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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • I suspect there is something irregular with the unit. Nonetheless, the dealer says it is built that way, i.e., it can play store CDs but burned ones. This is quite remarkable!!!
  • Does anyone have any experience swapping out the standard Lexus head unit for an aftermarket one? Specifically I was wondering how it came out since my understanding is that the original Lexus unit is an odd size and not easily swapped.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Has anybody else heard about an ES 330 SportDesign?

    My dealer mentioned one will be available and will be shown at next week's Chicago Auto Show. Supposedly it will be offered in Graphite Gray, Thundercloud or Black with either a Light Charcoal or Black interior. The only other differences are a different wheel design (still 16") and Black Bird's Eye Maple wood trim.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    w/o remaking its ext. look. Mission impossible!
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    As I mentioned earlier, there will be an ES 330 SportDesign. It is up on the Lexus website.
  • I have been considering a Lexus ES as an upgrade to my aging Camry, but the body style of the current ES is really too close to the Camry for my taste. Does anyone have any idea when the body style might be updated, and what it might look like?
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    It's interesting you find the ES style too close to the Camry. When the car came out most auto writers said Lexus finally distanced the car from the Camry and gave the ES its own distinctive look.

    Anyway, the ES will get some cosmetic changes this fall for the 2005 model year. These will include a subtle restyling of the front and back ends, along with some minor equipment changes. To see past examples of similar changes, look at what Lexus did to the ES in 1995 (vs 1994) and in 2000 (vs 1999). Or, for a more recent look at mid-cycle changes, look at what Lexus did to the LS 430 for 2004 vs 2003. At this time nobody knows what the changes will be.

    The car will be completely redone in fall 2006 as a 2007 model. At that point the car will be designed by the all-new, Lexus-exclusive team in Japan and will not share a platform or parts with Toyota as is the case now. The car will follow Lexus' new styling trend shown on the new GS (again, to separate Lexus from Toyota) currently at the Chicago Auto Show and going on sale in January 2005. Nobody knows what the next ES will look like, but you can almost be sure AWD will either be an option or standard (as it will for all future Lexus cars).
  • Does anyone have a problem with the ventilation system on the ES 330?

    When the driver and passenger temperatures are set the same, the driver vents blow much colder than the passenger side. Also, I need to have the temperature at 78 degrees to make the interior comfortable when it is 60 degrees outside. The system intended to be sophisticated is very uneven. Lexus said they are aware of the problem but have no plans for a fix.
  • lexusaz,

    I have noticed exactly the same behaviour in the beginning (driver side cold air, passenger side warm) and needed to set the temperature somewhat high.

    Did Lexus say why that is happening and why they don't want to fix it?
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    Is the ES330 sport edition just cosmetics, or are there suspension changes, etc? ES330 sport edition? Oxymoron.
  • Anyone notice how the ES is kinda like a rebadged Camry with leather and is nicer?
  • Yeh, really nice, aren't they?
  • Maybe I wasn't specific enough. I think the ES is simply a luxurious Camry
  • gekko2gekko2 Posts: 87
    >"I think the ES is simply a luxurious Camry"

    Have you actually driven both 2002+ models?
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    won't match ES' ride, among other luxy stuff of course. Drive it to believe it. Whether it justifies the $$ is subjective.

    On SportDesign to come, which has only wheel rim and a logo diff., does seem gimmicky to me. Maybe Lexus finally realizes that every competitor of ES is more sporty. Won't surprise me the 2006/7 model goes with that trend. That said, current ES is more luxy than all the other near-luxiers.
  • my '98 ES300 with only 45k miles has 4 bad struts
    they wore out a set of tires in less than 20k miles. Cost to replace is $1,000 plus tires.

    is this a common replacement on a car driven very conservatively?
  • 4ali4ali Posts: 5
    I used to suffer from annoying rear door rattles only in cold weather in my 2002 ES300. I called up Lexus Canada when my patience with the rattles was exhausted. I had already had the dealer attempt one 'fix'. They advised I get the entire rear door liner which fits into the door removed.

    I did and wow, what a difference. Silence.
  • Has anyone else experienced squeaky brakes on their '01 ES300. We have had our car 3 mos and it has 46k. We have had them checked a few times and everyone said the pads were fine but they still squeak, is this common ??
  • I have 01 ES300 and 46 k, too. There was no squeak from the brakes until we changed the rear pads last month. Now when the car comes to the stop, the squeal occurs. I had it checked by the lexus dealer that put the pads, and unfortunately the squeal disappeared while it was being checked out. (When the pads are hot, it tends to go away.) Of course, the squeal is back now. and more pronounced when the pads are cold. I think you should have it checked out just in case. I am going to live with it until next oil change.
  • Had them checked, the pads are new but not the qlty of orig equipment. They may get quiter as they break in..
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