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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    I presume that you are aware that you can set the sensitivity of the rain sensors.
  • neuroguyneuroguy Posts: 34
    If you have your windows tinted, make sure you go to a professional shop that does it all the time. And make sure you get a *non-metallic* tint. That way it won't interfer with your EZ-Pass or the radio antenna. They should also cut the tint around the rain sensor, so that shouldn't be a problem. Don't know how much it would affect the temp/sun sensor on the top of the dash in front of the driver. It will not affect the outside temp sensor as it's located outside the passenger compartment. It'll probably affect the light sensor in the rear-view mirror, but with the tint installed the glare from headlights behind you will be less, too, I would suppose.
  • neuroguyneuroguy Posts: 34
    With the talk about the rain sensors and windshield wipers, it got me to thinking again about something Lexus seems to have overlooked in the '02 ES300. It doesn't seem to have a "mist" feature - where you push or pull the stalk and the wipers cycle once. Has this been added to the '03s?

    As for the rain sensors, it does seem to take its sweet time in getting going at first. Sometimes I have to put it down one notch to the slow manual setting to get it going and then I can move it back up to auto. Other than that, mine works great.
  • daytona01daytona01 Posts: 46
    neuroguy: Thanks
    My car color is Alabaster Metallic... and the tint I like is silver metallic...
    So, probably I have to go with regular black tint instead


    Have anyone had EZPass tag intefere with your ES sensor (light, rain, temperator, etc) ?

    I checked EZPass site.. they offer front (probably on license plate) mounted device... if you can not use the tag...

    I prefer the tag... b/c I often to go to NYC.. a lot of parallel parking => bumpers kissing and fighting.. all time...
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    If you push the stalk forward on the 2002, you get a squirt to the windshield, followed by two swipes of the wipers. Is that what you mean by a "mist" feature?
  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Has a new 5 speed transmission. Wonder if it is the same design as with ES300.

    I don't which would annoy me more - if Toyota fixed the design on the Solara without doing the same on the ES300, or if they issued the same defect on the Solara.
  • raffeerraffeer Posts: 4
    Your problem re: EZ pass may solve itself. In several states tinting of front windshields is not allowed or so we were told when we had our ES300 tinted in Florida.
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    Anyone know the answer to this question? Is it a graying population, upward mobile population, or younger upward population? Female or male? Intelligent or flamboyant? etc...
  • neuroguyneuroguy Posts: 34
    Yes, pulling the wiper stalk towards you does activate the windshield washer jets and the wipers do cycle a few times. I was hoping it would just do the cycling of the wipers once without activating the washer - like on most cars the two are separate functions. During very light rain, or outside windshield fogging, I don't need the washers to activate, too. Seems like they didn't think of that on this car. Or maybe they thought it wasn't necessary with the auto wiper setting?
  • daytona01daytona01 Posts: 46
    I don't know what is Lexus target market... but these Stats. Number from Microsoft carpoint... which may give you some idea about ES owners:

    Men / Women 53/47
    Age 61
    Married 72%
    Income $108,587

    => Married old men (women) which 6 digits income - ip
  • adler223adler223 Posts: 7
    I've been told that it is impossible to install satellite radio in an ES 300 with the navigation/Levinson package. Is this true? And has anyone figured out a way around it?
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    Aren't there satellite radio units that transmit the sound signal through FM modulation?
  • I have a 2003 es300 and have tried to deactivate the automatic door lock function after the gear shift is put in Drive. Can anyone help me out on how this function can be deactivated? I followed the manual and it still doesnt seem to work.

    Thank you in advance for your help
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    The results of the 2003 JD Power Initial Quality Study were released yesterday. It's no surprise that the ES 300 finished #1 in the entry luxury car category.

    Other Lexus standings include:
    Lexus #1 as a brand
    LS 430 #1 in the premium luxury car category
    SC 430 #2 in the premium luxury car category
    GS 300/430 #1 in mid luxury car category
    RX 300 #1 in luxury SUV category
    LX 470 #2 in luxury SUV category

    The #1 Platinum Award also went to the plant where the LS 430 and GS 300/430 are built. The plant where the ES 300 is built finished #3 of all plants worldwide (the Toyota Prius plant was #2).
  • puckeye2puckeye2 Posts: 6
    Hi folks. I am new to this board, but hope you can help me. My father went to a Lexus dealer in Massachusetts about 3 weeks ago.

    He agreed on a ES 300 with black exterior and a black interior. So, he calls today to check on the status of the car. The dealer informs him there are NO black/black ES 300's on the entire east coast.

    What's worse, is that if he wants this "limited" and "rare" car, he needs to have them order it from the factory, wait 2 months longer and then "pay more" for the car because of the ordering and limited run on black on black.

    Does this sound accurate to anyone? I've never heard of such lies on a mass produced car like the Lexus. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any insight would help. Thanks in advance.
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    Just for the fun of it, I logged on to with a Boston zipcode. The MSRP for a base ES300 is $32,300. Invoice is $29,101, and CarsDirect price is $30,001. I clicked on colors, and clicked on black for the exterior. It immediately prompted me to black for the interior color. It is possible the dealer is taking advantage of your father.
  • puckeye2puckeye2 Posts: 6
    Thanks Mr.Rogers.

    I know they are trying to take advantage of him. Needless to say, this will not happen. I am going to go in there make them wish they never tried to pull this scam.

    Anyone else know if the black/black is "rare" and "limited?"

    Any suggestions besides to find out?
  • glenns1939glenns1939 Posts: 10
    What dealer did your Dad go to for his purchase? I leased a 2003 Lexus ES300 from Lexus of Northboro with Black Garnet and black interior-if they offer the combo they make it. My dealer had to do a search for the color, but they found one. Certainly they want to sell off the lot, and the light blond leather is more available. I found that negotiating between dealers is very helpful-you get a better price, and they work harder to earn your business. Paying more for a car they don't have to carry in inventory is a crock. That is why they want to sell what they have-they pay financing on cars on the lot. So ordering should be cheaper than buying from inventory, as they pay no bank financing. I bounced between Lexus of Norwood, and Lexus of Northboro-but settled on Northboro because they are brand new and work harder to get your business as the number of cars they get is based on sales figures. Ask for Jim Roberts-sales manager-he worked hard for me and made a difficult combination of colors workable. Tell him Glenn from Barre recommended him.By the way they had a black on black in stock 3 weeks ago, but I wanted the black garnet with black that they had to search to find in CT. Call 508-870-3222. Good luck, Glenn
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    Just for the fun of it, I logged on to JM Lexus, the world's largest Lexus dealer, is in Margate, FL. His new car inventory contains 56 new ES300s with the black exterior. He has four with black leather, 2 with gray leather, and the balance are all ivory leather. I don't see why your father should need to pay a premium for the black on black ES300.
  • puckeye2puckeye2 Posts: 6
    Glenn & Mr.Rogers,

    You guys are great! I live in CA, but my Dad still lives in Boston.

    He went to Lexus of Norwood. I gave him your Northboro info and he is going to call. The JM Lexus info is also helpful when they (Lexus of Norwood) are saying there are none on the entire east coast. I really can't thank you all enough. I think we all benefit as consumers when we can trade information together like this.

    Though Lexus of Norwood may be correct, I just have a hard time believing that a mass produced car like the ES300 would be rare for black/black.

    I will let everyone know what happens as this week progresses.

    Thanks again!

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