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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • alpine325ialpine325i Posts: 209
    I was at a Chevy dealer the other day and I met a guy from Bavaria. When he saw me get out of my 325i he says:"now thats a fine automobile". I said thanks, I just bought this 5 months ago. Then he says: "see all these cars? these are just "cars", but a BMW is a fine automobile, you can't even compare the two". I thought that was great. :o)
  • you posted a link featuring 2002 3-series pics and said to note the SMG option.

    What is SMG? I apologize if this is something really obvious.

    I'd have to agree they do look less aggressive than the '01s. Don't think the changes are enough to make me reconsider possibly buying one.
  • hippo168hippo168 Posts: 115
    I don't post much on this board, but I truely enjoy reading all the good info from the good people.

    What I don't understand is, why would people post nonsense like aculex does? I guess they just can't realize we have a large number of intelligent people who know so much about BMW's, and we will not buy the "GMW" crap...

    Can we put a ban on this guy?
  • platypusplatypus Posts: 192
    I will offer my high-level understanding of SMG - perhaps the more mechanically inclined members can explain the technical details. In essence, SMG is a true manual transmission, but without a clutch pedal. (Not all all to be confused with steptronic.) Gears are shifted via paddles on the steering wheel - one to upshift, and one to downshift. You can see the paddles just behind the wheel in the photo - they're silver in color. The clutch is controlled electronically.

    I believe the only cars currently offered to the US market with SMG are certain model Ferraris. The racing enthusiasts can correct me if I'm wrong - but it's my understanding that F1 race cars use SMG transmissions. Rumored pricing for this option on the M3 is ~$4K.
  • shap1shap1 Posts: 77
    I guess I have sort of the opposite situation of most others here. I make lots of short trips in stop and go suburban traffic (i.e. to and from work, kids' carpool). Never get much above 45 MPH (YET!!!). Should I take the car on the expressway from time to time at higher speeds during break-in?

    FYI, have the car (325i) one week, 200 miles so far.
  • denrightdenright Posts: 285
    As a prudent car owner, I make it a habit to extend the factory warranties on my cars as long as possible. Paying a few hundred dollars to entend a warranty is essentially an insurance policy, and it gives me a lot of peace of mind. It also makes me MUCH more likely to run into the dealership as soon as I detect any problem, rather than wait while a problem potentially gets worse.

    I intend to extend the factory warranty on my ordered 330xi as long as possible -- hopefully for the entire time I own the car. Quite simply, such an extension is a great hedge against the unforeseen, and it makes me much less fearful about the alleged reliability problems spouted by Aculex and the like.
  • trejos28trejos28 Posts: 93
    I find your posts so informative (and descriptive when it comes to your cars and the driving experience) that with a month still to go before my car arrives, I don't think I'll be able to make it!
  • denrightdenright Posts: 285
    Please provide me with the name, phone number and location of the dealership you reference above. I would love to call the service manager there and inquire as to your conversation.
  • aaron330iaaron330i Posts: 136
    Uugh. Was hoping for tomorrow. Was so much wanting it before the holiday.
  • denrightdenright Posts: 285
    You claimed to have just called the place. What, don't you have the information handy?
  • ah..
    I hadn't noticed the paddles in the pic.


    Speaking of these transmissions is there any thread in the townhall that discusses them in detail? Just been curious about how they work.

    Do they only operate manually? Is the only diffence that the paddles replace both the clutch and shifter action with one electric signal?

    I take it Steptronic and Acura's SportShift are based on auto. tran. torque converters...
  • denrightdenright Posts: 285
    Interesting how you becoming highly insulting and rude so quickly. Your behavior raises all sorts of questions. However, I will forego any ad hominem attacks and simply address the substance of this matter.

    That bmwlemon site is incredibly disorganized. I honestly don't know which testimonial I was supposed to reference for the purposes of determining exactly what dealership you purportedly called.

    I simply asked if you could assist a fellow car shopper in finding information by providing me with the name and phone number of the dealership that you purportedly called. I am at a loss as to why, exactly, you are unable and/or unwilling to provide me with this information.

    I will endeavor to locate this information without your assistance. Once I have done so, I will take appropriate steps.
  • denrightdenright Posts: 285
    Stop removing Aculex' posts, you're making me look like a lunatic talking to himself.
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    What MY do you have? 2001? 2000? 1999? I wonder if this was a subtle change that they made between MY's or something. My dealer said he sold another vehicle with SP and no PP, and his did not work either....Which leads me to my second question...

    I wonder if the button to adjust the mirrors has to be in a certain position for it to work? (I am purely guessing at this point)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    ... "don't feed the trolls".

    It generally works out pretty well. Just a thought.

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    was a piece of cake!!!! Took all of about 15 minutes to install. Cut out the plastic trim piece with an exacto knife and joila! So glad I did not pay the dealer to install! Thanks to all of y'all that posted your comments on the install process / requirements, etc.

    next project - armrest...anyone have experience with installing this jewel? I printed the instructions from Circle, but I would like to hear first hand? Pain-in-the-a*@ ? Piece of cake?
  • denrightdenright Posts: 285
    Well, at least you have some sense of humor. However, I think our fellow board-readers might have a different opinion than yours regarding who, exactly, is the lunatic here.

    Incidentally, why not just admit that you made up the story about calling the dealership? I have the name here now... why not spare me the trouble of calling over there and stirring up a pot of trouble?
  • platypusplatypus Posts: 192
    I know that it only works when the mirror position switch is on one side (can't remember if left or right)
  • denrightdenright Posts: 285
    Oh, the humanity.
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