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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Thanks. I stand corrected. Incidentally, steel brake lines which are available in the after market also dramatically reduce stopping distance. They are highly recommended for the Expedition/Suburban crowd.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    I have always like SAABs although I've never owned one. But I have changed my mind. I've read most of these posts and talked with a few people . (I met a woman this weekend who just after buying a used SAAB 9 5 from a RI dealer, had the DIS need replacing. After much fighting with SAAB, they paid 50%).

    I now think that any SAAB owned out of warranty is a losing proposition. I have two reasons. First, for whatever reason they are just not reliable cars and repairs are expensive. Secondly, they depreciate so quickly, you could find yourself pouring money into a car that is depreciating even faster! Kind of like pushing a rock up a hill. If you say to heck with it, I'll just drive it into the ground, you will wind up with a 10 year old, $2500 car with no reliability and a potentially catastrophic repair bill. Me thinks that if you want to live and drive on the low cost tail of the curve, it has to be American iron. Say what you want about an Exploder, but which has more utility, reliability, and is less likely to hurt you with a $5000 repair bill, a '95 Exploder or a '95 9-3?? Throw on some Michelins, install Brembos (see above post), redo the front end and you are all set out to 150K.
  • aeronautaeronaut Posts: 12
    New 9-5 Aero for 2006image
  • aeronautaeronaut Posts: 12
    Looks great, and will fly with 280 hp.
  • marimmarim Posts: 1
    I am having a similar, apparently baffling, problem. Car dies for no apparent reason. Usually while moving forward when I'm not giving it gas. For instance, turning a corner or approaching a stop. Not necessarily when using the brake. Saab mechanics are baffled because they cannot reproduce the problem. This happens to me about once per day in the past 3 weeks. I am afraid to get it onto the interstate where it may stall when not giving it gas at all times. This car cannot be restarted in Neutral. You must put it in Park to restart it. Saab has indicated that this may be indicative of a throttle housing problem but since they cannot duplicate the problem they cannot recommend. It's a $500 gamble. I also just spent somewhere close to $250 on a crank position sensor in hopes that that was the problem. It wasn't. Car died 10 minutes after picking it up from the mechanic. Doesn't appear to be heat/traffic related. :sick:
  • mickkmickk Posts: 2
    I've got a 2001 9-5 Aero. I've had three sets of tires on it and each one set has cupped noticeably on the inside edge. The car was bought Certified Used from a dealer and had Kumho Ecsta tires on it. Once they got badly cupped,and wanting some all season capability, a tire dealer recommended Toyo Proxses. They were badly cupped after 20,000k. I then put on Avons and they are cupping after 12,000 miles. The cars has had alignments with each new set of tires, and once in between. They are rotated every 5,000 miles and rebalanced every 10,000. Shocks and other suspension components have been checked, and are all OK.

    At one point the dealer told me that tires with large outside tread blocks seemed to have this problem on the rear of the Areo. The Kumhos and teh Toyos were like this, so I tried the Avons. Now they say the only tires they recommend that they know work are Michilins. I've never had great luck with Michilins as far as traction, and they seem very pricey. (about $800 for 4). I seems pecular to me that Saab designed a car that can only use one brand of tire.

    Has anybody else experienced this problem or have any advice.
  • does anyone know if the 06 9-5 freshening will include side curtain airbags front and rear?
  • The Michelin cost exageration diminishes the force of your argument: four Michelins from the Tire Rack or some other mail order company in no way approaches $800. Maybe $630 but not $800. Check out the ads in Road & Track and Car & Driver and enjoy tax free purchasing.
  • Questions about my 2000 SAAB 95 2.3T: I have about 91K on the car right now. I bought the car at 85k. Soon after I bought the car the engine light and the TCS light came on. I replaced the DI and also had a tune up. Lights are still on. It seems like the car is idling rough to me at times and sometimes hard to start. I love this car and don't want to give it up.. The car rides just fine once it starts going... Also, the cars seems to drink alot of antifreeze.... Any feedback on the problems I may have before I take it to the dealer???????

    What a shame they couldnt of just done the tunning. The new rear end looks like an Avalon that matted with a Deville! Could they of made the rear park assist look any more like it came off an Escalade? It was so nice when it was hidden in the black trim piece.
  • 2001 Saab 9-5 randomly won't start. Has a mind of it's own. The dealer has replaced everything including the security system that might have to do with the car not starting.

    Typical scenario: turn key--nothing happens--call Saab Roadside for a tow--car starts as soon as it arrives at the dealer. After all kinds of testing---no clue---

    Problem might happen once a month---not weather related--it's hot in Texas !!
  • I am in the market for a wagon. I am looking at the 9-5 arc and aero.

    I drive mostly highway miles, can anyone tell me a real-world expectation of the 9-5's under these circumstances...

  • I am looking at a 2005 9-5 Arc demo with 5K miles for 28K, including tax, tags and an extra year/24K miles on warranty.

    I am used to driving Acura and Toyotas, and am concerned about costs of maintenance and reliability.

    Also, the dealer said I could get service at GM. Is this true, and how much has it run you?
  • I have a 2000 Aero with a manual trans. Last week on the highway travelling at 110 kph (68 mph) on cruise my gas mileage was 7.15 litres/100km or about 40 m/imp gal which is 33 m/us gal. If you travel at 100kph(61 mph) add a couple mpg.


  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    I think I have similar problem with my 2001 9-5 Aero (I bought it as a CPO vehicle too). The "nearly no thread" Michelin didn't have this problem. I replaced the Michelin with ContiExtreme because I was tired of switching summer and winter tires. I wanted some good all-season tires. The ContiExtreme tires performed well on snow but I got vibration and noise problem.

    DiscountTires did Roadforce on the tires 3 times to fix the vibration problem. They said the directional tires may be too aggressive for a Saab. Now I heard a loud noise and it was likely from the tires. I am not sure if it is the "cupping" problem.

    I posted my situation on the saabnet board. Most people said it's more likely a "cupping" problem. A guy switched from directional to asymmetrical tires and it seemed working for him. He replaced the Avon with Kuhmo Ecsta ASX. Did you have the same Kuhmo tires ?
  • I just heard that Saab has increased the factory rebate on the 9-5 to $6000, in addition to the GM Employee Price. Is this correct? (I can't seem to find this info on
  • I would like to know if this is true also and if it would apply to a 9-5 sport wagon (aero)
  • robl1robl1 Posts: 25
    Its true. Here in CT there are dealing Saab 9-5s with a list price of $39K for $27K
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