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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • joer325xijoer325xi Posts: 10
    Thanks. It's been 112 since the first week of July. It temporarily went back to 105 for a day or two, then back to 112. Maybe BMW is saying this car will be produced as 2001 with a production no later than week 35 (Aug 31).
  • burrsrburrsr Posts: 255
    I second all of Brave's advice regarding "smart" (and thus safe and inexpensive) speeding. I have not gotten any speeding tickets in the last 5 years (knock on wood), and I have no detector, just good judgement in following some of Brave's rules.

    However, prior to that, I did have a detector, which I believe was indirectly responsible for the two tickets I did receive within a 6-month period. Both were not excessive (71 in a 55, 76 in a 65, I believe). In both cases, all the detector did was tell me EXACTLY WHEN I got nailed. Interestingly, both were LIDAR guns.

    The moral of the story is that detectors may lead to a false sense of invincibility and a numbing of the senses one needs to effectively be a more aware (and safer) driver.
  • aaron330iaaron330i Posts: 136
    I speed on the wide open roads all the time and I always have my Valentine turned on.

    My theory is that a false sense of security is better than perpetual paranoia and anxiety! :)
  • jk26jk26 Posts: 27
    I would like to see a higher speed limit. Here in Minnesota the legal limit is 70 but wouldn't mind seeing 80! That said, I believe before we have a higher limit we need to have stricter licensing. I couldn't tell you the number of patients that I have seen(mainly elderly) that scared me half to death when they told me they drove to the office! I can't begin to count the number of old people that I have treated that can't look over their shoulder to check a blind spot. I think that given "driving is a privelage, not a right" we need to start taking away some elderly licenses before upping the speed limit. Until then, everyone will have to take their BMW to Montana for a $5 emission ticket nomatter what the speed! Sad to say, about 2 months ago a 71 year old man pulled out in front of a father and his son just outside the cities here on a divided rural highway, daytime, clear flat road, and the father son were both killed by the 71 yr old.
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    Took the plunge and installed the leather armrest yesterday. The process went very you had predicted. We did not have to remove the shiftknob, or any buttons, or the e-brake plastic thingy....we were able to keep everything in-tact...Perhaps b/c I have the Step?

    To anyone else thinking about installing the armrest....I was semi-leary to dive in and dismantle the entire mid-section of my new 35K auto, just so I could have a place to rest my arm while driving....However, the entire process took less than an hour, and was pretty straight forward. I am guessing I saved $200+- by doing the install myself, and buying the part online.

    Thanks again drcr for the install tips! project are the clears!
  • dantlodantlo Posts: 106
    To everyone who has sticky gas pedal. Take your car to the dealer and then call BMWNA customer service for them to instruct them what to do. My 2001 325i step was fixed as of last Friday. It was quite hot on Saturday and it felt fine. In fact the car feels even better than when it was new back in January.

    They change the entire gas pedal assembly supposedly containing some new parts inside.I think the problem is gone forever.

    Thanks for everyone who had posted their inputs on this subject! Special Thanks to carpevino!

  • genie1genie1 Posts: 398
    Any suggestions? She is a black coupé.

    Just spent an hour reading the last weeks posts as I spent all last week driving up and down the Lakeshore with the sun roof open... all work related trips of course ;)

    With the Molson Indy in town this weekend the Rice Boys were out in force. I love the way this car looks...I noticed that people who would usually cut me off in their SUVs actually backed off...very nice. People don't cut in front of this car either...Several people actually "changed their minds" about changing lanes...I could get used to this.

    I find her a bit slow to take off from an intersection...don't know if I'm just a light foot...she is only a 1.8l baby anyway...But once she gets going...WOW...she has pulled me out of a couple of tight spots...

    After hauling boxes and equipment all week long, she needs to be restored to her pristine self again...She deserves it.
  • reubencahnreubencahn Posts: 102
    I highly recommend the Valentine. Had I ever exceeded the posted speed limit (which I haven't) mine would have saved me on many occasions. It also often acts as an early warning for accidents since the state troopers here sit at accident sites with their radar blasting. It does not substitute for common sense or caution, but it does give a little additional information and piece of mind.
  • genie1genie1 Posts: 398
    They are very popular right now and have come down in price drastically over the last couple of years...

