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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • gekko2gekko2 Posts: 87
    maybe these will help your transmission:

    BG Quick Clean for Automatic Transmissions

    BG Quick Clean for Automatic Transmissions is a safe, effective solvent/dispersant cleaner that will quickly remove accumulated deposits from the valve body, filter screen and other automatic transmission components prior to exchanging the dirty fluid for new ATF. Use BG PF5 to remove old fluid and cleaner from the system. This product is a part of the BG TDC® program.

    Part No. 106


    BG ATC Plus

    BG ATC Plus enhances properties of both new and used automatic transmission fluid. It improves fluid oxidation stability, thereby prolonging fluid life and the life of the transmission. It prevents leaks by conditioning hardened seals and keeping them soft and pliable. Eliminates and controls transmission "shudder." It retards formation of sludge and varnish deposits and prevents foaming. This product is a part of the BG TDC® program.

    Part No. 310

  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Thanks for the info on Liquid Gold. Do you know who makes it?

    I'm not sure how the oils would penetrate into the wood since there is a coating of protective gloss, but I'll take your word for it.

    I used to apply Zymol car wax to the wood in my old ES 300. It helped prevent little surface scratches. But I have yet to do that in the new car.
  • gekko2gekko2 Posts: 87
    I buy Liquid Gold at the Supermarket. Here's the link to the manufacturer with info:

    check the FAQ.

  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    on my 2001 ES300 have been replaced in just 22k miles. My wife drove 90% of time and she is not an aggressive driver. The shortest I've ever experienced. And also I must say they were the most terrible tires on wet surface. The only thing that kept me on one heavily pouring night was the traction control. Anyway I got much cheaper Yokohama Avid H4 tires on them after checking out on reviews and buying from them. Speed rating went down from V to H but with ES300, I don't think it really matters. Since the balancing seems to be way off, I'll postpone my impression of new tires until I get re-balancing done.
  • gekko2gekko2 Posts: 87
    I loved the ride of my Yokohama's (A540-65VR P205-65R15-92-V) but they didn't last long at all. I switched to Dunlop (SP Sport A2 P205-65R15-92-H) which seem to be giving better life. Yes, I know speed rating is different.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    "Update on 2002 ES300 Transmission Problem

    A law firm will meet with Toyota's attorneys on October 29. They will propose to Toyota settlement terms which include repairing the transmission problem by installing a new computer chip and extending the duration of the powertrain warranty on all 2002 ES 300s.

    Good luck"

    (Original author: Dreamer)
  • I guess a refund is out of the question, huh?

    Anyone know how this could affect the resale value? I imagine it would be hard to sell now that people are becoming more aware of the problem. Gives them more reason to opt for the camry.

    Also found some more people with several complaints at

    Come on Lexus! Let's see a fix for the 02's!

  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    My car is now almost 7 months old and has 5000 miles on it. I am finding that either the car or my driving habits have changed to the point where the transmission issue is not as apparent as at first.

    I am beginning to think that when a person has a habit of backing off the accelerator prior to applying more gas, he or she is more likely to experience the problem more frequently than are others.

    When i accelerate without first backing off and lightening up on the gas, the hesitation does not occur. This may explain the varying degrees to which owners feel the problem.
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    sopecreek, which Bridgestones were these?

    Sounds like they were more of a high performance tire rather than an all season or touring tire...?

    I'm thinking of replacing the Michlin MXV4-H 205/60-16s that came on my 2000 ES with Bridgestone Turanza LS-H 225/55-16s. I've heard good things about these tires, but they are realatively new on the market and don't have much information about how well they perform with some miles on them.

    I'd be interested to know if anyone has any experience with Turanza LS.
  • mang3mang3 Posts: 4
    My 2002 ES300 is 6 months old with 7500 miles. I complained about transmission at both 1K and 5K service, both times dealer test drove and said it was fine, and any hard shifts were a result of still breaking in. Not until I found this forum last week that I realized it wasn't just my ES300. It has certainly gotten better than it was initially, and even almost went away for a month after the 5K mile service (maybe dealer reset computer?). But now I believe I've just learned to drive around the problem (consistent accelerator position, ANTICIPATING a pass, etc). Flooring the pedal above 45, as mentioned by atoews, results in nothing but engine noise and an uncomfortably high tachometer reading for almost 3 seconds. What a beautiful/comfortable car, I hope Lexus can fix this terrible back eye it has given it.
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    They were Potenza RE92 with V-speed rating. Frankly, I do not believe ES needs V-rated tires since the car is not designed for high performance driving, IMHO. So this time I went with Yokohama Avid H4 (H-speed rating) and so far I can't tell the difference except the wet traction is better with Avid H4.
    I heard much better reviews on Bridgestone Turanza series but the tires are likely to cost more.
    (Two questions for you, I always think Michelin makes top notch tires, how did you like MXV4 and any reason for the change? And how do you determine size of tires, 205/60-16 vs 225/55-16, any possible fitting issues?)

