and finally a collection of rattles in the car -- making it noisy. To top it off, on the way home tonight we noticed that the light on the right heated-seat knob no longer lights up. It is just one thing after another. Tonight was the straw to document my experience here on edmunds as I found this site useful in my recent Saab replacement purchase.

    Now, my wife and I are extremely pleasant to our vehicles. We do all the maintenance when the manual indicates. This was her car and she drives it very soft and easy. But when we have to take a 40 thousand dollar car to the garage 4 times outside of regular maintenance before 30,000 miles I am ready to be rid of this poorly built car. I have had a Ford Taurus in the past that never had a problem in 80,000 miles of ownership, we owned a Nissan 240SX -- not a single problem in 113,000 miles of ownership. Why all the sudden do we get an expensive vehicle and it is a running joke.

    Also, is it me or does anyone else find this car vastly unintuitive. Every feature it seems I am pulling out the manual and I am a professional engineer. Our other car (a Ford Explorer) is very intuitive for doing things like turning on fog-lights, implementing the radio volume-speed increase feature, the wipers on the headlamps, checking the oil against a black plastic tip on the dip-stick -- what genius engineer thought of this????

    We have decided in our next purchase going with a winner -- we bought a Lexus. How much you want to bet I do not have any problems with this car before 75,000 miles -- not a single one.

    So long Saab! Should the slogan be:

    "Saab, We can only sell to foreigners -- our countrymen know better."
  • GBrianKGBrianK Posts: 211
    Actually heard quite the opposite from my relatives in Uppsala. He considers his Volvo to be a heap (1998 S70, electrical issues out the rear).

    As for me, I have owned two SAABs in the last 4 years and both have been great. I, unfortunately, am leaving the SAAB family as well due to the new family of GM bred products (9-3SS). My friend owns a 9-5 and has never had an issue at all with his Aero.
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