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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • denkdenk Posts: 75
    My steptronic doesn't start out in second. Is this only on the 330 and not the 325?
    Also, could you clarify your second paragraph. If its supposed to start out in second, why would it be shifting out of first?
  • hgeyerhgeyer Posts: 188
    The way I understand it, the adaptive automatic transmission adjusts the shifting for your driving style. If you are driving aggressively, it ups the shift points accordingly.

    I drive a 2002 330i and can't speak to the 325. I took my car back when I perceived the same issue last summer (I actually thought the noise was the aux. fan, didn't initially correlate it to the quicker starts).
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    May 2003 issue of Automobile has some good photographs and purported details on the upcoming E90 Series. See page 26. Reportedly...

    Keeps front struts and Z-link rear axle. Mentions a V8 M3 (about 4.5L). Says that instead of SMG, may use the twin-clutch unit similar to Audi. Claims, "insiders predict a turbo-charged six for the 3- and 4-series (powering the 300-hp 330/430ti)". Also says will have longer wheelbase (though it won't be significantly longer overall), more headroom & legroom. Plus active steering, adjustable dampers & anti-roll bars, and a self-leveling air-sprung rear suspension as options. New electro-hydraulic disc brakes and electronic parking brake.
  • mschukarmschukar Posts: 351
    Plus active steering

    My steering is already pretty active when I drive ;-)
  • pab5pab5 Posts: 20
    Has anyone have any experience with any after market cell phone holders. I don't want to ruin my dash and all the after markets I have seen are asembled on the dash.
  • gtom71gtom71 Posts: 17
    Can someone provide a recommendation for the Washington DC area in MD if possible? I'm getting close to buying a used 2002 BMW and wanted a good/reputable mechanic to do the final inspection. Any help is immensely appreciated. Thanks.
  • fomentarfomentar Posts: 46

    I have the CCM cell phone holder (sold in Verizon stores as accessory). It plugs into lighter, has cradle for phone, is the speaker for hands free and has mike wire, which I clip to my shirt. It also charges phone while in cradle. It is functional with minimal intrusion on dash controls (I have Motorola V60 phone)...aesthetic cell phone holder = oxymoron...
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    There are rubber floor mats available for the 325. I have some. They are great for water, but they don't take long to show signs of wear.

    You should be able to go to Cutter or Pacific BMW's web sites and get the mats easily.

  • memphis10memphis10 Posts: 161
    I have located a 330i MY 2002 that is brand new. It has metallic paint, moonroof, auto and heated seats as options. I don't know how to price it, need help. Secondly, I am wondering why the dealer still has it. It is not a demo car, has not been driven. He says that it didn't move because it doesn't have many options. Is there a possibility that it has been damaged and then repaired. How do I ensure that this has not happened. Can you compare this car with a 2003 325i 5 speed manual with SP which was my first choice. THANKS
  • I bought by rubber floor mats from Griot's. Made in UK by Cannon. Cost about $80, shipping included.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Memphis, by law, they cannot sell it as new if it has been involved in an accident. What is the mileage?

    The explanation of it not having a lot of options is feasible. From what you said, it sounds like it has parts of the premium package and cold weather package.

    Check the invoice on the car, see what it has (CWP, Sport Package (SP), and/or PP).

    Most people on here will opt for the sport package for the seats alone. But most importantly, does it have the features you want? Can you add the features you want? If the car has been there a while, they make a deal and install some additional stuff to get you into it and off their lot.

    Check the BMW website, Edmunds, or to see what options are available for the 330i. I know it comes with more standard than the 325.

  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    - I'm not a morning person. Somehow, getting up at 5 AM to go to driving school seems easy, though – it gives me a sense of accomplishment, the confidence of a man on a mission at dawn ;o)
    - I woke up to 14-degree temp and an inch of snow sitting on my car. Luckily, by the time I got close to the track, the snow was mostly gone, the temp was close to 32 degrees, and the sun was shining.
    - Showing up in a lowly 325 can be a little intimidating at first, esp. as you get closer to the track and start catching up in traffic with cars that have almost twice the horsepower.
    - It's great to see some guys that I met at last year’s CCA events. Interestingly, a couple of them mentioned that they were planning on getting an M3 but the economy soured their plans.
    - The setting at Lime Rock is absolutely spectacular - it’s all green hills and serenity. NHIS looks industrial by comparison. Lime Rock is the first true road coarse that I will be driving and I am excited about it.
    - Classroom sessions are OK but didn’t learn much racing stuff this time – it was mostly stories and history?!? There’s no substitute for Ian Prout (the instructor I had at NHIS last year).
    - Off to the first run. I am glad the instructor did 3 laps to show me the racing line. No two turns are the same. We switch seats and in a brief second, I am at turn one. I felt comfortable with the car but not with the track during the first few laps - I am still looking for the right braking points (usually brake too late), get on the throttle too early, and overall drive too aggressive for my skillset. Not keeping my head up doesn’t help either. However, relative to other people in the group, I must be doing all right- I passed a few cars and no-one ever got on my tail.
    - Run 2 – now that they’d built their confidence from run 1, more drivers were into a racing mode. We were all bunched up at the start – I was the 6-th or 7-th car in the bunch. It took a few laps to clear the traffic and in the process, I passed an M coupe, a WRX, an E36 328, two other 3-series, and I was on an E46 328’s tail. I don’t know or care why but once at speed, my 325i could at a minimum keep up with an E36 328, E46 328, 330, and the WRX going into the straightway with the same speed. These weren’t Sunday drivers – I know some of the guys and the 330i owner always places first or second at the autoX. Anyhow, we both got very aggressive and started making mistakes. After a couple of laps, my instructor asked me to go into the pit lane for a little chat. His feedback was very fair and to the point but in the process, we wasted too much track time and I only got one more lap out of this run.
    - ½ hr later it started snowing and everything put on hold until the weather cleared up. The weather didn’t look promising and after an hour, some people packed up and left.
    - The weather cleared up and since some people had left for the day, the organizers rolled up two groups and two runs into one so we’d catch up with the schedule. At least the last run for the day was longer than the morning ones. The track was extremely slippery. I’ve driven NHIS in much wetter conditions and it didn’t seem nearly as slick. On top of that, my instructor had left for the day and I had a different instructor (same name, different guy :o) ). He wanted me to drive very slow and just practice the rain line, which is basically one car width over to the right or left of the regular racing line so you can avoid the real slippery stuff and get more traction. I learned quite a bit that way but it wasn’t nearly as much fun as driving on a dry track at almost twice the speed.
    - I think I could do this every day for a few months before I start getting tired of it :o)
  • memphis10memphis10 Posts: 161
    Mileage is - 145 (one hundred and forty five)
    Dealer says that the car has never been titled to anyone. But he says it has been sold to the delership on Jan 31, 2003. It means that the 50K warranty is still valid but I will lose 4 months of warranty. Same for the scheduled maintenance.

