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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • lcp1lcp1 Posts: 14
    In statistics there is a axiom called"the lie of the small number"
    It has to do with drawing firm conclusions based on a statistically insignificant sample.Kind of like branding all cars built by ANY manufacturer as being lemons based on your singular ownership experience.I suggest you reference the slightly larger data bases and
    recommendations made by Consumer Reports,J.D.Powers and Edmunds regarding Saab products.
  • tamitami Posts: 4
    I'm not really into cars. I'm not the type to read Car & Driver magazine or know all the stats about horsepower. But I did a bunch of research before selecting my Saab 9-5 V6 back in 2000 -- I wanted a really safe car that was also a little different from all the other sedans out there. Well, I was in practically a head-on collision a few weeks ago and, after sitting stunned in the puffy softness of the airbag for a few moments, opened up the door and walked out of the car with one small scratch on my knee and a bruise on my foot, knee, and wrist. The police, EMTs, and tow truck driver were all in awe that I could walk away from such a bad accident with so few injuries. I truly believe that the force of the Almighty was with me, AND the superior protection of the Saab saved me. I need a new car now . . . guess what I'm going to buy? Oh by the way, although the hood and engine are destroyed, the inside cabin is still pristine, and if you looked at the remaining 3/4 of the vehicle from the windshield on back, you would not even know it was in an accident.
  • tamitami Posts: 4
    What do y'all think about the 01 and later 9-5s? Why are there so many Linears for sale? And Arcs and Aeros so hard to find? Is there a problem with the Linears?
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions,
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Wow, Tami - glad all you lost was your vehicle. Just curious, the airbag didn't hurt you?
  • wilcowilco Posts: 5
    Hi Tami-

    A used Saab is an excellent value because of their rapid depreciation. I recommend a 2002 or later (I own a 2003 Linear) because of the redesign that year - not many new features but many refinements. There may be fewer Arc's and Aero's on the used car market just because of the lower volumes of those vehicles sold.

    The 4-cyl Linear has plenty of power on the freeway (where the turbo is quick to spool up), but you'll notice a small difference in around town driving compared to your previous SE.

    Google 'saab bulletin' for some message boards that have classifieds.

    Also, FYI, no major redesign until 2007 model year on the 9-5.
  • cwmozartcwmozart Posts: 13
    About (your remarks for) future re-design for the 9-5: Any chance it will retain its great engineering details and distinct Swedishness? What does everyone think? The new little 9-3 has really taken off around here (D.C.), but it seems less and less a real Saab. Ugh.
  • tamitami Posts: 4
    Thanks Pat and Wilco for your comments. Nope, the airbag didn't hurt at all, it was like a fluffy pillow. There was a little white dust on my clothing but no other harm from the airbag.
  • mlebauermlebauer Posts: 1
    Has anyone seen this problem?

    I just got a 2001 9-5. The AC works intermittantly. The problem seems to be connected to the outside temperature shown on the SID information display module. When starting the car, it shows ---, or no reading. At that time the climate control / AC works fine. After a while, the temperature reading goes to -40degF, or sometimes another reading but always less then -20degF. At that point, the AC switches to heat and the discharge to the floor vents. That is normal if the car thinks it's that cold.

