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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • ksomanksoman Posts: 590
    am not sure if the 04 sedans are coming out with the bi xenons, but if they do, i'd believe the sedan front will be identical to the convertible... largely because the height of the bixenons is lesser than the lights it replaced and hence the front of the car was slightly lowered... just the front of the hood (bonnet.. hahahaha), or maybe its the other way around, the lights are not as tall as last year cuz they planned to lower the hood's front by 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch...

    as for the grill, the 04 convertible has a chrome surrounded grill

  • scipio1scipio1 Posts: 142
    How many smurfs do you think they have to kill for each Laguna Seca Blue M3?

  • ksomanksoman Posts: 590
    i just saw what looked like a brand new 320i... but right now i'm in toronto...
  • scipio1scipio1 Posts: 142
    did it look like a production model or a prototype?
  • scipio1scipio1 Posts: 142
    I take it back. They're listed on the website. Guess the Canucknuckleheads get a 2.0 liter 3-series we don't...

    (calm down, I'm from Calgary originally!)

  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    Who are all these people? Been keeping up with the board but too busy to contribute. Hope everyone is doing well.
  • Found this site when I was researching the 2004 rim changes.
  • rqcrqc Posts: 95
    >All 3 Series Models
    > 6-Speed SMG Transmission will be available on all rear-wheel-drive 3 Series, combined with the Sport Package. Not available with all-wheel-drive or 330i Performance Package
    >If you opt for xenon's you'll get the adaptive bi-xenons.

    Can anyone confirm this? The BMW website seems to indicate the adaptives are only on the coupe/convertible so far, not the sedan. And nothing about the SMG for the sedan.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Had someone at my house to do some work. I noticed his car, he noticed my BMW and then we started talking cars. His family had a '92 BMW that went the distance to 300,000 miles before falling apart. He said he did virtually nothing except scheduled maintance to this vehicle. He then added, that it was the best car he ever owned.

    In addition, I recently saw a 524td in very good condition. What a cool looking car that was.
  • white6white6 Posts: 588
    Someone posted this over on bimmerfest; it was copied from a news item in Owners Circle. I jumped over and read it (couple of weeks ago) but now it's gone???!!! At any rate, this info actually came off of the website.
  • rqcrqc Posts: 95
    Maybe the site doesn't show the options for the sedan because the 04 sedan specs aren't up there yet. Maybe when the 04 sedan is there, we'll see those configurations. It would be quite interesting to see if the really offer SMG.
  • Wife and I were looking at an A4 for the replacement of her 99 Accord. After some time, she decided to also look at the 325i. We have decided on Silver Gray Metallic but not sure on Gray Leather or Black Leather/Leatherette. Which color interior is better suited to that exterior color? She likes the gray interior but she says she is tired of the gray interior because I have it on my 02 530i. I have heard that the wood trim in the Premium Package sort of "disappears" in the black interior. Is this true?
  • scipio1scipio1 Posts: 142
    I have the Titanium Silver with a black interior on my convertible. For general appearance I like the black much better than the grey leather. The black tends to overshadow the wood trim a bit (mine is the dark grey brushed "titan shadow" titanium trim, and it is almost invisible against the black dashboard and doors.

    I used to swear by the wood finish (I had it on both a Sand Leather and Cinnamon Leather interior), but lately the titanium/alunimum silver trims have been growing quite a bit on me. I think they look quite spiffy with a black interior if you're willing to order the different trim from BMW (on a side note, I've seen a both a 330ci cab and M3 cab in black with red seats and the silver trim, and I absolutely LOVED it).

    I've heard that the grey leather is harder to keep clean than the black leather. I don't know if it's true, but I do seem to need to clean my sand more often than the black to keep it looking immaculate.

    I strongly considered a grey interior for my car, but mostly becuse I worried the black would be too hot in the convertible. So far, the color has been fine, although it's mostly garaged and I don't leave it baking out in the sun in, say, Thousand Oaks or Camarillo.

