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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • rtorrecartorreca Posts: 74
    I'm in Northeast and I have the exact same config for $34,353. I paid 199 for "document fee." It's a good price but I believe you can probably negotiate it down to 34K flat.
  • jun2817jun2817 Posts: 1
    I want to add window films for my ES 2001 and ask you guys some advices for what is best and also the price.
    I want a very dark black one and dealer can install a film?
    Thanks in advance.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Your dealer cannot be right.

    Any dealer can take a special order and place it in the system. Perhaps your dealer does not want to do it and is telling you this. But they most certainly can. In fact, special orders are not even done at the dealer level. I know beacuse my car was a special order. They originate at the regional zone office. The dealer simply sends the paperwork, but the regional zone office does all the work.

    Also, there are more than just two cars (leather and loaded) that are being built. On my dealer's lot there are many variations. Some cars have TRAC, some do not. Some have HID lights, some do not. Some have the rear shade, some do not. And the ones that have some of these options are not all loaded.

    Your dealer clearly just wants people to buy what he has on the lot or coming in, simple as that.
  • tiger8tiger8 Posts: 120
    Thanks for the note. You're absolutely right! I phoned another dealer and he said he could and would order the car with whatever options I wanted. The first guy obviously just wanted to sell what came in.

    I assume you have an ES300; how do you like it? Positives, negatives?

    Thanks again.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 283
    don't take it to the dealer for window film. dealers don't really do the film. they hire outside companies to do it and charge you $$ extra. only get it from the dealer if it's part of the closing deal.

    before you install yours, make sure the film darkness is within the legal limit. i was pulled over once by a cop just to check the window tint. he got a meater thing to clip on the window to check the darkness.
  • burlorburlor Posts: 1
    Hi, I purchase a certified 99 lexus and I am having problems with wind noise. Has anyone else had problems like this? The dealer has tried to fix it 3 times and has finally told me that they can't. Any suggestions on what I can do? Please help!
    Oh, how about the 00 Lexus, do they have the same problem?
  • tiger8tiger8 Posts: 120
    As I recall you had some problems ordering your ES300 from a Chicago dealer. From your experience, which dealers would you recommend, and which would you recommend avoiding?
  • ramzakramzak Posts: 9
    I live in Northwest as well, I located several dealers in California via internet, since California is where any broker would go to find a Lexus, on the west coast. They came back with 3 differing packages, I could buy from CA. and ship up to my front door. By the way, these were the same three packages available from the local dealer. I believe these packages are regional. I negotiated a price with the local dealer, similar to what a California dealer would charge minus shipping. The ES300 with every option except chrome wheels was $36,832. I feel confident that I wasn't taken too badly. The next Pkg available included Premium pkg (PM), Sun shade (HN), Cargo net (GN), High Intensity Headlights (HL), Heated Seats (HH), Skid Control (VV), Wood Steering Wheel (WU), Trunk Mats (LM), Wheel Locks (WL). The ES300 with the least options included the Premium Pkg (PM, Cargo Net (GN), Trunk Mats (LM, Wheel Locks (WL).
  • p_g_00p_g_00 Posts: 34
    What's the quote for the "next pkg"? the one in the middle.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    There has been some speculation about how the California version of the ES300 impacts the gas mileage. Some folks from California on this board report similar gas mileage to mine - max about 26 mpg on the freeway and 18 in town.

    Those who are happy with their gas mileage seem not to have purchased their cars in California.

    Of course, your state may require just as stringent an emissions package.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    What were they for the package you received a quote on?
  • ac2001ac2001 Posts: 3
    Hi All, I found this board extremely valuable.

    I understand that there are two known issues with 2002 model among some owners : 1). transmission problem 2). not enough acceleration. I guess they are not showstoppers, so I am now decided to get a Black Onyx ES300 with Premium Package.

    There are only three dealerships in Seattle area, which makes price negotiation hard. I want to pay a fair price, meaning that I will pay the average of other buyers' selling price. Since every car comes in slightly different options, I'd like to negotiate from the invoice price.

    Is $2500 over invoice a resonable price in Seattle area for a (premium package + HID and etc)?

