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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • buddhabmanbuddhabman Posts: 252
    oldman - The 17's mounted on the Aero have 225/45/17 tires. I have hit a few 1-2" potholes at speed with no problems. The ride is firm but very comfortable. The car is exceptionally smooth on the highway over expansion joints. The springs and struts absorb any rough stuff. I wouldn't go any lower profile than the 45 if you really crave a comfortable ride. Like I mentioned before Tire Rack has a nice seletion of 225/45/17 tires if you need to replace the tires. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires come in 50 series. You really miss out if you get the smaller rims. the Aero is stunning on 17's. Good luck
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    S80 and 9-5 are on top of my choices. Did a bit research and found 9-5 seems to have a better crash test rating than S80. But, to my surprise, 9-5 does not offer side airbags for rear passengers. Why?
  • oldmanoldman Posts: 35
    Kiiwii, I dunno! For such a stylish and safety-related car brand, it seems strange that Saab would be lacking the bags as an option. I too was surprised, because I would not buy a car anymore without that item for passengers. I emailed Saab and asked whether the 05s would have the bags, and their response was "it has not been decided as yet". So there you have it. I suspect budgetary restrictions prevented them from offering them, or developing them, as yet.
  • I have an '02 Linear 5-speed (black over charcoal leather) I purchased new 2 years ago. As I understand it, the Linear has produced 185 hp since '01, with no factory options for increased power. Perhaps the salesman got the power & torque ratings confused (torque > 205 lbs-ft).

    I absolutely love my car, even after attending an auto show last week/getting some seat time in a few competitive models. Probably the only thing that could lure me out of my 9-5 would be a fire sale on an FX35. I even talked 3 of my friends and co-workers into buying Saabs since I got mine.

    Some items which may wear out earlier than you expect include the brakes (I now need new ones @ 48k miles), headlights & foglights. While the basic 48month/50k warranty covers a lot of wear items, I don't know if this will be the case on your extended warranty.

    Good luck on your decision!
  • Newsabguy1, brakes at 48K is early? Not so. Cruise over to the Land Rover Disco and Jeep Grand Cherokee forums. With those makes, by now you would be installing your third to fourth set of pads. Jeep rotors apparently can't be resurfaced, so you'd be into a lot of big buck rotors too.

    I think if I had an Aero I'd ditch the 17" wheels come December 1 and install a Tire Rack/Tires Direct winter package with 16 inch rims and say Artic Alpins. That would improve the ride on the winter pot holes while giving you better traction. Maybe come Spring I'd put on 50 or 55 aspect tires on the 17" wheels and forget about the 45's in New England. Yes, no?
  • bhrobertsbhroberts Posts: 13
    The 2003 Linear with 24K M/T was sold before I could make up my mind, but another one, a 2001 Linear M/T with 40K is about to arrive and was offered at <$20K. In the meantime I test-drove a 2004 Aero M/T which they offered at $6K below List ($42K - 6K = 36K). I am inclined to offer $8K below List (after reading everyone's comments) and tell them to take it or leave it. I hate coming up with all that cash, but I can do it, and I did love the drive. I kept saying "Oh, baby" every time I pushed the pedal.
  • bhrobertsbhroberts Posts: 13
    Just closed the deal on the new Aero M/T. Got it for $7571 off MSRP. I went to and found a similar vehicle and asked my local dealer to match their Delivered Internet Price, and he did. I'm looking forward to driving this car for many years :)
  • oldmanoldman Posts: 35
    I'd like to hear all about your driving/ownership experience with the 9-5 AERO. I'm currently thinking about the exact same car with M/T. So you got it for about 32k? What was the list? What is the 0-60 time? Nobody seems to have the stats for this car. I especially like the carbon fiber veneer dash option.
  • 03oddity03oddity Posts: 60
    At 30K miles on my 2001 9-5 SE V6 the dealer claimed I needed new front pads AND rotors. I'm not a throttle-and-brake driver by any means and I've never had to replace rotors before on ANY car. Cost me around $400. This is a leased vehicle. What's worse, the rotors they put on were warped and drove me nuts until they replaced them again (their expense this time) at 41K miles.

    Anybody think that's normal? I did not contact Saab Customer Service to ask for reimbursement for the rotors (others have commented on how unhelpful they are) but perhaps I should.

    Pads, understandable I guess. Headlights, not so understandable but at least not too expensive (on the 3rd set now). But rotors??

