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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier

L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
Welcome to the continuation of the BMW 3-Series
(Part 4)
topic. Those of you joining us from that
topic are welcome to continue your discussion.

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  • jccsscjccssc Posts: 44
    I don't think the noise is very common on the bimmers. You can check previous posts on how much people are enjoying their bimmers at high speeds. I think my case and dparis' case are just something out of the ordinaries. My experience with their service dept. is very positive - they are anxious to get my problem fixed - a lot of support there. If you are still worried, test drive one on the dealer's lot, take it to the freeway and see if there is any strange noise.
  • mfeldmanmfeldman Posts: 140
    I originally was interested in premium package, but then drove the sport package. I really like the handling ,seats and look of the wheels. But how many miles can I expect from the tires? Irecently looked at a Lexus IS 300 and the sticker had a special "warning" that the tites would get less than 20k miles. I drive 15k-plus per year and don't want to speng 1k on tites each year. Is it reasonablle to expect 35-40k from these tires?
  • dparis1dparis1 Posts: 45
    My new BMW 330I has arrived. Will be picking it up next tuesday.

    The sales manager asked me about the alarm. Do I want to set it up with visual and sound or just visual.
    Any comments on this?
  • larryintnlarryintn Posts: 103
    Visual and sound.

    Also, you do NOT want the alarm to disarm when the driver's door is unlocked with a key. Only with the remote and with the key in the ignition.
  • dparis1dparis1 Posts: 45
    Why is that?
    Remote and key in ignition?
  • larryintnlarryintn Posts: 103
    If the key in the door will disarm the alarm then a theif can disarm the alarm by picking the door lock.
  • dparis1dparis1 Posts: 45
    The dealer said the BMW door lock cannot be picked. (I knew he would say that).
    Even with the door open the car will not start without the proper key. Unless you are Nicholas Cage looking to steal a 330i

    Thanks for the help

    Next Tuesday. Counting down the hours!
  • larryintnlarryintn Posts: 103
    The door lock can be broken. It happened to a guy from NYC several months ago and the alarm didn't go off. He posted an account of the incident at so you might try searching the archives for it.
  • larryintnlarryintn Posts: 103
    - I don't know which kit works with the Timeport. Check with Motorola. The BMW kit, as I understand it, requires a special StarTAC with BMW-specific software.

    - The BMW kit would come from a BMW dealer. I put in the Morotola kit and bought it though someone on eBay who appears to be a dealer.

    - I'm documenting my installation at The site is still a work in progress as I'll be adding more pictures and text descriptions over the next few days and weeks.

    - Yes, it works well. The caller can tell they're on a speaker phone but it's not a problem. The BMW's speaker is pretty good.
  • dparis1dparis1 Posts: 45
    Thanks for the APR information.
    I have just received a loan from my new bank-
    First Financial Credit Union at 6.5%

    BMW is offering 7.99%
    Receiving the car on TUESDAY!
  • larryintnlarryintn Posts: 103
    There won't be any damage as the car's engine will adjust to the lower octane. You will lose a noticeable amount of power and your fuel economy will decrease.

    One person ran a couple of tanks of 87 and measured the change in MPG and found that it's actually cheaper to run 93, assuming a 20¢/gal cost difference, as the lower cost of regular is more than offset by the reduced efficency.
  • dparis1dparis1 Posts: 45
    I am picking up my new 330i next week.
    A new c320 was in the movie parking lot and was a sight to see. I never test drove the car.
    Does anyone have any opinions on the new C320?
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #16:

    dparis, for what it's worth, I posted my first impressions of the new C Class last week. You can read it here:


  • We picked up our 330Ci on August 22 and it now has approximately 1500 miles on it. It's jetblack
    with sand leather, premium package, sport package,
    xenons, Harman-Kardon system and in-dash CD. Also
    has the steptronic transmission. So far we have
    been very pleased with the overall performance of the car. It is extremely powerful, handles beautifully and is drop-dead gorgeous, the kind of
    car that gets admiring looks and comments very, very often. Black cars are hard to keep clean and
    this one is no exception, but it's worth it because of how good it looks when it's all shined up. If you are looking for a sports coupe in the
    upper 30's, low 40's range look no further. This one listed for $41,710, and while the sales price
    was only slightly less than that, I am confident that when it comes to resale time it will prove to
    be a winner in that category as well. It's just an amazing car.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    from an article in Nov automobile mag

    "on the highway the new 333-bhp M3 coupe has to work quite hard to pull away from the 225-bhp 330ci".
  • dmosesdmoses Posts: 2
    Ordered a 325i on September 26th, orient blue, gray leather, premium package, fog lights, steptronic trans, cd, and garage door opener. MSRP was 35,100 got it for 34,000. This is my first BMW and I can't wait for arrival. Does anyone know when it might arrive?
  • larryintnlarryintn Posts: 103
    That depends on what production date your dealer had available and where you are located.
  • dmosesdmoses Posts: 2
    any ideas on when it may arrive?
  • Any input on the driving performance of the 325xi.
    How is the handling and acceleration?
  • Hello everyone! I've been reading the posts with interest.

    dparis1: In response to post #16; I test drove the Benz C320 a couple of weeks ago. Rollie was not too impressed, however, I was. MB's body style has been too conservative previously for my taste. With the redesign this year of the C class, they are doing better with the sport look and I became interested. The 320 has a lot of power, 215hp. It handled very well, hugged the road. The salesman allowed me to stomp the brakes when coming off the highway at about 60mph. The car stopped QUICK and straight as an arrow! The interior is very well thought out, the instrumentation nicely placed.

    I test drove the 330i recently for a comparison before I ordered the 320, just to make sure. It is a hard decision for me. Personally, I like the 320 better. It is pricy, but has numerous features, more than the 330i. Actually, the price with options on both cars are very equal. The main difference I've found is the MB is luxury/sport. The BMW is sport/luxury.

    I would like to know if anyone else has compared the 2 models and what your thoughts are. Hope to hear from you soon.

    P.S. Rollie, you might want to take a drive of the C320, it might change your mind!! :-)
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