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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion



  • fixmixfixmix Posts: 11
    edited September 2010
    Pricing is just atrocious to say the least - I would rather buy a luxury SUV than purchase the 2011 Odyssey. Honda is no where close to calling itself a luxury yet seems like they want to price themselves like a luxury car. I think Sienna sales might rise if dealers dont sell below invoice.
  • Every business should make a profit, that's what drives the world, however--the car business has one of the worst reputations for pulling dirty tricks and misleading customers with their BS dealer sticker add-on, $400 for paint protection, give me a break--that's a rip-off, $100 for scotch guard, come on a can of this stuff is $3.00 at Walmart...and the list goes on and on.....if you read the post you didn't read where the movie comes close to the real thing, and by the way --those people in the movie were not cartoons, so real people make movies Fake, or fictiious ones? Guess the salesman at the dealerships really are cartoons...CLOWNS to say the least.
  • Dan,

    You statistics are way off, in 2008 new car sales only accounted for a fraction of US Retail sales, no where near what you are saying, read the facts at -->>
  • I just dropped by the dealership and checked out an EX-L and liked what I saw. Van looks better in real life. I wasn't too sure about some of the pics online.Also the headroom is fine. I'm 6'2 195 lbs and without any adjustments to the drivers seat had at least 3 inches to spare. Also I sat in that skinny middle 2nd row seat without any discomfort. We have a 2001 and looking to upgrade. I plan on a test drive tomorrow.
  • kvn1kvn1 Posts: 46
    edited September 2010
    about the armrests for second seat, they should have design two removable/detachable inner armrests in case some one wants to remove the center seat for easy access to 3rd row seat, this should only add $100-200 more.
  • ramssaranramssaran Posts: 36
    edited October 2010
    I test drove a 2011 model today and I liked it. I should say better than 2010 models. Very good interier.
    I was quoted $42100 out the door. Is it a good price for a Touring model?
  • I looked at and test drove both the 2011 Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna in the last two days. There is not an easy choice. I've owned a Toyota Sienna 2006 for the past four years and it has been great. We were in a hail storm this Summer that all but destroyed the car, so we need to get a new one. This past Winter we considered getting the Sienna when it came out but the ugly plastic dash really turned us off. So we decided to wait for the 2011 Odyssey. It came out yesterday, and both of these companies have shot themselves in the foot. The interior of the Odyssey is wonderful. However the exterior is awful. The black exterior makes it look like a Hearse. The white exterior makes the black side view mirror and black spoiler stand out (in a bad way). I'm hoping that the right color will make this car look good. But I'm not holding my breath. Toyota blinked with the cheap plastic dash, and all Honda had to do was come up with a nice looking exterior. They didn't have to change the world; just come up with something we wouldn't be embarrassed for our neighbors to see us in. Then they did this. What were they thinking??? What focus group could have possibly created this thing? It's like they got close to the look of the Mercedes R and then said, "Oh no, we're too close. Let's change it up and call it a 'lightning bolt'. We'll tell everyone we actually like it!" The Mercedes R is a good looking vehicle. It ends at that. But it looks good. The Honda is well engineered, but looks do matter. Companies that make vans seem to be embarrassed that they look like vans. I'm not embarrassed. Do you think we would be driving them if we wanted it to look like a Sedan? You can't put a family in a convertible. Note to Honda and Toyota: Consumers will come around and realize the van is a great invention. Don't change it. You can't stuff a family into a small car and travel comfortably. Update the problem. But don't ruin it. I know that some things take getting used to. But I don't see it happening with the new Odyssey. I am now giving the 2011 Sienna a second look. Maybe I can live with the cheap dash material. At least my neighbors won't be laughing at me for buying the ugliest van on the market.
  • muse3muse3 Posts: 3
    I absolutely agree with the comment on exterior of new Oddyssey. It does look like a hearse....I have been waiting for it for a long but very disappointed/will now look for other options.
  • fixmixfixmix Posts: 11
    edited October 2010
    Bad price -- ask for 10% discount off MSRP - else walk away - buy an ACURA instead below invoice.
  • poryanporyan Posts: 3
    edited October 2010
    My wife and I dropped by the local Honda dealership (Yorba Linda,CA) to look at the new van. Overall, we are impressed and will buy one as soon as its available and they give us a price below MSRP. The salesman stated that they only have 2 in stock and it will be on sale only around Oct 15th

    Yes, head room is less but it feels more like a car. The back(referred to as ugly) has a striking resemblance to the rear of the MDX. I think this just takes getting used to just like when the minivans were first launched. The interior of the Touring feels luxurious and spacious, The 2nd row seats 3 adults comfortably unlike the 2010 model.