    Options - 0205 - Automatic Transmission, 0403 - power glass moonroof, 0494 Heated front seats. Silver titanium metallic paint. No CWP, SP or PP.

    I am fine with the options. I am making the trade off between a loaded 325i vs this 330i. The sale price on both are very close. The reason it is difficult to price is because it's 02 and brand new. I don't know how to depreciate the car with 0 miles.

    Besides, I am very skeptical about why this car has not been sold yet and I am trying to guard against being cheated. Any suggestions would help. I have the VIN # but I don't think Carfax would help in this scenario.
  • leenelsonmdleenelsonmd Posts: 208
    Took the M3 to Austin this weekend.

    Averaged about 89mph on the way up there.
    MPG: 23.2

    Averaged about 93mph on the way back
    MPG: 24.0

    (There was a tail wind coming back)

    Overall, I was happy to get this kind of mileage at that speed in an M3.
    Just went over 10k miles on it (just over 5 months old)

    Went to Lowe's home improvement today and bought a 12 foot Live Oak tree. I hung it out of the back of the car and drove home--I thought it was pretty cool to use a 3 series to haul a 12 foot tree around town. I took some pics just for the heck of it.

    Anyone else used the bimmer to haul some stuff?

    brave1: great post. I almost forgot to mention it -- until kdshapiro reminded me below. -- You are lucky to get a CCA course at Lime Rock.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    brave1heart - nice post. Thanks for sharing.
  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    How long of a trip is it to Austin? That's an incredible average speed - you must be cruising in triple-digits most of the time to maintain the average. Sweet!

    I haven't used my 325i to haul stuff mostly because it doesn't have folding rear seat but my wife's A4 does and I used her car instead. I was able to fit a 6 1/2-ft Christmas tree INSIDE the car last December. There were a couple of monsta SUV guys that were trying to tie theirs on the roof?! I guess they didn't want to get the interior dirty. I showed up, picked it, paid, folded the seat, put the tarp over, shoved the tree in and left all within 5 minutes. SUV guys were still there working the rope. That said, I have no idea how you can possibly take home a tree TWICE that length?!? Must have been quite a sight. Maybe it explains why your average was higher on the way back - the tree acted as a spoiler giving you extra downforce!
  • I should clarify that with consistent non-aggressive driving style, the transmission starts out shifting from first, then settles into a pattern of shifting from second. In city traffic, this seems to be inefficient. I have driven a 325 and the transmission always begins in first no matter what the style of driving is.
  • joes230joes230 Posts: 94
    A 330i 5-speed will feel vastly faster than a 325xi auto (more weight, more driveline losses, plus auto tranny). A 325i 5-speed isn't too bad. I own a 330i 5-speed and when I get a 325i auto loaner car, it just feels very sluggish.

    Especially if the 325i is an auto, do anything possible to get the 330i. If the 325i is a 5-speed, it's less clear: it is cheaper, and with the manual tranny, not too slow.
  • mrl11777mrl11777 Posts: 154
    If one has spent $6k for 41 more horses then that person, by definition, will always say that the 330 is far and above faster, quicker, wicked, hoohah, etc, etc than the 325. It is known as buyer's remorse.

    My $.02
  • rfredarfreda Posts: 15
    mrl11777 - that is BS. Drive both back to back, there is a marked difference. I drove a 330 first and was set on getting one. When I looked at the price difference my rational side took over and was ready to get a 325. Priced one out and took it for a test drive, then decided the amount of savings wasn't worth it if I wasn't ecstatic about the purchase. I wasn't.

    Settled on a very low mileage 328. A little less power than the 330, but a lot more low end grunt than the 325. It's all about the tourque available for everyday driving.
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