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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Regardless of the MSRP, in the end the market will decide what the car will really sell for.
    If after seeing and driving it, if most buyers are willing to pay $33K for the new model loaded with the most common options (leather moonroof, heated seats, CD changer) and Lexus prices it at $35K at that equiptment level, then dealers will have to discount them to that price or else they will need to cut production to match the number of people willing to pay $35K.
    If MSRP is at right where people are willing to pay, then they will sell for MSRP. If the MSRP is lower, then dealers will be able to get a markup over sticker.
    I'm sure when they first come out, the combination of the initial novelty of the new model and the fact that the factory will not yet have ramped up to full production speed will result in poor deals for the first buyers.
  • rob175rob175 Posts: 19
    So....does anyone feel that their HID's are set too low?......I do. It appears that mine are aimed about 30-40 feet in front. And, on dark roads at 55 mph it feels as though I'm not getting enough forward visiblity without kicking on the brights.

    Any thoughts??
  • Just back from test-driving an LS 430 at my Lexus dealer.

    He said the 2002 ES will be in showrooms by September. Sales Manager has seen some pix and everything he hears is that the ES will go through a pretty extensive change (like LS). Bigger interior, Standard HID lights, Lexus link system, etc. Might be sales hype, but I tend to believe him.

    Let us know if anyone finds any pix/info on the new ES on-line.

  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128
    Of course the laws of supply and demand.

    If you're looking or hoping for the 2002 ES300 to be priced like a 3.2TL, stop hoping now.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    the sticker price for ES300 with VP and heated seat is about 35K but it is shown that 1500 was substracted from it already. It is shown that the MSRP is around 4500 for these options on the sticke. However, when I added the VP and the heated seat together it is only about 2900. First, I thought Lexus adds each option individually to come up with 4400 but still when I tried to do that the number still not that big. Further, if we by the car with the VP, why do we have to pay for each option in the package individually? I tried to bring this up, but the salesman keeps saying that the discount has been included. I feel that Lexus is cheating their consumer. Any advice or any thoughts on this?

  • Liev,
    I just wanted to share some of my experience to maybe give you a little perspective on feeling "cheated". My mother drives a 2000 RX 300, my father drives a 2001 LX 470 and I have a 2001 ES 300 on order.... Each of us has paid below sticker (allowing the dealer fair profit of course) and in all of our experience with Lexus we have never been more satisfied. Once you own an automobile of this caliber you will understand. Yes it is an investment, yes it is expensive but in my experience, it is not possible to purchase so much car for the same or less money. Lexus goes to great lengths to satisfy their customers and it would be very difficult for them to do that if they were cheating people. In fact I would say it is hard for any car company to cheat their customers due to the fact that there are so many options available in the market today. Perhaps it is your dealer or maybe the way it is being explained is not in a manner that you are understanding. Regardless, it is probably wise to get a quote from another dealer or an internet buying numbers...see what happens. My advice is BUY THE CAR, by the time you get out of the parking lot, that feeling of being cheated will be a distant memory. Best wishes.
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    The dealer does not generate the MSRP window sitcker, so there is little chance of any deception there. It could very well be that the sales guy you were talking to was as confused as you were. Not many are rocket scientists. Take a pad of paper and jot down all of the numbers, then go to the new car part of Edmunds and compare numbers. You should find them essentially the same. You should not be "double charged". But where Edmunds lists the price of the Value Option Package after the discount, the window sticker shows a full retail price and then a separate discount, in the end, the same $$ out of pocket.

    If you can put off the purchase of your 2001 ES300 until January or a little longer, you should be able to get some really deap discounts as the current body style is phased out for the 2002s. Any 2000 cars ES300 cars left now should also be heavily discounted. Go back over the last 3 months worth of posts in this forum to follow several buyers negotiations (including my own. Posters struck deals in the $31-$32K for either a VP+extras or Platinum edition 2000 cars. Many tips and information sources were shared.
  • cdm2cdm2 Posts: 7
    Does anyone know if the new 2002 coming next year is a totally brand new design from the ground up or is it just one of those major upgrade from the current model??? Any link that I can get to see
    a picture of it??? Thanks guys. BTW, I think Lexus
    cars have much better reliability than MB or BMWs.
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    In September of 2001 (or thre about) Lexus will release a new ES, redesigned from the ground-up, in the same way the LS was for 2001.

    Pictures and details are sketchy as of right now, but I have seen a camoflaged photo of what looks to be the new Camry. It has a little bit lower front end (I know, it's pretty low now).

    And yes, Lexus reliability is MUCH better than the Germans (and the english for that matter).
  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128

    The $1500 subtracted on the sticker price is not really a discount. Its basically marketing. What Lexus does is give the customer a $1500 discount by buying the Value package which has the options bundled in it. Otherwise, if you bought the options separately, you would spend $1500 more at retail price for each option.

