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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    The car in the Sedan Brochure is definetly NOT Orient Blue. Orient is about as dark of a blue as you could get without it being black. I believe it is Steel Blue. As of March build dates, Topaz Blue is a "standard" color choice for the sedan. It is the color of the Coupe on the first five or six pages of the coupe brochure. If you would like to see pics of a previously custom ordered sedan in this color, send me an email at
  • We are getting ready to order a new 3 series. Last BMW was a 1992 325i 5 speed. We want a ix because we live in mid west. If we go with 330xi any comments regarding going with 5 speed as auto. Loved the 5 speed in our 1992 but many talk about tiring of the shifting. I've had SUB's currently a Lexus RX300. Have gotten spoiled with the auto but this SUB isn't a BMW. How have others felt about going with auto in the 330xi. I have been unable to drive 330xi because no dealer has them in stock. Have also considered a 325xi 5 speed but know that we don't want 225xi with auto. I know that it would lack the power we want. Anyone have a comment on 330xi auto or 5 speed as 325xi 5speed. Would appreciate any comments re: 5 speed as auto.
  • It has been six days since I had my 325i and it still amazes me that I have it. Wow, I'm still trying to get use to the torgue.
    Is it impossiable to install a key ignition (I am not certain of the actual name) on a 5spd. I know that most vehicles that have them are automatic but, I have never placed any of my other 5spd cars in gear?
    Would it be safe to have someone other that an authorized BMW dealership to install it?
  • I'm planning on buying a 330i. I'm curious to hear from anyone who has had experience with the European delivery program. Can't wait to hear!
  • Mitch,
    I have both brochures for '01 3 series Sedan and Coupe. Kominsky is right, the Sedan color on first few pages is Steel Blue Metallic Code 372. The Orient Blue, Code 317, is very dark blue and to me didnt look good in the sun.

    The Coupe brochure first few pages is a 330I painted Topaz Blue Metallic Code 364. This blue is very nice looking in my opinion, in the sun, appears to be lighter shade then Orient and with more metallic and clear. Its very eye catching, along the line of the blue the Lexus IS300 uses, but not as light as the Lexus color. The Orient Blue to me is too dark to be interesting, might as well get black - either color will be fun to keep clean..
    Good luck with your choice..
  • My dealer told me that he had gotten some complaints initially about the cd player skipping - have any of you felt that way? I think the In dash CD player looks very sleek compared to the standard cassette player. Just wanna make sure...
    Also, if you had a choice would you get Fold down seats or On board computer? Some of you might think that this is a dumb question and I am thinking ahead from the resale perspective.
    Thanks a lot in advance
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    Are you talking about a remote starting system? All newer manual tranmission vehicles have a switch which prevents them from being started without the clutch being pushed in. This switch could probably be bypassed, but I highly doubt you'll find someone who would do it for you. I know I wouldn't want to get sued when your car went through the living-room wall. :-)
  • dantlodantlo Posts: 106
    I have fold down seats and on-board cpt on my previous 325is 2dr and my wife's current 528i. We hardly use the fold-down seats but the on board cpt we use all the time,very useful especially when you are low on gas!!

    I just bought our 4th BMW 2001 325i 4dr sport pkg.
  • I ordered and took delivery on my 323 Sedan in June. I ordered it with fold down seats because I thought the trunk was small and we might need more room on our trips between our homes in the North and Arizona. So far we have never used them. I also have the computer. Get the computer!
  • This board has been very helpful so far - Thanks !! - I have one more question ...
    The way I have my options set up right now and how the pricing is working out, it boils down to this .....
    I can get Premium package by paying approx $500 more than I am currently. The options I have right now are wood, sunroof, armrest and on-board computer. As you can see, the only thing missing from the PP is Power seats. Should I just go ahead and spend the $$$ now? I think it would be better from a resale perspective. What do you think?
    Thank you again
  • dantlodantlo Posts: 106
    Jay103, just go with the Premium pkg. I have sport pkg on my 325i. But everytime after I drove our 528, I kind of like to have the power seat because my wife and I switch off cars sometimes. If you are the only driver for your car,it is ok. But with all the little otions you are getting, I would just get the Premium pkg.
  • hellihelli Posts: 8
    I have the 330i witht PP, Jet Black. and the same wheels you have. I would not reccommend using any spray on hose off cleaners. I believe there is a clear coat on the wheels and the spray on hose off cleaner is caustic and will ruin the clear coat. The cleaner will rapidly cause the clear coat to peel off. That surely would look worse than just leaving them dirty all the time!
    I have found when cleaning the wheels a dust pan brush works pretty good but not the best. I did find that wearing a pair of soft suede work or gardening gloves works good. Just put them on and dunk your hands in your warm soapy water and you can use your fingers to get in between all the spokes. It sounds like a lot of work but it goes pretty fast. I use a fresh pail of very warm (almost hot) water and more soap than I would use if I were washing the rest of the vehicle.
    Another method I thought of would be to get a brush similar to a shaving creme brush and cutting the bristles down a little to make them stiffer.
    Happy motoring!
  • FWIW, I think you should get the prem. pkg. as dantlo suggests. That would take care of everything you have listed, as well as adding in the power seats and auto-dimming rearview mirror. Also the car would come WITH the armrest already installed--so you wouldn't worry about the service dept. maybe screwing something up.

    I bet that 3-4 years down the road you'll start seeing in NADA and KBB deductions for a 325i without a prem. pkg., if resale factors in at all.

    Enjoy your new car though, you will love it!!

  • the cost of the prem pkg is now $2170, all the better

  • Premium pkg $2170 ? Was that a typo? I thought the MSRP on PP was $2700 and invoice was $2300. Am I mistaken? Plz clarify ! Thanks
  • Has anyone done the European Delivery Program? Or know anyone who has? How did it go?

  • I live in Portland and the dealer is telling me for a 325ix that it's $2600 over invoice. Can anyone tell me if this is good or not. He also mentioned that the PP is coming down from $3500 to $2700. Any pricing info or lease deals would be helpful. Like anyone else I would hate to overpay.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    I have not personally done it, but am considering it for a fall delivery on a 2002 540i. Many friends have gone the Euro route - I live in DC and it's a more common practice than in other areas of the country. There is also an even more heavily discounted "diplomatic" delivery program (Makes me want to get my wife to take a part time job with the State Department!).

    From everyone I know who has gone Euro, it's worked out well. Have a dealer explain the steps - I'd likely forget something. You do have to pay in advance of getting your car, and you need to have the patience to order the car, pick it up 8+/- weeks later and then have it take 45+/- days to be shipped back.

    Also, I had always been under the impression that Euro prices are non-negotiable. Not so. Check out for prices and discount info. I don't know anyone who has used this particular buyer's service, so I can't endorse. However, it did equip me with the info to negotiate a $2,000 discount off the Euro "list" price for a 540i 6-speed from a dealer looking to increase thier sales. I'm probably going to wait for the 2002 model, but have been promised a similar discount when I order.

    Good luck.
  • hellihelli Posts: 8
    Has anybody installed electronic options themselves? Is there a place where you can purchase these components to do it yourself? As you know the vehicle is pre-wired for a lot of stuff. I am a new first time BMW owner and have a lot to learn about them. I am impressed with the information that is shared in this forum. For those who you remember my posts from last week, I seem to have my problems resolved. Hopefully.
    Thanks in advance for you help.
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