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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • I am living in Union city and wonder if anyone bought their 325i at around $1,800 over invoice in the bay area. I would appreciated if you would post the dealer's name and location.
    Thanks in advance!
  • Ooops!

    You are right, the premium lists for $2700 and the invoice for it is $2295.
    I apologize for the wrong info there!

    I still would strongly recommend getting the prem pkg though.

    If you have any questions or want clarification with what you're getting from another dealer, feel free to e-mail me, my e-mails in my profile.

    Otherwise, Good Luck with the new car!!!

  • Does anyone have any nubers for the 2001 330i to lease, with prem pack, cold pack, sport pack, hk stereo and xenons and automatic?
  • Hi,

    I am planning to be first time owner of bimmer.
    I was checking on edmunds and they had both invoice and MSRP prices for all the options. Does that mean option pricess are also negotiable. For example they PP with invoice price 2940 vs 3500 MSRP (ie before March Production).

    I would appreciate any clarification on this.


  • Hello, everyone, I would appreciate your help regarding the reduced prices of
    Premimium Package and Cold Package after March production:

    1. On the 325i/330i sedan, I heard that the invoice price of PP is now $2295(MSRP $2700).
    But how about the 325Ci coupe price? Currently the PP of 325ci coupe is $1785(MSRP $2100), what is the reduced price of PP for the 325ci coupe?

    2. My dealer told me that the HK radio(invoice $575, MSRP $675) is NOT a standard equipment on the 325i/325ci series, but will be a standard equipment on the 330i/330Ci series? Is this correct?

    3. As regarding the insurane of sedan vs coupe, is there a big difference in insurance premium?

    4. How is the leatherette vs leather? I can have either one, but not sure what's the big difference, or how much care you have to give to the leather(I am always short on time:-)

    5. I have a six-month old son, I do not know if I purchase the coupe, will that be a real pain to put him in the back seat and out? What is your experience?

    Thank you very much for your help! Very much appreciated.

  • hzhaohzhao Posts: 28
    To: neomatrix,

    The first two question you have, the answer is correct. There is no change on PP for coupe and HK audio become standard for 330i/xi/ci only.

    As far as insurance, in general, coupe will cost more than sedan, but it will have lots to do with you area and past record and age group etc.

    I prefer leather. It is far easier to care and last longer.

    If you have a six month boy, get sedan. Especial when he gets two years old, you are going to kick yourself without having other two doors :-) I have been there and done that.

    Good luck with your car shopping.
  • Howard, thank you SO MUCH for your help. Very much appreciated!!!

    I will be visiting the dealership this afternoon to get my 325i. Wish me luck:-)

  • ahuiahui Posts: 15
    I have read some owners have trouble with fitting baby seats in the back. Do any of you have any comments? Does the sport wagon have more space?
  • mschukarmschukar Posts: 351
    I don't think the wagon has more rear seat room than the sedan. I have heard complaints about the low door opening on the sedan (slopes down towards the rear of the car) which probably isn't the case on the wagon. Check it out at the dealer.

    I did verify that the sedan has a new child seat attaching system (called LATCH or ISO-Fix) which is two metal latches near the junction of the seat bottom and back. A compatible child seat would have two hooks to secure to these latches.

  • Help! I'm in the market for a new car and I'm thinking of purchasing a BMW 3-series over the Volvo S60 (I've been a Volvo owner for several years). I've never owned a BMW because I have always been told that they cost a lot of money to maintain. Can anyone tell me if this is a myth or reality? The more I drive the BMW, the more I want to own one. But first, I need some cold hard facts, other than what the dealer is telling me. Thanks for your feedback.
    Cindy :)
  • Welcome to the forum !! Im a new owner of an '01 325I Sedan, and from what Ive learned from alot more experienced and knowledgeable people here, the car is probably no less reliable than any of the top engineered Bavarian cars out there today. The warranty is 3 years/36k and they will pick up everything including oil changes, etc... I cant remember reading alot of negative things about the different year vehicles included here, but I can remember reading a long time ago they had a problem with the coating inside the cylinder bores and replaced those engines with new. There are probably not alot of manufacturers out there that would go that that length to take care of things like that, most would probably hope the customers would just "live with it" or something... You have been driving a very nice car in the Volvo, and the new ones are just really great looking. However, as you probably already know, there is nothing that rides and handles like the BMW in any year/series... I too, looked at alot of different cars for about a year, and drove all of them and when I finally got to the BMW, it exceeded my expectations. I recently took this car on a 4k round trip through 4 states and back and it was the best trip I have ever had in a car, in every respect, mileage, steering feedback, ride, handling, fun things to play with, sound system, overall comfort of the seats, and of course, power to pass, play, etc... : - ) Good luck in your search !!
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    When I was comparing cars I called all the service departments to get accurate figures, what I recall is the Volvo had the highest ! cost of maintence of all the cars, IE BMW, Lexus, MB etc... this was 1.5 years ago so I don't now if that has changed, also BMW along with other's offer full maintence included now. So it may be cheaper than your current vehicle. Also my insurance is cheap on a 323I due to the safety features.

