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2003 Crown Vic LX Steering Problem

roy32roy32 Posts: 24
Car has been well maintained.
The problem started about 3 1/2 months ago.
The variable power assist doesn't work all the time. We took it to our Ford dealership & they said it was the power steering pump (which they replaced)..after taking it home & a few days later it started again..(the steering becomes very stif at very low speeds but seem pretty good at highway)
They then said it was the steering rack & replaced it as well as a part that sits on the front of the block that the serpintine belt attaches too as they said it was noisy.

A couple of weeks later it started again.
Now they say they're 75% sure it's a sensor & they're waiting for the part.

The car has an extended warranty with a $100. deductable but this is really frustrating.

They also said if the sensor isn't the problem the only things left that it could be are the power steering unit or the steering rack they put in are defective & they would replace them again!!

They looked under the car for an hour & a half for loose wires or corroded conections but found none.

The car has 106,000 km on it & is otherwise in very good condition.

I'm really frustrated & if anyone knows something else it could be, please help.


  • I just started havivg the same problem and I replaced the pump, with the same results. I would apprecate hearing an update after the sensor has been replaced. I really don`t know what to do and I don`t want to keep replacing parts and hope that someday I will hit the right one. Thanks in advance
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