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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • Toyota has some amazing technology on their assembly lines. In the past years they have retooled over a weekend, over an evening or even a shift change. In most likelyhood, they will not stop the line for the change. The last of the 2001's will be followed by a 2002. The really strange thing may be that they are pumping out some LS's then some who know's what for their domestic market, like an Arista or a Windham (the right hand drive version of the ES) and then the 2002 ES while the line is still running all during the same shift. I understand that they have no standing inventory and that if you order a Toyota in Japan on Monday they will have the car to you by Friday.
  • taylorttaylort Posts: 31
    Any spy photos of the 2002 ES300? or any ideas of changes? I will be looking for a new car in May and want to know if it is worth waiting for. The Acura TL Type-S (due out late Spring/early Summer) sounds good right now but I would like to see what the ES will look like.
  • Has anyone had experiences with their stereo volume increasing by itself? It doesn't happen everyday. I can't fully explain when it happens, just that it seems to come up quite a bit. Enough to be noticeable, but not enought to have to turn it down.

    I have the Pioneer with the 6 cd changer in a 2001.
  • rob175rob175 Posts: 19
    Goodlanding.....the fact is that the volume does change, and it's supposed to. The radio automatically senses road noise (especially when you roll down the windows) and it increases the volume. The owners manual makes only one brief mention of this feature, so you might have missed it.
  • I think entry #295 probably has the best preview of the ES300's (can't be anything else). Even though it's in Japanese, you can cancel the translation programs if you don't have them, and click through the site to find the page that has "Photo" listed all over it (I think it's about in the middle of the page). You can get front and rear exterior shots as well as interior ones. Helped me in my decision to go ahead with a 2001 or wait for 2002.
  • bufny1bufny1 Posts: 4
    I recently bought a Lexus es 300 and I offered
    31,500, which i got it for. the car was value pack, heated seats, wood
    steering, wheel locks, trunk mat and 16" tires.
    There is only one dealer in the Buffalo area. Do you think this was reasonable? About tires, I have used the Dunlop d60a2 and it is a good tire for dry pavement and with reasonable gas mileage.
    However, I do not recommend this tire for winter driving. my es has bridge stone re2 potenza and I am a bit disappointed. the car i test drove had michlens. Anyone else have thoughts?
    PS.. the car is a 2001 es.
  • Wow, automatic volume control.

    I felt sort of bad last night after "trashing" the best car I have ever had. I realized that if that's the only thing that causes me problems, then I don't have very much to gripe about. My last new car was a packed top of the line Chrysler. I counted 15 things wrong with it but was not too concerned as this was the average for the car. We bought a white one because you could not see as many paint defects on it. (All counted as one defect.) On the third day it would not start and the Auto Club could not start it. The dealers never did fix the problem. After 30 days in the shop over 10 visits to different dealers I ended up changing the starter motor with my own hands and out of my own pocket. I figured it was better than having a stroke. It has had 5 transmissions and controllers changed under warrantee. One dealer once said my warrantee was void for transmission number 4 because I had not changed the transmission fluid. I told him "Gee, you got me, I've been very busy. I like to change the fluid every other oil change but never got around to it. How often should I have changed it? Oh really, but the transmission only has 1,200 miles on it. How much will I have to pay?" I understand that the average car has had three transmissions. The first question the trade in guy asks is when the transmission was changed last. The wind noise is so great that the owner's manual says to drive with the window down about 1 inch.

    I have the 5th recall notice on the kitchen counter right now. I wonder where I should send it.

    What a joy the Lexus has been. I called the wife after the 1K service and told her we have to buy another. To have people treat people like people instead of stupid idiots that got suckered into paying too much for junk... wow, what will they think of next.

    Thanks Rob175, for your quick reply. I will RTFM.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I don't believe post 295 is the new ES. The car shown is the Mark II, while the ES in Japan is the Windom. Since the Windom is also shown on the site, I doubt the Mark II is the new ES. Why would they be selling both the old and new versions at the same time? Also, being more of a luxury car, I don't think the new ES will switch from a foot brake to a hand brake (the Mark II has a hand brake). Then again, I could be wrong.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    that is a very good price. I got mine with same options you described in late Oct for 32150 before TTL. go for it. don't wait too long you won't be able to get a certain color you want. I had this problem last year waiting for the 2000 model pricing to go down and ended up to get a 2001. Also, I heard that the number of 2001 ES300 will be limited this year because the manufacturer knows that a lot of people want to wait for the new 2002 model.
  • Lenscap is correct.