    For example.

    No value package:
    Leather trim package: $1885.00
    CD-changer: $1,080.00
    Moonroof: $1,000.00

    This totals to: $3,965.00

    Now with the Lexus Value package all 3 of the above option package are lumped into one package for $1,965.00.

    Thereby this yields you a $2,000 savings, on the sticker price of the vehicle.

    The one trying to cheat you on the deal is your dealer, not Lexus NA. Don't fall for what your dealer says, of the discount already being there. Look at the MSRP vs. Invoice for a ES300 the way you want it equipped, with the Value package and heated seats(I think you want them?) not with each individual option.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Maybe that will be the next ES300. People cringed when they first saw the SC replacement, but they got over it and now Lexus can't build them fast enough.
    The weird headlights does seems to match the looks of the latest Lexuses and it looks more like an ES300 than the Previs drawings. I do think the Previs styling is much less offensive though.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    Hi mafitch, sddlw, enigmaone,

    Thanks for the advice given from each of you. I just found out that I can use a referral service call MVCP. The price I'm given is is 1860 above invoice. This makes my life a lot easier. By the way, mafitch, how much is your ES300 which is on order? Do you mind to share this info with me?

    Again, thanks all

  • I am looking for a ceritified pre-owned ES300, and I am wondering what a fair price for a 97-98 ES300 with about 25,000 to 40,000 miles. The list prices are from $24,900 to $27,900. Those prices seem quite high to me as I have seen listings in the paper for about $19,000 to $21,000 dollars. Has anyone else experienced buying a used ES300 from a Lexus dealer, I have heard that about $3,000 off the list would be a fair price ?? All help would be appreciated ..
  • I was just about set to purchase a Volvo S80 when I wandered next door to the Lexus dealer. After driving an 2000 ES 300 Platinum, I was so impressed that I think I might abandon the Volvo.

    I have heard that Lexus is not very willing to bargain. Does anyone out there have any idea of how much Lexus might be willing to bargain? I'm looking at a dealer invoice of about $31K and MSRP of a little over $35K. I usually shoot for about 2-3% over invoice: is that unrealistic?
  • vernlewvernlew Posts: 87
    Instead of having everyone answer this question again...please read through the previous posts...this question has been answered MANY times in the a little research on your own please...I paid aproximately $31,750 + TTL for my 2K should be able to do at least that well now at the end of the model year...if not, go to another dealer...or try an online service, like
  • Well Vern, Thanks for the welcome.

    I'll have you know that I had looked through previous posts! In fact I spent over 2 hours looking through various postings ranging from useful, to caustic barbs being exchanged. The most current topic that I found that dealt with pricing of the 2000 ES300 Platinum was back in April 00. I was hoping that someone who had RECENTLY purchased an ES300 would be willing share their experience with me.
  • Has anyone had an experience buying a pre-owned ES300. I can look at any new car and see what the invoice is, however, a used car is much different. I would like to have a little more info before I go in there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thank you
  • vernlewvernlew Posts: 87

    Sorry, if the suggestion offended you, this was not the intent, the intent was not to repeat information already available in previous posts, in case you hadn't perused them yet.

    As for time frame, since we are at the end of the model should expect an even better deal than any of the previous posts. I would say asking to pay dealer invoice would be reasonable...and letting the dealer keep the holdback as his profit. So, at this point in time, I think 2-3% above invoice is not reasonable, but 1% above maybe.

    Much has to do with supply/demand in your area, if there is only one Lexus dealer in your area...chances for a good deal are not promising. On the other hand, if you are willing to travel to an area where there are many Lexus dealers...chances for a good deal increase dramatically. (such as here in the Miami area)

    I found using the free internet car quite useful in getting an idea of how much local dealers are willing to discount...internet salesman seem to know people utilizing this service are interested in a substantial discount.

    Anyways, hope this helps you in your decision and negotiations...and hopefully you'll buy the car everyone at this site will notice there are not many complaints about the that with other car forums.

    Good Luck,

  • enigmaoneenigmaone Posts: 128

    You should be able to get, in most areas, a very good discount off of a 2001 ES300. I would expect at least a $2K to $3K discount and probably more being that the 2001 is the last production year for the 2nd generation ES300.
  • I found that the dealer certified cars typically sold for approx $3k over the prices for non-certified cars. That was almost a year ago for my '96 ES300.
    My local dealer (lawrence lexus) wasn't willing to come down on price at all, but I can see their point - they do put a lot into the certified cars.
    I opted for non-certified, and 12,000 miles later, everything has been great. No problems at all.
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