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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • gurumikegurumike Posts: 442
    I have sport seats and armrest and I have absolutely no ergonomic clash with it. I seems perfectly located and at just the right height. My '97 M3 had no armrest (it became standard in 98) and after my '96 328iS which had the armrest, I decided to spend the $300 odd it cost to get it in there. I think the leather armrest only costs about $40 more than leatherette and would be the best option if you have a grey leather interior. I have anthracite interior with black armrest which looks clearly darker (it's black !) than the cloth. It looks great. I think it would work either way.

    As for installation, I'd see if your local dealers parts dept can sell you the armrest at the same price as some of the internet specials some dealers offer. Buy it and then (or a week before to allow for booked up days) call the service dept and ask how much $$$ they want to install it. Unless you're 100% certain you can do it yourself and have experience in this job, it's worth spending "too much money" to have it done right. Just my opinion.
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    I received the August Motor Trend today and they had a 3-car comparison they called "Speed Wars." The cars were the M3, Corvette Z06 and the Boxster S. Didn't read the whole article yet (very long), but I took a quick look at the stats. It's very interesting, but not surprising, that the Z06 won all of the numbers games - acceleration, braking, slalom (the M3 tied the 'vette here), skidpad and road course. At the end they asked all of the testers which car they would buy, and it was unanimous - the M3! Chief editor Van Tune says, "It's the best all around performance car on the market."

    A while back one poster that was writing a school paper wanted to know why we buy BMW's over the other cars. It's just the whole wonderful package!
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    allono, no problem with the advise on the air conditioning. It certainly could have made sense to turn the temp all the way down to 59. After all, in a normal climate system, I wouldn't set the temp dial in the middle if I wanted the coldest air. Although I'm sure gurumike is right when he says "set it and forged-abowd-it".

    That said - if I'm in an elevator with the guru and the cable breaks and he says it won't do any good to jump just before it hits the bottom - I'm still jumpin'.
  • carpevinocarpevino Posts: 24
    Looking for a rear seat cover. Any suggestions for websites offering bmw accessories.
  • fajoza45fajoza45 Posts: 3
    i've gotten mixed opinions on the 318ti, can everyone that is on, tell me what they think about the vehicle, personal experiences with the car would be greatly appriciated..
    please respond guys..
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    I have not had many local Dallas dealers willing to match prices on or parts

  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Some folks believe the ti isn't a true BMW. They are fools. I special ordered a 1995 Club Sport and have put nearly 60,000 miles on it. Non scheduled maintenance has consisted of a SRS light reset and replacement of the fuel senders and alarm module under warranty. The car sees a fair amount of track time and is well maintained but not babied. IMHO, it is one of the most entertaining BMWs you can own short of an M3.
  • daswolfdaswolf Posts: 43
    Ordered an Orient Blue 325i with Step, PP, Xenon, in-dash CD, and Cold Weather Package on 6/15. checked BMWUSA Owner's Circle and there is now a VIN for the car. Is there any way I can confirm that it is built in Germany not S. Africa? I live in Massachusetts. Are there any issues with S. Africa build cars?

    I promised myself when I ordered the car that I wouldn't check on it at Owner's Circle for a month and that I wouldn't read this forum more than once a week. Of course I've done both everyday. At least I've only called the dealer once.
  • jnscheongjnscheong Posts: 66
    VIN decoding info can be found here

    Don't know of any issue with South Africa built cars other than the slightly longer wait.

    Don't beat yourself up. You are not the only one going crazy during the wait. :-)


  • gurumikegurumike Posts: 442
    Is yours dealer in Peabody, MA? If so and yours is the one with sand leatherette, I can confirm that it is being built, as we speak, in Germany. Well, it's may be in production or about to be. It's in 150 status today so it should be a finished car this time next week. If that's not it, tell me interior color and who's your dealer (daddy?).
  • daswolfdaswolf Posts: 43
    yes, BMW of Peabody and sand leatherette!

    As a grown man, I'm a little embarassed to be this excited over finding out that a car is about to be in production.
  • gurumikegurumike Posts: 442
    ... to finally respond to denrights request that you admit the entire story to be a lie. Good effort with the slur of a second paragraph as some effort to take the focus away from the first (which is no doubt a total fabrication).

    I was actually about to go to to look for this quote. But then I just pictured this wood boy with a 3 foot nose and decided it wasn't worth wasting the time. Sad really as it might be true.
  • frank69mfrank69m Posts: 63
    Why don'tyou post us a URL to autoweek in regards to this article?

    BTW...Autoweek magazine sucks big ones. I'm sure GM will help BMW built a better car.

    M3 Frank

    Ignore my message and you are a jerk :-)
  • gurumikegurumike Posts: 442
    There's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's more exciting than you even know right now! You should have it in about a month or so.
  • andyr4andyr4 Posts: 3
    Yesterday I read about someone installing chrome exhaust pipes on their new 3 series and I would like to do the same on mine. Where can I find the pipes? I feel fairly confident that I can do the installation myself. Thanks.
  • gurumikegurumike Posts: 442
    Just call your local parts dept. That item would usually be in stock. And yes, they are quite easy to install.
  • alpine325ialpine325i Posts: 209
    I think you could cash in by writing sci-fi novels. (I forgot, the sign says: Please do not feed the trolls, especially after midnight, you know, kinda like those mogwai in the "Gremlins" movie).
  • add123add123 Posts: 28
    I have had my 330i for about a week and a half and I must say that it is an exceptional vehicle. This is my first BMW. It includes the SP, PP, Auto and Leather. When accelarating it seems to have a slight delay. I am not sure if it is the pedal or what? It is even more noticeable when in sport mode. Does anyone know if this is normal?

    Reference the post on the passenger side mirror tilting down while in reverse, I believe it is a standard feature on 330 models. Also, the mirror adjuster must be pushed to the left for it to work.

  • alpine325ialpine325i Posts: 209
    Sorry for such a late post. After reading your post about the 2004 vette, I'm keeping my car at this time. If I decide to sell the 325i later on I would like to get a 330i with SP, Step, Xenons, CD, and Leather. I was walking around my dealers lot earlier tonight and saw some nice 330's with the sport package and leather. Man, I was jonesin' bigtime. I can't afford to buy one, but I can lease one! :o)
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