    Any idea where the fault may lie? With a temperature sensor? With the SID?
    Thanks for helping
  • chalkpiechalkpie Posts: 21
    I just visited my local Saab dealership today. They have a "new" 2004 9-5 Arc that has roughly 5000 miles on it (was a dealer's car). It is an auto with the premium package. Asking price is $28,004 - original sticker was $37,950. The drop in price almost seems too large - does this seem abnormal? Or maybe they are asking too much for a demo with that amount of miles? Just wanted some input on this, thanks. Hypothetically this would be my first Saab :)
  • tamitami Posts: 4
    seems a bit odd. An '03 at my local dealer with 13,000 miles was marked at 28,750 so you would think that an '04 with so few miles would be substantially more.. check here on edmunds, on kelly blue book ( and for comparable prices. Good luck!
    P.S. Just bought a '01 SE :)
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 284
    Price looks high. Checking TMV and deducting cash available gets you to around $29k brand new.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    Saab has a lot of manufacturer to dealer incentives. I heard there is a $6500 incentive for 9-5 Aero sedan ($7000 for aero wagon) until the end of this month so I expect the Arc has similar incentive.
  • aerodriveraerodriver Posts: 12
    I agree with ponytrekker: the price is, if anything, slightly high. My own experience suggests that's the case. My 9-5 Aero had 6,900 dealer demo miles and I bought it for $27,900 (which I thought was a bargain last September). As it turned out, I bought right around Edmund's TMV price.
  • carrotcarrot Posts: 3
    I got a lemon 2003 93-Linear. It was bought in Sept 2003 and has been to the shop for 15+ times. I am in the process finalizing the refunding deal. I originally wanted to get a new SAAB (the replacement option) but am seriously looking into the repurchase option (with SAAB buying back my lemon car) after reviewing consumer feedback from different websites. I have been trying to find someone who could share simliar experience with. SAAB has been irreponsive to my voice mail. I spoke with the legal dept couple times beginning about 1 month ago. They informed me that my car would be qualified for repurchase or replacement under the lemon law. Could you share with us your "lemon" experience? Did SAAB deduct the mileage from your car (i.e., make you pay for what you have driven) before refunding your money? How long did the whole process take? Did you hire a lawyer? Any advice would be deeply appreciated. Thank you and congrat on your new car!
  • cwmozartcwmozart Posts: 13
    How was your car treated in the 10 months you've had it? What sort of things was it in the shop for? Fair is fair; let us know. What are the details? If this is about burned-out bulbs (common wuss complaint in car chatrooms) then don't bother us.
  • chalkpiechalkpie Posts: 21
    I have a few questions for you Saab experts:

    1) I am looking at a "new" (100 miles on the odometer) leftover 2003 9-5 Aero loaded to the hilt (still has plastic on the seats, etc.) that is selling for $29,900. According to Edmunds, the TMV for this car with the exact options is as follows: the trade-in value is $26,291, the private party value is $28,099, and the dealer retail is $31,309. It is a graphite-green metallic color, which frankly is not all that hot, but may explain why this car never sold. What would be a fair (but very good deal of course) offer to make on this car? The dealer purchased this car from Saab so the warranty went into effect in January, so that must kept in mind. Is it outrageous to offer as low as say $24,500 for this car? I don't feel that is all that low considering the trade-in value is low $26k. What do you think?

    2) Why (does it seem to me, at least) do Saabs have a large depreciation value? It seems to me that the cars value go down pretty quickly.

    Thanks for your help.

  • cwmozartcwmozart Posts: 13
    Saabs depreciate quickly because of their limited appeal to American car buyers, who often go for the lowest common denominator (like the current SUV trend). Saabs are for individualists, who understand what the true value is. They have some design quirks, and are indeed too radical for many mindsets. The front grill shape, the headlamps, the console-mounted ignition, and the fact that Volvo has long held the upper hand in cars of Swedish origin. Let's face it, Americans like quality in their cars and will pay for it, but it can't look that unusual. Saab could have addressed a lot of problems by advertising a lot more in recent years. A BMW is sold because it may announce “I've made it,” but it doesn't say “I'm interesting.” Saabs aren't for sheeple.
  • georgekgeorgek Posts: 50
    Does anyone know when the current 9-5 will be replaced? An eight year old design isvery long in the tooth these days.I've always liked SAABs, but the curent 9-5 is rough and noisy to my ears.
  • chalkpiechalkpie Posts: 21
    Thanks for your answer, Mozart. Any relation, BTW? :)

    It makes sense what you are saying.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    it varies from state to state.
    in conn. i know a man who had the yamaha fjr1300 bought back under the lemon law.(motorcycle)
    i think if they cannot fix a problem after 3 tries you qualify.--in conn.
    but check your state.
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