    BTW, the vibration after my new tires installed has almost gone now. They put the air way too much (35 psi, max in Avid H4) whereas Lexus recommends 29 psi in front and 32(?) in back.
    The air was taken out somewhat in the shop (but the tires were warm then.) Next morning, I could still see that the front tires have more air than they should. But I agree that it is better to have more air than less. Besides cold season is coming now...
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    There is a tire size calculator at:

    Tire rack also has some good info:

    But I always check with a local tire shop I’ve used. They are a bunch of performance and race guys with all the info on how large a tire can fit onto a particular wheel and how much clearance is available with different cars. They advised me that with the ES clearances and the 16" wheeels I've currently got, 225s were the widest tire I should consider. Then we just figured out what aspect ratio was right for 225s vs 205s (which turned out to be 55 instead of 60) in order to keep the outside measurements of the tires the same as stock so the speedometer did not need to be recalibrated.

    I've had a couple sets of MXV4-H tires. Overall I think they are pretty good for So Cal driving. But this set on my ES got noisy after about 20K miles and hard to balance.

    I recently put a set of Dunlop Sport 8000's on my wifes car older SL. These are definately performance tires. Very soft and fast wearing but very grippy. Quiet too, at least so far. But the deep vertical grooves in the tires makes them kind of "twitchy" as they get stuck on road imperfections. If it weren't for the twitchiness, I'd live with the quick wear-out for the improved handling for the ES too. I guess I'm just trying to find a different balance between comfort and performance than the MXV4's are offering. The reviews of the Turanza LS-H

    's on Tire Rack sounded like what I was looking for. But they are so new that there isn't a lot of information on how people liked them mid-way through the tire's life.

  • hk2lahk2la Posts: 53
    I now have a small (1") scratch on my driver door. :( Not noticed by anyone else, but is a giant flaw in my mind. Doesn't look like a deep scratch. Any suggestions for fixes? Thanks.
  • hk2lahk2la Posts: 53
    What, exactly, were you quoting up a couple of pages? "Settlement terms" implies lawsuit. What lawsuit is this, what jurisdiction?
  • sliangsliang Posts: 50
    I have a 02 ES300 which I bought in Feb. this year. My transmission also had the downshift hesitation and unexpected shift problem for the 4th and 5th gears. This was very noticeable when my ES was new at around 5K miles.
    Now my ES has over 15K miles, and it is shifting very smoothly, and the problems are not noticeable any more(almost). I think it shifts even smoother than my wife's 00 Acura RL.
    I am not sure how good the 03 ES transmission is, but I am happy with what I have now. If Lexus can provide a software upgrade for the 02 transmission, I won't hesitate to do it either. Good luck for all new ES owners.
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    I bought my ES300 in March of 2002 and have 6000 miles on my vehicle. I always recall you as the board member whose transmission issue is most similar to mine. That is, we notice the transmission problem and find it extremely annoying, but not nearly enough to cause a huge dis satisfaction with the car. Our symptoms seem identical, too. You and I were both into experimenting with different driving styles to see if it would make a difference.

    I, like you, have begun to feel the transmission problem less and less. As I stated in a previous post (3138 - Oct 28), I believe it may be that we are changing our driving habits. I no longer back off the gas prior to accelerating and the car works just fine.

    However, this afternoon, I will test whether I can still repeat the transmission symptom at will. If I can, I will conclude that it is my driving style that is changing to adapt to the transmission as opposed to the transmission "mellowing with age".

    If it is our driving styles at issue, then there is still a danger that if we revert to the old style in an emergency the car might behave as rtorecca and texas83 describe, in which case there is a real safety issue.
  • Bought mine in March 2002 and now has 9500 miles. Hesitation is still there. Still quite noticeable when slowing down to turn. It's so noticeable that it actually interrupts the ongoing conversation in the cabin and passengers having a "what-the-hell-was-that" look in their face. Quite embarassing actually. I'm pretty sure they wanted to ask "and you paid how much for this?!" but didn't so as not to offend me.

    Oh yes, I hate my effin' car.
  • sliangsliang Posts: 50
    I bet you can still notice your transmission problem since you have only 6K miles. As I remembered for my ES, I still noticed the transmission problems when it had 10K miles. But it is shifting very smoothly now, and I barely can find any problem with it.
    My guess is that maybe the cut-off mileage for the adaptive algorithm is 15K, the software learned how you drive before 15K and then adapt those data into the regular formula. Since I never drove hard before 15K, the software has learned my driving pattern and can easily fit it into the normal formula. This is just my theory, not sure if it is true.
  • Would you buy a $35K+ car with a tranny that would need to be driven 15,001 miles before it learns your driving pattern? What if there are more than one person driving the vehicle? And what happens if (God forbid) the dealership reset the computer at 16,000 miles? Yikes!

    The service tech at the dealership told me that it "learns" after the first few miles of driving - not the first few thousand miles. This would make more sense since more than one person could be driving the vehicle.

    (nothing like the mention of tranny to get this board rolling again eh? ;) )
  • Hi friends.

    Just picked up a loaded ES 300 two weeks ago, and though still early, it is PERFECT in every way (traction control, navigation system, Mark Levinson audio system). I just turned in a Mercedes C 240, and there's no comparison, the Lexus is a much better ride. The Mercedes E class is more comparable to the Lexus. I especially love the soft ride; I don't need to "feel" the road beneath me.

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