    If I can't get a decent deal, what are the steps involved in ordering from a different state and have the car shipped to my door? Overall, is it worth the trouble/saving? Thanks!
  • bungobungo Posts: 6
    Have followed this board with great interest whilst making up my mind on ES and a few others. Thoroughly enjoy posts by the regulars, now moving closer to my final decision (research and criteria spreadsheets now leading to analysis paralysis). Have test-driven almost all 32k-40k cars and loved the es ride.

    While the 02 ES is not usually compared in same class as Acura RL, recent 'desperate' lease deals from the RL camp result in pretty much the same offer from both, fully loaded. I recall from earlier postings where 'autos3' said he/she owns both rl and new es, am very interested to hear some of your comparative views on these two, should cost be identical.

    Bear in mind I am definitely leasing (several reasons), so not too concerned about RV/MV after 39 months. Have driven both, was a little disappointed with RL (was a used 02) as supposed to be in lux category, have no experience with either dealership network. Happy with both shapes after ES started growing on me. Coming off a V8 Jeep GC lease so appreciate the ride on both es/rl. Wife got her 02 Odyssey recently but I too need enough space to get baby & stroller etc. in and out. Btw 3rd is RX300 and 4th is 2000 LS400. HELP!
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    What about the TL? Did you consider or drive it?
  • ramzakramzak Posts: 9
    To p_g_OO : if my memory serves me correctly, the middle pkg was approx. $34,732, the lowest pkg was priced at $31,632. The hight option pkg, which I ordered was $39,965,MSRP, I negotiated at $36,832.
    To atoews: I believe California, Oregon, and Washington have same emission standards.
    To ac2001: I came in at $1994 over invoice. Hope you can do better, let me know. I haven't got the car yet.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Yes, I did have a problem with a Chicago-area dealer: Lexus of Highland Park (my family has bought several cars there over the years).

    The owner had promised me a discount. When it came time to put that discount in writing he said he never offered a discount. He blatently lied to me. Fearing this might happen (I was surprised by the discount myself), I had kept detailed records of all phone calls and vists with the dealer.

    When Lexus of Highland Park wouldn't budge I called Lexus Corporate. Since they cannot force a dealer to do anything, they arranged to have my ordered car transferred to Bredemann Lexus. And, they honored the discount.

    I have several friends who have bought cars at Bredemann and love the dealer. Sales and service are both excellent. And they're tripling the size of the dealer (mostly in service, where there will be about 35 service bays). And I love the Saturday morning catered brunch.

    After several months I still love the car also. My girlfriend's father has a 2001 BMW 740iL and even he admits that the interior on my car is much nicer (materials, quality, features, etc.), and his car was nearly double the cost of mine. This car is super smooth and vastly improved over my previous 1995 ES 300.
  • tiger8tiger8 Posts: 120
    Thanks for the details. I'll check out Bredemann and call Lexus to find out where they are.

    Before I write the big check, let me ask whether the following things about the ES300 bother you:

    1) transmission glitches;
    2) less than powerful acceleration
    3) body roll

    How would you compare these things to your earlier ES?

    Thanks again.
  • ac2001ac2001 Posts: 3
    To ramzak: $1994 over invoice is a whole lot better than $2500. Do you care to provide the dealer/dealership name? I'd like to buy from them. Thanks.
  • sliangsliang Posts: 50
    I happen to have both 02 ES and 00 RL. I believe 02 RL has 15 more HP than my 00 RL, plus some other improvements.
    The interior look of 02 ES is more luxury than the RL I have, it is also quieter. The steering wheel of the ES feels much better than the RL, the RL is overpowered. I also like the outside auto-dimming mirrors & rear power sunshade which RL does not offer. The Mark Levinson system is one step better than the Bose in the RL. And the Lexus dealer service is normally better than the Acura, but not always. The Lexus service will cost more if not covered by the warranty.
    On the other hand, the RL has more rear seat space which is good for carrying baby in and out, I have been through those days (my son is now 5 years old.) so I can feel the need of the extra space. And the truck is much larger than the ES. The transmission of RL is smoother than the ES for now since my ES has only 5K miles on it. The exterior look of RL is more luxury than the ES IMO. But the ES feels more sporty. And since you are leasing the vehicle, the RL lease offer from Acura is probably hard to beat. By the way, I am also leasing the 00 RL, and if your are a loyal Honda owner, you can have some advantages for the lease.
    I hope this would help your decision.
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