    Happy hunting
  • The warrantee is 4yr/50,000mi. The 3yr/36,000mi is just for the full maintanance which pays for the scheduled maintanance.
  • I've ordered a 2001 330xi with the Sport Package and a friend of mine told me that it comes with a much stiffer suspension, so I'll feel every pothole on the road. Is this the case??
  • hzhaohzhao Posts: 28
    To jhdevoy:

    330xi does not have "Sport suspension" due to its all wheel drive configuration. The "Sport Package" for AWD is different from the one for the 330i sedan, mainly without the "Sport suspension". That's why the AWD "Sport Package" is $900 vs. 330i "Sport Package" is $1,200. you will not feel any difference in driving feel with or without AWD "Sport Package". The only thing you get is 3-spoke steering wheel, sport seat, different rims (with all season tires) and areo body kit (with different shape fog lights).
  • yibinyibin Posts: 3
    I just picked up my 2001 325i last month and it's absolutely a beauty. However, I am little concerned with one "minor annoyance" - the car idles rough. I have the automatic transmission and whenever I come to a full stop with transmission still on "D", I can feel the engine is not running at a constant speed and I can actually tell from the speedometer on dashboard. Sometimes it's more obvious and sometimes it's less obvious, but it's always there.

    Two weeks ago, I took my car to the dealership and have it checked. The service receipt says "no fault was found and the car is running OK now". I don't know what they did but the car was indeed OK, at least for several days. The problem has come back now.

    Should I be concerned with this? What are the possible reasons for my car to do that? I would like to take the car back to the dealership again, but before I do that I want to get educated on this board first.

    You help and advice are highly appreciated.
  • I don't own a BMW but I have an Infiniti Q45 that is doing the smae thing your car is doing. You said that the problem went away for a few days..let me ask you, did you fill up your gas tank after leaving your dealership..and when the gas level went down in the tank you started having the same problem..I know it may sound a little strange but I had this problem with my car for 2 months mechanic gave up on determining the cause..we replaced the brake booster..we thought that it was related to vaccum leak somewhere..did a total tune up including changing a fuel filter and it did not rpm fluctuate like crazy sometimes when the car comes to a stop that it almost cuts off and in indeed it does cut off sometimes..but never the gas tank is full or at least 2 thirds full..strange..isn't? my theory is my fuel pump works better when there that extra help from gravity..i.e full gas tank..anyhow, check and see if you can hear noise coming from the under the rear seat where the fuel pump might be..this noise can be heard more when in park and the car is running..good luck..I thought my experience might give you a clue..
  • Hi!

    I have a 1985 318I with 100,000 miles. The car looks great. 99% of the time it runs great. 1% of the time, without warning, it does an Elvis - it shakes - rocks and rolls. Sudden and rapid losses of power.

    This severely effects my appreciation of it's otherwise fine driving qualities and appearance.

    Mechanics are mystified. It just spent 2 months at a BMW dealership, and of course it acted fine for them.

    Does anybody have a clue?

    Help me please!
  • Hello, I am in the process of purchasing my first BMW. It's a 2001 325i sedan, metallic paint, premium pack, automatic, fog lights, in dash cd player, leather interior...I live in Northern California. The quoted price is $34,495 on a 36 month/12k miles per year lease. $2400 down and payments of $607 per month. What do you all think???
  • hzhaohzhao Posts: 28
    To: ringni:

    Currently, BMWFS is offering 0.0027 money fact on the lease of 3 series. The residual for 3 serieas is about 62% of MSRP for 36/12K. Base on that you should calculate out the rough figure.
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