    Are you planning on taking any pictures of people? I've found that fleshtones are still way off...which is why I am sticking to film for the next few years until the technology improves. Digital is convenient and ideal for product and landscape shots but the results for any portraits leave a lot to be deisred. JMHO, but I am picky about things like that.
  • kabadsvkabadsv Posts: 11
    I am trying to decide whether I should buy a 2001 325i or wait for the 2002 model. I was told that even if I place an order for a 2001 model now, the earliest delivery possible is Oct-2001.
    Does anyone have a clue as to when the 2002's will begin to roll out in the U.S.? I live in the Cleveland area.
    Are there any web-sites where one can find information on the 2002 325i?
    Is there a significant difference between the two models. Please let me know. Thanks.
  • uafly1uafly1 Posts: 25
    After several months of reading your posts, my new bright red 325Ci, has arrived. Unfortunly, at this time I don't think that I can take delivery. My current car is a 99 Volvo C70, and I after my unsuccessful attempts I am unable to get rid it with out taking about $6k hit. The car was certified by Volvo,and yet they missed suspected frame damage. So now I am fighting with my dealer trying to get compensation, while my 325 patienly waits, I have about to decide. I might just junk the volvo and order another 325Ci, I had a hard time trying to find a red one. I just might wait and order a 2002, any suggestions?
  • mfeldmanmfeldman Posts: 140
    When are you new owners planning on diong the first oil change? 15k seems like a long time. And do you think Mobil 1 is as good as the bmw oil?
  • dparis1dparis1 Posts: 45
    Has anyone had their windows tinted in the baltimore area.
    My dealer said they do not offer that option.
  • If anyone is curious about the aux fan, you can look up info about it via the DOT (Dep't of Transportation) website. The recall is limited to a couple of months of production.

    Anyone have trouble with a fan kicking on occasionally during acceleration (and draining gas mileage)?

    I noticed the post about the center armrest. We bought one but can't figure out installation without messing with the emergency brake. Also, the instructions mentioned some tool, like a v nut--how do you get one/do you even need one?

    Lady(proud owner of 2001 Audi TT coupe quattro and 2001 325xi sedan)bugnova, to answer the who is john galt question.
  • roc50mgroc50mg Posts: 102
    check out for some helpful info about digital cameras. Personally, I'm waiting until data storage becomes cheaper before buying a digital camera.
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    Ms Bugnova: (kinda catchy)

    I did have to "mess with the emergency brake" (e-brake). At the base of the e-brake, you can loosen it, and the leathery piece will 'lift up' or 'pop out'. This will allow you to move it around and slide it through the replacement console piece. Then the e-brake leathery thing pops back into place at the base....I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you need additional info. Definitely makes more sense when you are looking at it.

    Other random notes from my install:
    I think my install MAY have been a bit different b/c I have the Step. (?) The Step shifter has a little "clicker" thing below the knob? That
    would have made removing the knob a little trickier I think. Anyway, the entire plasticy base piece (holding the window switches, hazard, etc) "popped out" all in tact. We did have to disconnect the hazard so we could lift up the base high enough to slide the new armrest piece in, but that was about it.

    Everything pretty much "pops" in/out (ashtray, cupholders, change wheel, etc). The toughest part was "lining up" the two main bolts that secure the armrest to the e-brake and the front of the console. However, once those two bolts were in, it was clear sailing.

    I found the instructions that came with the armrest really were fairly straight-forward....As for the additional tool required.....Don't have it, never heard of it / didn't need it!
  • Thanks very much for your post on the center armrest. I will forward your post to Mr. Ladybugnova (man, he would hate that--I protest loudly on his behalf :)) and see if we need more help.

    Lady(uselss on car repairs)bugnova
  • eugeug Posts: 46
    Awhile back, you mentioned getting V-kool window tint. Have you tried it out yet? I am considering it and would like to know your impressions. How much, how dark, installation problems, etc. Thanks.
  • erricksonerrickson Posts: 130
    Very informative post on the Audi board about the lease vs buy issue. Not trying to start that debate again (as it has been beatin' like a red-headed step-child) but you made som compelling arguments for both sides. I know a few people over here mentioned the tax benefits of leasing....As for us, we purchased for the same reasons you listed (good credit=5.9%, you own something at the end of the term, and you don't have to "hold your breath' when you get a ding or exceed the mileage cap)
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