    My wife was dead against minivans but was impressed (not easy). I am too.
  • azkid2azkid2 Posts: 47
    Had my oil changed at Honda dealer yesterday. They had a 2010 Odyssey on the showroom floor. When I asked about a 2011 they took me to the back, locked lot where they had a couple dozen 2011s and maybe 50-60 2010s. They told me they were selling 2011s only at MSRP.
    IMHO I would wait to buy until I could buy a 2011 that was actually made after the first of the year to allow them to get any glitches out of the system. I could get used to the styling. I noticed none had roof rack rails and was told that would be extra. The Tourings looked "tall" with larger wheels. I'm anxious to hear gas mileage figures from the 6 speed Tourings (I'll be really pleased if many would actually get the 28 MPG).
  • My wife and I were considering a 2010 EX-L w/RES, and were about to pull the trigger at around $30,500, but we decided that we might as well wait an extra few weeks for the 2011. Yesterday evening, we were finally able to look around inside the 2011, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I understand that many might have been turned off by the "lightning bolt", but I actually kind of like it.

    The interior is improved. No more "bunched up" leather, which we thought only looked tolerable in black (which required buying a Touring). We've got to make room for two car seats, so being able to spread apart second row seats is a big deal for us.

    But, I really, really don't feel like paying MSRP on this, which would be $36,050!

    (Just now, as I'm typing this, I got an email quote for $36,050 for the 2011 EX-L w/RES, and $30,837 for the 2010.)

    I understand that buying the latest and greatest comes at a cost, but $6k extra for a 2011?
  • I was quoted Invoice pice plus $1200. I think considering the fact, it is a brand new redesigned model $1200 above the invoice sounds interesting.

    What do you all think?

    I am sure we could save about 6K on 2010 models.
  • I am considering getting a custom paint job done on the 2011 Odyssey. Here's my thought: Color key the ugly Black plastic thing on the back of the car (is that a spoiler, overhang or what?). For instance, my wife and I like the white the best so far. The black sideview mirrors and the black plastic spoiler thing in the back really throws the design off. It's like the car wants to be streamlined but the black interruptions keep that from happening. I took a picture of the white yesterday at the dealer and I'm going to photoshop some of the black sections white and see what I like. Maybe Honda should have us--the consumers design this next time. The custom paint job wouldn't be that expensive, but it could be the difference between ugly and sleek.
  • I checked out the new Odyssey. Very nice, smooth ride, a lot quieter than the new Sienna.

    I was a bit upset that they removed the EX-L with RES/NAV option, seems kind of dumb for anyone to pay $4k for there non wide-screen RES (aka Touring).

    I was excited that the the second row can accomodate 3 car seats. That excitement quickly faded when I was told that the only way to access the 3rd row in this configuration, or with 2 carseats in the left and right seats was through the trunk. The Sienna slides farther forward so that you may access the 3rd row. The Odyssey will not allow you to go into the third row if a carseat is installed.

    Finally, we were offered $700 over invoice.
  • Very interesting. I was just offered MSRP with no discount (which I promptly refused) in San Diego. Can I ask where you were offered $1200 over invoice?
  • Where are you located? I'd pay $700 over invoice in a heartbeat. I'm not finding much love from dealers in San Diego yet.
  • berriberri Posts: 4,001
    Its encouraging to hear the new Ody is quiet because noise and rattles are my big problem with the older version I own.

    I'm not sure about the looks though, seems to me each gen gets uglier.
  • I just did a test drive of 2011 EXL this afternoon. On highway around 70mph, engine noise + wind noise are still quite noticable than 2011 sienna.
    break is kind of soft when you push hard but very responsive when pressed lightly.
    cornering is confident and excellent
    internal layout and feel is order of magnitude better than sienna
    handling is even better than the 2010 ody which I test drove last weekend.
    I feel there is a blind spot on the rear right end, can see through 3rd row window.

    I guess I will still go with sienna due to the ody trans issue.
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