    For the coupe or the sadan I would have leaned stringly towards black for aesthetics. In my opinion the black interior on a silver car lends the car a slightly more elegant, immaculate look.
  • sunilbsunilb Posts: 407
    I've seen these in a M3 in my neighborhood, but on the BMW site... it doesn't offer these in either the 330i or 330ci.

    Does anyone know if these are available (ie, via special order or ED)? They look incredibly sweet!
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    I've heard that the grey leather is harder to keep clean than the black leather. I don't know if it's true, but I do seem to need to clean my sand more often than the black to keep it looking immaculate.

    I'd suggest against gray leather (I have it). Go for black. We have AC so the heat isn't really an issue. ;)
  • sunilb: i know for MY2001, the red leather seats were an option. i've seen it on a 330Ci (Titanium Silver with Red interior)

    scipio1: well its not blazin hot here in NYC but hey, it does have its hotter than normal moments.

    blueguydotcom: how many miles do you have on yours? how is the silver gray workin out?
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    I have put 2200 miles on it in 5 weeks. Oops. Too damn much fun. But so much fun I have a feeling I will own the car for a long time. God I hope it stays together. I sincerely love every second in it.

    Though I'm killing my pocketbook with my 21 mpg driving style!
  • scipio1scipio1 Posts: 142
    You have a good place to park it. :)

    I spent the first half of my career in New York. Living on the West Side, it never ceased to amaze me: all those nice cars street-parked, all of them with nasty dings up an down the sides. Ouch.

    I tell my wife that every one in a while, I kind of miss the steamroom days in Manhattan where it's so hot and humid it just soaks you from head to toe (she thinks I'm crazy)... one of my best memories was taking an afternoon walk with my date and her sister through SoHo to Washington Sq Park in just that sort of heat. . Of course, I also remember climbing down into the subway at Canal and feeling like the humidity in the tunnel just sits on you like a big fat panting dog.

    Is the car going to live in the city, or in CT/NJ? I still say go with black int.
  • bavarianbavarian Posts: 63
    A big HOWDY and long time no-see!
    I have just returned from my dealership, having placed an order for a new car to replace my leased
    325i which I have been driving with a big grin since Oct 2000.

    Here is his replacement;

    2004 325Ci
    5 speed
    Sports Package
    Gray Green
    Xenon Adaptive Headlights
    Sand leather
    Wood trim
    Cold Weather package (Chicago in winter)
    Harman Kardon

    MSRP as configured 39,245
    My price 35,425 as I am picking it up in Munich September 15 before driving to Berlin which will be my base for daily excoursions. I will still have my current car to take the sting off the wait for the car to be shipped back to Indiana.

    Thanks to all who have written about ED over the past 3 years, including Postoak,Sievwright and Shipo and to Div2, Shipo and my main man Brave1heart (among others) for banging the manual gearbox drum loud enough to wake up the neighbors.

    I optioned the car pretty heavily as I am buying it with long term ownership in mind and once it's paid off- BMW is giving me 2.9% financing for 60 months (Yikes!)-it will leave me free to get a 2nd BMW used for even more fun (Z3M coupe??)

    Also, when I hear talk of the next 3 design being bigger and more new 5 series like, I think I'd like to have a current offering before "flame surfacing" and headlight "eyebrows" creep into the mix.

    Thanks to Dale Dabrowiak (and Chris Egan) at Basney BMW in South Bend Indiana for being real professionals and good guys over my past three years experience. I had no hesitation in giving them more business.

    My total expenses in the past three years on this fabulous car were $550 for a new set of Bridgestones before I hand it back.

    The car itself has cost me ZERO in maintenance.

    Roll on September!!

  • fredmcmurrayfredmcmurray Posts: 215
    BGDC - At that rate, you're going to have to park it in your garage for the last 18 months of your lease. :)
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