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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion



  • pricewpricew Posts: 18
    Just wanted to correct your statement that iphone integration of contacts is only possible with NAVI.

    I have EX-L without Navi and all my contacts transfer just fine from iphone. Additionally bluetooth works just fine on EX-L and any trim that has bluetooth.

    Interestingly one can setup IPAD to stream just like the iphone. There is a slight lag between the movie picture on ipad and the sound coming out of the van speakers .

    Bought my van 2 weeks ago in Dallas area
    33K +TTL
    EX-L with wheel locks, all season mats, door edge guards, mud guards, door sill garnish, and window tint for the front two windows as the rest already have privacy glass.

    pricewala at gmail dot com

  • sjampulasjampula Posts: 3
    I recently bought 2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/RES. I noticed vibrations coming from the floor and from driver seat. I can feel the vibrations coming from the seat to my body. This seems to be increasing with speed and road condition. For shorter drives, this does not seems severe, but it adds up in the longer drive resulting in back pain. Previosly I had another min van which was 10 year old and drive was smooth. On the same roads, now I feel lot of vibrations. I took it to the dealer and they said it is not a problem and newer models are all like that and have lot of road feel. Any one else also has the similar problem?
  • ken1000ken1000 Posts: 1
    You are forgetting about the Nissan Quest.It is a sharp minivan and very reliable.
  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    You may like the looks, I don't care for them personally. And I don't see how you can say it's very reliable - there's no reliabilty data due to it being a new design this year. And previous model years of the Nissan Quest are much less reliable than either the Sienna (most reliable) or the Odyssey (next most reliable minivan) according to Consumer Reports.
  • kazmazkazmaz Posts: 13
    I think the Nissan Quest looks great, personal taste. However, I agree in that it has a so-so reliability record.

    I still maintain the Odyssey is unbeatable -- great steering, perfect ride (firm, very European), smooth transmission, and one of the best engines out there with fuel economy to match -- except for the obvious tranny design fault. How can Honda ignore this? Convince us all they've fixed the tranny and we'll gladly buy (I back ordered my 2002 because they were so highly rated and hard to get). From the ton of available information it seems Honda used substandard clutch pad material that just falls apart and clogs the tranny (check out how many civics, accords, and Odysseys had the same problem between 2001-2003, it's uncanny:
    Civic 2001: (ouch!!)
    Accord 2003:
    Odyssey 2002:
    Not so for other models, including the CRV.
    Another explanation is you can't clean the internal filter, unless you drop the pan. But I see other recent models have the same setup. strange.

    Until Honda shows credible evidence explaining tranny failure I won't even consider the Odyssey; a pity cos it's otherwise the best minivan on the market, and seems to have less cheapo interior than the Sienna!
  • kazmazkazmaz Posts: 13
    This is sad: the new Odyssey still has tranny problems! One thing I never understood: why do certain owners go through so many replacement trannys, many of which fail earlier than the first? It sounds as something else is malfunctioning outside the tranny. Could it be computer related. Some say the rebuilt tranny has to be fitted with a new computer module. Such things happen: "sluggish" CRVs were recently revitalized with a computer upgrade (TSB 10-077 issued Nov 2010, better late than never: Owners report this transformed the car, with more than adequate power and no hesitations. Just imagine how much damage could be done to a jerky tranny that isn't properly programed.
  • new13new13 Posts: 5
    I am wondering if anyone has had problems with motion sickness with those new little windows in front of the side view mirrors? I have driven twice the 2011 and find them bothersome...trying to decide if this is something I will get used to or wondering if there are options available to cover them or stick with my older model...

  • sjampulasjampula Posts: 3
    I recently bought 2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L and have also noticed the motion sickness. I am not sure what is causing this. I have noticed more vibrations in the driver seat than in the previous models. I was thinking it may be because of that, but it may be because of those little windows too. It is over 3 weeks now and haven't got fully used to it.
  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    I haven't had any problems with in the close to 5 months I've had it.
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    No problems for me either for the past 4 months
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Damn it, now that you said it I'll be fixated looking at them when checking the side view mirrors :surprise:

  • cito1cito1 Posts: 5
    edited March 2011
    I took mine in just a few days ago for the same thing. Only owned it @ 2 weeks but noticed it occasionally (only when I pull out into traffic and have someone coming the other way). I was told that the Odyssey has electronic acceleration. so if you press the gas and brake at the same time or very close to one another there might be some hesitation. Now, I know better than to drive with two feet and don't 99.9% but in heavy city traffic it comes in handy. And that is when it only happens for me, when I really need to pull out quick and there I am waiting, waiting, waiting... and it goes. So I'm learing to drive with one foot 100% of the time now.
  • cito1cito1 Posts: 5
    Hi, We purchased the EX-L W/Nav for the reason that having the entertainment system is nice but we did not want to have it always there for the kids to constantly ask to put it on. For the $2k premium they charge on that system you can buy 4 IPads (now have 2) and that way the kids can play games or a movie during a trip (with headphones). We would of gladly bought the Touring or Touring Elite for all it's extras if it had the option of not having the entertainment system. I think they are slowly going to go away as a mandatory item for the premium packages and might be a resale hinderance like a old style built in GPS. But the other options actually do add up. I bet the extra wheel base, bigger tires, and 6-sp make a noticeable difference.
  • Thanks for the very helpful reply. This may be the explanation as I always drive using both feet. I will try to refrain and see if that solves the problem.
    Thanks again.
  • martyc3martyc3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 ex 2nd row bucket seats are great. I just got a 2011 exl and after a week we realized the 2nd row seats are not bucket seats but a bench seat with a removable center that also folds down . THERE ARE NOT ANY CENTER ARMRESTS. The seats are not comfortable for adults who are expecting bucket seats for a long trip. If your main use for a van is to carry 4 adults on trips this may not be the best choice. To Odyssey owners looking to update check each seating arrangement before buying.
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    Or buy an LX trim for this reason alone. As far as I can see in the pictures, the LX does come with 2nd row armrests. :)
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 490
    Wow that's a huge step backwards. Everyone I know that owns an Odyssey uses the 2nd row armrests with the jumpseat removed.

    When we travel with the grandparents, they sit in the 2nd row and the kids in the 3rd row.

    Besides the huge price increase, I should say no EXL/NAV/RES, that's a major deal breaker for us.
  • shockerxshockerx Posts: 4
    We couldn't disagree more. The new seats are MUCH more comfortable, especially if you plan to seat three across in the second row. If seating two in the second row, the fold down third seat becomes the arm rests, but it now includes cup holders.

    I suppose in instances where you wanted the two second row seats but the gap between them the lack of arm rests might be a problem, but I'm not sure how often we would ever operate in that configuration.
  • also had problem with batt low light. took to dealer. They gave me a prepared comment(published 3/11/2011) from Honda stating that this is a normal characteristic of the vehicle and that the battery light and sensor are working properly and that it is due to taking multiple short trips. I am not an enginner, but it seems as though they did not match the vehicle demands for electricity with the appropriate battery/sensor system. I am not happy with this vehicle and am unlikely to buy another Honda unless this is remedied.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    edited March 2011
    Did you just realize that a week after being purchased? Would any research and thorough test drive help you next time? It is not a mid-cycle refresh model, it is a new generation one. I hope you have noticed that by now
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