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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • djsassdjsass Posts: 5
    I am something of a self-proclaimed audiophile, and I love the Mark Levinson sound system. I feel that anyone with a love of music could not be disappointed, but for many, the Lexus sound system would suffice. I think either one is superior to the Bose system in my previous vehicle.

    My '03 ES runs fine on 87, no perceptable difference with higher octane either in performance, or mileage. I will stick to my normal program, which is using only regualar grade, and once per month, a tank of premium.
    I may experiment more after car gets some miles on it.

    I got my 30 day service yesterday. I was impressed by the level of service. My passenger door mirror does not dim at night as it should. They inspected it and ordered a new mirror.

    I have no regrets with my purchase...
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    How does one tell when they don't dim?
  • gsenthilgsenthil Posts: 154
    and smaller ;)
  • wayn1wayn1 Posts: 69
    LOL. You really can't tell?
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    I guess that must mean they work. Or maybe it means they don't work. LOL

    Actually, I can tell on the rear view mirror because it turns greenish at night. The driver side appears different when I turn the auto dim on versus off, but on the passenger side - well maybe I just haven't been in enough traffic to tell.
  • londinelondine Posts: 32
    Have the glitches mentioned -- hesitation downshifting, etc. -- been fixed in the '03 ES 300s?

    And has there been any tech. service bulletin from Lexus that improves transmission performance in the '02s?
  • akw3akw3 Posts: 14
    I had the same problem especially when the outside temperature is cold. I mentioned it to my Dealer and they know right away what causes it. There is a service bulletin on this issue from Lexus .All they did was sprayed some kind of foam inside the door after they removed the door panel. Now my car is free of rattles from both sides .
  • hoorayhooray Posts: 15
    I am glad your problem was resolved. My dealer took apart my doors and added the foam, but the rattles are as bad as ever. They are so loud, that when they first occurred I pulled off of the road to make sure my rear doors were closed properly or if something was loose on my doors.

    My only temporary solution is on cold days, I set the temp to HOT (85+) until the doors warm up enough that the rattle subsides. I will continue to follow-up with my dealer for a Lexus fix that works. Maybe my dealer didn't apply the foam properly, but they kept the car for 2 days working on it and admitted that it wasn't fixed and that they had consulted Lexus HQ and didn't have a fix yet since the original Lexus TSB wasn't working. If nothing else, I guess I will enjoy a quiet ride again by springtime. I bought the car in late May, so test drives in warm weather don't reveal this cold weather rattle. My advice to any prospective Lexus owner is to test drive and buy your car in cold weather to make sure it doesn't have this disconcerting rattle.
  • nfjnrnfjnr Posts: 25
    Has anyone bought a Colgan Custom front end bra for their car, and if so, how is it? It is supposed to be custom made to fit the Es 300. NO cutouts has it for sale@$89.00. I believe the one from Lexus is close to $300.00

    Thanks Nick
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    Friends advise waiting for release of the '04 ES in the fall, which will have a larger engine (3.3) befitting its near-luxury status. And maybe they'll fix the transmission by then.

  • akw3akw3 Posts: 14
    The Dealer didn't fix it right the first time, they actually fixed the problem the second time after they applied more foam. Two of my colleagues have the same car but they haven't experienced any rattles.
    I also had a rattle from the dash but my dealer pinpoint it right away from my last visit. It was a cover from the windshield wiper.
    This car has more rattles than any car I owned. My wife's cheap 01' Honda Civic is rattles free!!
  • londinelondine Posts: 32
    Hmmm...if the RX 330 does in fact use the same trans as the ES 300 (330 in '04 model?), it'll be interesting to see if Lexus sorts out any shifting glitches.

    Post #6801: "Car and Driver magazine ( tested the ES300 in August 2002. They state that the new ES300 has the five speed U150E transmission. The previous generation ES300 has the U140E four speed transmission. I am not sure what transmission is in the RX300.
         "C&D states that the U150E contains revised clutching which allows for two overdrives. The problem is that it is reluctant to give them up. Toyota and Lexus used to equip their cars with a sport/economy button for the transmission, but that button and the extra lines of software code are gone."