    In the US we had the Corona, then the Corona Mark II, which became the Cressida in the late 70's. There were 3 body styles until the early 90's when they dropped the name with the MX83 Cressida. It was a wonderful RWD, 3.0L 24 valved inline 6 car. The next year the GS300 came out with the same running gear. What we are seeing on the link is a GS.

    The Windom link is:

    You might check it out if you have time. They show a DVD capable GPS and either 3 speakers or two speakers and a port on the rear deck.

  • taylorttaylort Posts: 31
    Thanks for the info. The Windom looks like it could be the next ES300. I wish Lexus would put it in the showrooms early summer and not wait until Sept/Oct. I believe Acura may get some of their customers with the TL type-S.
  • It starts downloading for me then self destructs at 39% every time ( and I'm on a T1 line ! ).

    If anyone can I'd relaly appreciate it if they could find some interior dimensions on the 2002 Windom/ES300. I'm considering the car ( against mostly A6 but poss Avalon XLS and even Seville too ) but find it a little snug for my 250lb weightlifter build. Given even an inch or two more shoulder room it could be much more likely I get one. It has cost, reliability rep and resale value over the others by a long shot.
  • Could someone do me a favour and check in the manual and tell me what the exclamation ! light means on the dash. (after moving I haven't been able to find my manual.
    While driving home today the light came on for a few seconds and then went off so I'm a little concerned. The car runs great, and just had a tune up only 10,000 m ago.

    Can someone tell me what this light means, and should I be concerned since it only went on for a few seconds?
  • If it turns out like this:

    I am new to this topic. I was wondering what the ES 300 will look like.

  • First off, I would like to say "hi" to everyone. I got a lot of great information from
    this board before purchasing my ES 300.

    I purchased my Certified Per-Owned 98 ES 300 in December. I guess, you can say it was my Christmas present. This car replaces my 89 Nissan Maxima which now has 245,000 miles on it.

    The rainy season has finally hit San Francisco. So, in the last couple of weeks, I noticed that the front passenger car mat was getting wet during heavy rain storms. At the top left corner of the car mat, where the mat meets the dash, I placed my finger in the small opening where the carpet joins, and felt drops of water. I suspected that somehow water was getting into the car. I called the Dealership and brought the car in today.

    They hosed down the car three separate times, focusing on the moon roof, windows, and all the seals. But no leak... The mechanic mentioned that since I live in San Francisco, and there are quite a bit of hills that if the car was parked on an incline and during the rainstorm, the moon roof drain would overflow and drain toward the front of the car.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem? and what the solution might be. Any help would be appreciated!!
  • vernlewvernlew Posts: 87
    What you experienced regarding the different sets of OEM tires is a common practice with all auto companies. They usually have several tire vendors, so it is hit-and-miss as to what brand your particular car will come with. I always check out the tires on the car I am going to deal on, and usually if it does not come with the wheels and tire brand I prefer from all the others I see on the vehicles on the lot, I will make a deal with the salesman to purchase the particular car I want, IF he changes out the wheels/tires for what I prefer, from another car, BEFORE I take delivery. Most dealerships will do this if you insist.
    The Bridgestone RE2 Potenzas, however, are supposed to be very good tires.
  • the Toyota Mark II Fortuna... Yeah yeah yeah... Toyota comes up with the weirdest names... Actually all Japanese manufacturers... Here's a link to the Toyota Mark II Fortuna's website:

    This is just a beefed up Toyota Mark II...

  • akid4ever - I suspect the dealer is barking up the wrong tree in trying to diagnose your leak. You say that you feel wetness when you touch the rug up under the dash, at the corner of the mat, but you didn't mention wetness anywhere else on the rug. Therefore, it would seem very unlikely that it's a leaking moon roof or windows, which should wet the carpeting in many places if it's running along or under the carpet. Sounds more like a leak either from the heater or through the floorboard or firewall. If there is a small weld separation or other crack or hole in the floor or firewall, rain could be driven in when driving on wet streets. I suggest that, if possible, you spray some water from a garden hose onto the firewall near the carpet area where you feel the leak, taking care not to get it all over the engine or components. See if that shows anything. The other thing to try is to turn the heater and fan full on and see if you can feel any additional moisture coming onto the carpet. If it is a heater problem, you would eventually notice the radiator level going down (though probably over a long period of time) and possibly notice a greenish or orangish tint on the carpet, under a strong light, from anti-freeze coolant.

    Good luck and let us know what happens.

  • alexualexu Posts: 1
  • Anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth (Texas) metroplex bought a 2001 ES 300 lately? I am looking to make an offer on one and wondered if $30K would be a decent starting point for one with the Value Pkg added (no other options)? Also, does anyone think the body style will change so drastically that it will be embarrassing to be driving the "old style"? There's nothing worse than having a brand new car that already looks dated!
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