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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion



  • Don't forget about the class action lawsuit for their transmissions and the current issues they have with the torque converter judder for which software updates are there to address what appears to be a design flaw.
  • Also, besides the transmissions issues, don't forget about the annoying VCM system and it's inherent flaws - motor mounts collapsing, vibrations, etc.
  • Hi There!

    I considered buying an Odyssey LX but ended up buying an EX.

    Following are the few thing made me to go for an EX:
    1) On LX, the sliding door opening from inside is not a happy event.
    2) The LX model doesn't have the Center & Floor Consoles, without which it looks very awkward.
  • Bought 2011 Odyssey EX in 2010 late Dec.
    Occasionally, when opening the door and switching off the vehicle after (short or long) drive,
    the waring message: "bATT LOW" "SEE MANUAL" is appearing on the instrument panel.
    The "b" in the message is lower case and the rest upper case.

    I took it to the service and they run a diagnostic test, the battery was OK.

    Is Honda is serving it's customers uncooked food?.
  • Does anybody know if this feature is only factory installed or if a dealer can do it?
  • drivininstyledrivininstyle Posts: 14
    edited February 2011
    Per the Honda website, when you build your own, it says $400 under accessories/ electronic. It also says you need a separate Backup Sensor Attachment. Looks like a dealer add-on, as it says that, prices may vary, and installation cost not included. p.s. I checked my dealer's website, and they charge $415 + $200 for the Backup Sensor Attachment, installed.
  • Brought back my 2011 EX for the second time yesterday because the warning kept coming up even after the test showed the battery was A-o.k. and this time they said Honda sent out a bulletin about a software update. So that's what they did but perhaps they just disabled the sensor like a precious post suggested. How would I know the difference? They were going to change the battery when I had emailed them about the problem not being fixed but they dropped that idea and did the software update instead.
  • Did you ask them what the "software update" entailed? Maybe it just changes the sensitivity of the sensor, or disables it. I'd be curious to know the details. I have the warning a lot, but now I just ignore it.
  • modoxmodox Posts: 2
    For the future - can't seem to find (either in the van, or in the documentation) exactly where the navigation dvd is located in the 2011 Odyssey. Anyone know?
  • Does anyone know if the 2011 Odyssey comes with Brake override technology?
  • I bought a 2011 Odyssey and have had it to the dealer 3 times for the "low batt" signal. The dealership said that Honda has come up with a new charging mechanism that requires the car be run for longer trips to charge the battery fully. So if you only go for 5 or 10 minute drives, this warning will display. I have contacted Honda corporate headquarters to complain and been told that there is nothing they can do until they hear from more owners. The dealership has recharged and replaced my battery, yet the message still exist. I STRONGLY suggest that anyone experiencing this problem call Honda and complain so a fix is created.
  • aokiaoki Posts: 11
    My 2011 Touring with 2500 miles has a couple unusal noises and I was wondering if anyone else has noticed similar sounds. One occurs when the car is parked and comes from inside the center section of the dash and occurs generally when the door is opened from either the inside or outside of the car. It's a vibration/buzzy type of sound and cycles once or sometimes twice and lasts for about 1/2 second. Almost sounds a little rachetty too.

    The other sound seems to come from the engine compartment and has a light "pinging" metallic sound that's similar to the noise made when an engine pings from using low octane gas when premium is required. It does occur most noticeably under acceleration or when under load. Tried premium gas but dfidn't notice a change.

    I plan to have both noises checked at Honda when I take the car in for my first oil change. Take note DIYers, only Honda seems to have the 0W20 oil that the new 2011 engine requires and here in N. CA., it costs over $7 per quart.
  • I have a '10 Pilot with the same engine as your Odyssey. The engine definitely pings and my local Honda store told me it was normal operation.

    High octane gas does nothing for the pinging. It's related to the VCM system which Honda should abandon.
  • Yes, it is called Brake Priority Logic by Honda.

    "A full suite of safety items is standard on every 2011 Honda Odyssey. These include antilock four-wheel disc brakes for more controlled stops, plus traction and antiskid systems for surer grip off the line and in turns. The 2011 Odyssey also includes Honda’s Brake Priority Logic, a brake-override system designed to prevent unintended acceleration by prioritizing stopping power if the brake and accelerator are pressed simultaneously."
  • Great. Thanks so much for the reply
  • Mine went in for a 3rd time yesterday as well. The first time they tested the battery and it was fully charged. The second time they applied some kind of software update which didn't fix the problem. Yesterday they put in a brand new battery and as the technician was driving it around the corner to park it the warning signal came on again. So now they are ordering a new sensor that he tells me sits on the negative terminal of the battery. When that gets replaced I'll let you know if it has fixed the problem once and for all. If not then I will deifnitely be calling headquarters. My dealership told me that Honda is well aware of the problem so it isn't new news for headquarters even though they would like to make you believe that it is.
  • Did they ever get the problem fixed for you or are you still getting the low battery warning?
  • Have the same problem, getting no help from dealer, except to drive it more, how foolish, will never purchase another Honda. I will contact someone about this problem what number did you call. Ca.?
  • I have the same problem!! Thank goodness I am not the only one. I also took my Odyssey to the dealer and they tested it ans said everthing was fine and I am still getting the warning. I will contact Honda headquarters and let them know.
  • srjainsrjain Posts: 14
    I have a 2011 Touring and my question is,
    Does anybody know if u can turn off the generic message /prompt when you press the talk button to give commands? In the first few weeks the prompt was helpfull,now I feel the beep would be enough.I feel like it will save time and can get the commands executed sooner.

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