    And this:
    "In my post #6801, I mentioned that I do not know what transmission is used in the RX300. I did a Yahoo search on "RX300 U140E transmission," and it appears that the U140E is used in the FWD RX300, and the U140F is in the AWD. Since the previous generation ES300 used the U140E, and the 2002/2003 ES300 now use the U150E, there is a possibility that the new RX330 will also use the U150E."
  • esaodesaod Posts: 4
    I have a 2003 ES300. Whenever I turn on the car after sitting in very cold weather (Upstate New York winters), the backlight on the radio is extremely dim until the car warms up~about 10-15 minutes or so.
    When I asked the dealer, he stated that the display is temperature dependent and that this is normal. Other people I've asked with the same car have not had this problem, and the climate control display never dims with cold weather. Doesn't this also have a similar type of display? Anyone else notice this problem?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    1)I was thinking of trading my 2000 ES with 42,000 miles, in great condition, for a 2003 model. My present car has heated seats, cd player, etc, but no nav. The dealer tells me they want $13500 plus my car for a new car which lists for $36552. How does this sound? The salesman said he thought the manager was giving me about $20,000 for my car. If anyone bought without trade, about same list price, what did you pay?

    2) The saleman also said if you use premium fuel the mileage will be much better? Presently I use regular gas. Any thoughts?

    3) Also, I understand for 2004 the new cars will have a larger engine-is it worth the wait? Is the present car sufficiently powered? Has anyone heard of other changes?

    4)Finally are there some other owners who have traded to the 2002 style car from an earlier version-is there a big difference in the ride, etc. ?

    Thanks everyone
    Thanks everyone for your thoughts.
  • I seen on Motor Trands website that the ES 300 is going to be called the ES330 with a larger engine. 20 more horse power.

    Are there any other changes?

    Also the same website states that the GS is going to be redesigned?

    Of course the Lexus dealers I spoke too know nothing about either the ES or GS

    I hope the Es300 transmission shutter is fixed in 2004. I test drove the 2003 model and was able to feel the shutter 5 times. In fact it was easy to make it happen if you "floored" the gas pedal.

    I love lexus and lease a GS300 now. I want to stay with Lexus (with a lower monthly payment)
    So I was looking at the ES300.

    So far if I had to decide right this minute I would choose in the following order.

    GS300 (Number one for me ,but price too high)

    I35 (Infiniti nice car but not as nice as Lexus)

    ES300 (comes in last because of transmission Shutter, Wood wheel, Loose wheel, and short front seats)

    It is a shame the Es300 is not as good as I hoped. The price is right at $399 a month at 48 months with 12k miles a year.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Do drivers of the present Es feel there is sufficient power? Next year's modelis supposed to have a larger engine-what do most drivers think-is it worth waiting for?
  • tmarttmart Posts: 998
    My '00 has more than enough power for me. How much do you REALLY need to go 70-80 MPH? I didn't get the car for the power. If you're wanting 0-60 in less than 6 seconds, get another car. How often do you drag the car next to you at the light?
  • londinelondine Posts: 32
    Well, it depends.

    LIKELY (but no guarantees :-) changes to '04:
    1. 3.3L engine, more hp, maybe 20 more lbs. torque.
    2. Radio controls on steering wheel.

    If they boost the hp, maybe 1 notch up in tire width.

    The above is all speculation. It'd be nice if they also added power telescoping to the steering wheel, and added that to memory, but maybe that gets too close to the LS? Who knows.

    IF more hp, the added torque MAY reduce the amount of downshifting needed, which MAY reduce any hesitation problems.

    I test-drove the '03 twice, just driving fairly normally, which for me is fairly brisk but smooth -- not hard-charging. Car had plenty of pickup -- for me.

    I want to say it's easier for, say, Honda to crank their 3L up to 240hp (on regular, no less) than it is for Lexus, since the ES 300 has to be tuned for a quieter and smoother ride, and for the ULEV emission rating that Lexus covets.

    BUT -- big but -- Honda's engine also is ULEV rated. So I think Lexus has to respond. They have to keep their lux car a notch ahead of mass market cars like Accords, in ALL areas, not just interior appointments, comfort and ride quality. This means staying at least in the neighborhood horsepower wise. And if Hondas have steering wheel radio controls...

    Of course, Lexus HQ may disagree with me. :-))
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    is LEV certified, as per the website and Accord brochure. The 160hp 2.4L, however, is ULEV.
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