    P.S. I saw the internal cost sheet, rotors are $108 to the dealer, twice that to the customer.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    Headlights are understandable, too. With DRLs, they're on all the time.
  • bhrobertsbhroberts Posts: 13
    I just took delivery on an Aero with M/T. I can't get comfortable in the soft, bolstered seats. They don't go down low enough either. Will the dealer be able to lower the seats more than I get it to go? Will I be able to switch them out for firmer, manually adjustable seats?
  • bhrobertsbhroberts Posts: 13
    The 0-60 on the 9-5 Aero M/T is 6.7 but I can't remember where I read that. I paid $34.5K for a car that listed for $42 (rounded up). I like it alot except for seats (see above). If I can't get the seating position comfortable for me I may have to put it back on the market and take the hit :( I'm going to the dealer on Monday and see if they can help me. If you go and test drive one and are satisfied with seats and everything else you may be able to get a great deal on my slightly used Steel gray with M/T. Haven't used up the first tank of gas, yet. Let me know. You're in Indiana, I'm in Pittsburgh. Not too far away?
  • oldmanoldman Posts: 35
    That is not out of the question. But I was thinking of the dark blue or the dark coffee colored paint with beige interior. I think the AERO seat upgrades are included in the basic package, no? So far I haven't had the time to get over to my dealer and drive the AERO. Certainly the ARC seems comfortable, but I suspect the AERO seats are different. Let's hope you can resolve the problem and keep the car. I would also say that everyone says the AERO is a fast car. But the 0-60 you mentioned is, not to be critical, pedestrian. Perhaps they seem "fast" in highway passing modes, or just because of most people being familiar with econobox powerplants by comparison. The Volvo S60R purports to be faster, and has 300hp to back it up. But I like Saab 9-5 styling very much.
  • cstowecstowe Posts: 96
    My local SAAB dealer has three 2003 9-5s that did not sell new and he has now moved them over to the "used" lot...they each have about 300 miles on them. All are Linear with the automatic as the only option selected. I was shopping for a used 9-5 and wanted the arc or aero becasue of the horsepower, vent seats, and all the other goodies but this is all they have.

    He is asking 29,000...what do you think board? With 4500 cash incentive on the new ones (which I could option the way I want) I would think he would need to come down much more than that.
  • How about the dealer starts with a real world figure, like the value of a year old car that when new went OTD for 29K?

    IMHO, I've never seen "left over" or "demo" type pricing that would make sense to an Edmunds devotee whose beginning offer should always be at dealer invoice. I think that typically the end of year leftover sales are a suckers game if one is a well prepared buyer.
  • buddhabmanbuddhabman Posts: 252
    Congrats on your new Aero. Sorry you think the seats are too soft. I don't notice that, my seat adjustment are great for me. The memory setting work fine for us. Have you tried adjusting the lower portion tilting it back and up. A question on why you would want the seats lower, maybe you are very tall. I read that 0-60 is 6.7 secs. The 60-120 time is what is impressive.
  • paulr11paulr11 Posts: 9
    After 101k miles with my '99 Saab 9-5 4 cylinder automatic along with thousands of dollars of repairs, endless trips to the shop, total unreliability, incompetent dealers, unhelpful and user hostile Saab customer service I am free at last. I now have a 2004 Toyota Camry. I have had Camry's in the past and the Saab was a major mistake. It was noisy, did not handle well and the reputed performance features were not needed for normal and sane driving. But worst of all the car was NOT reliable and subject to continuous mechanical breakdowns. If I had an enemy who I really detested I would sell him the car at a low price and then gloat. My advice to anyone that will listen; Do Not Buy or Lease A Saab. You will be sorry.
  • bhrobertsbhroberts Posts: 13
    I'm getting used to the seats. They aren't the ventilated ones, btw. There's a lumbar support that I put at it's most extreme position which moved my thighs further over the seat edge. This feels better for me and I'm begining to not think about the seating while I'm driving. I'm finally starting to enjoy my new car. It has a very rich feel to it, but with the manual and 250hp/256tq it's fun to zoom around in, too. Handles great. People make too much about the fwd vs rwd vs awd with respect to handling. I don't notice the torque steer.

    I think 29K is just a bit too much for a 2003 new Linear. I just bought a well optioned 2004 Aero for $34.5K (List - $7500). At $27K the Linear might be okay, though. That's about the price of an Acura TSX. The Linear is surely nicer.

    I passed up a 2003 M/T Linear with 46K miles for $24K. I would have bought it at $22k, I think. Never got to make the offer, though.
  • buddhabmanbuddhabman Posts: 252
    Congrats on your new Camry.

    Nice Car - Booring!! ;-)

    Too bad about your old Saab. I read that the ones prior to 2001 can be a problem. 2003+ are better I hope, so far so good, no problems.

    When I see you on the highway I will try not to blow by you too fast. ;-0
  • paulr11paulr11 Posts: 9
    Thank you for your best wishes with my new Toyota. After my adventures with the Saab "boring" is exactly what I want. No more exciting trips to have it fixed every other week plus the scheduled maintainence checks. No more exciting diagnostic hunts to find out what broke this time. No more exciting feeled to see if the car will start and actually run. Boring reliability is something I can get used to.

    By the way why do most Saab owners usually talk about how fast the car can go to the virtual exclusion of anything else. I could offer some reasons and opinions but I would like to hear what others have to say about this.

    Thanks again for you best wishes.
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