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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • atoewsatoews Posts: 637
    Well, consider this. A hybrid Camry may not replace the standard Camry. There may be both models. Toyota likes to capitalize on Camry popularity. For example, the Solera is called "Camry Solara", but they still manufacture the standard Camry.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    What do you think about a 2005 ES330 demo with 1600 miles? I have not received a price yet but I am a little leary about purchasing a demo. I wonder what kind of treatment it has received over 1600 miles ?? Ordinarily 1600 miles is really "nothing" but I think a demo might be a little different. What do you think? What kind of price break should I get? The MSRP of it is 35
  • mmm5mmm5 Posts: 5
    i have seen people run lower speed rated tires although it is not recommended to do so.

    technically you shouldn't as it could affect handling and traction but H rated tires are rated at 130mph...
  • es4jbes4jb Posts: 17
    Several months back I posted my complaints about the cost of adding satellite radio to the Lexus audio system. Recently I found that several Delphi XM radio models (SkyFi2 and Roady) broadcast to an unused FM channel. I bought the new Delphi Roady XT which is very small, about the size of deck of playing cards. This for 80 bucks.

    Now my problem is I cannot figure out where to install the unit in the vehicle. There really is no room on the center console. Delphi provides vent-mount clip but blocking my air flow seems like a bad idea. Not sure where to put the stick-on mount. In fact, do I even WANT to stick this onto the wood or leather dashboard finish?

    I am sure I'm not the first to add the external XM module. Where did some of you install it?
  • Here's the follow up to my saga. I located Frank's Locksmith on the Internet.
    I sent him the broken key along with $65. I received in return the broken key (the metal "key" part is separated from the "electronics" part), along with a new key. The new key has the plastic "housing" attached to the metal key, but there are no electronics in the housing. I tried the new key in the ignition. It fit, when I turned it the engine turned over, but it would not start. However, the new key will start the car when the old "electronics" part from the broken key is next to the new key on the key ring. I was expecting the new key to be just like the old key (before it broke in 2), with "electronics" in the housing. So, I was disappointed, but at least I now have a new key that will work, if it's next to the old housing wit the "electronics."
  • I am thinking about buying a Lexus ES 330 but I have never owned a Lexus before. I have some concerns about buying a Lexus just because there are few dealerships outside major metro areas. What can I expect if I have troubles and I'm stuck in Pumpkin Center, Iowa?

    Also, what can I expect price-wise regarding parts and service? Does Lexus gouge you on the price just because "if you can afford a Lexus, you can afford what we are charging for parts and service"?

    Lastly, is there anything I should know, up front, about anything that might be qwirky and or different from owning a mainstream auto? I read somewhere that the adaptive "Learn as you go" fly by wire throttle and transmission is strange. Can someone filll me in?
  • I have been thinking about getting a Lexus ES 330 but several people have suggested that the Toyota Avalon is, perhaps, a better deal. Does anyone have any thoughts they would like to share in regard to the pros and cons of this?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The Lexus ES series may be in the process of being discontinued. It appears that it has already been dropped everywhere but in the US. I suspect that the entire Camry product is being moved to the US leaving only the ES to be manufatctured in Japan, maybe not enough reason to keep the Japanese plant open. It also appears that Lexus is already (maybe even Toyota too) moving away from FWD and/or front biased AWD.

    The 2006 upcoming RAV4 will likely be RWD based, but rear torque biased for certain in the AWD/4WD version. Personally I have always taken the position that FWD vehicles, with the engine weight over the drive wheels, have greater get up and go traction, but can be hazardous.

    You may note that a feature of the new Lexus GS and IS AWD versions is the use of the VSC's yaw sensor to quickly apportion engine torque, leading and lagging, away from the front to prevent inadvertent loss of directional control. It appears that the new 4runner will have the same feature.

    If you are in Iowa you might want to be aware of the propensity of any Toyota and/or Lexus vehicle to mysteriously and suddenly fog over the interior surface of the windshield.

    There are several flaws in the automatic climate control that you will get used to over time.

    Google for:

    Denso Demist

    For information.

    Last, a goodly percentage of owners of the Toyota/Lexus 5-speed transaxle equipped vehicles seem to be experiencing a significant level of engine acceleration delay, some claim 2 to 3 seconds, just after a brief period of throttle fully closed "coastdown".
  • Purchased a new ES 330 in August and hav 3000 miles on it. I keep hearing a slight rattling noise when going over bumps in road and almost sounds like it is coming from the moonroof. Has anyone experienced noise from the moonroof? Should dealer be able to fix this?
  • This didn't work on my 2005 ES, any other ideas? Thanks
  • I guess I should have read the owners manual first. The trick is to turn the ignition to ACC or Lock postion then while depressing the reset button turn the key to the "on" position...
  • After some prompting, I easily moved the "electronics" from the old key housing to the new key housing. I'm now a totally satisfied customer and recommend Frank's Locksmith to those with broken Lexus keys.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    The Lexus ES is not being discontinued. In fact, an all-new redesigned ES 350 will be in dealers around April. Also, it has not been dropped in other countries - the car (known elsewhere as the Windom) was never sold in places like Europe. It was only offered in Japan and a few other countries and as far as I know the redesigned version will appear in those places as well (the Windom name may be dropped now that Lexus is a global brand).

    That said, the ES is the only Lexus car that shares its platform with a Toyota vehicle (the Camry), so in that regard it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the lineup.

    While Lexus is mostly a RWD company, Toyota for the most part will stay FWD as that is their bread-and-butter - cars like the Camry, Avalon and Corolla. Those vehicles will not be switched to RWD.
  • ajagajag Posts: 4
    Expect the most wonderful riding car. Just got the black diamond and it is fabulous. Loving every minute behind the wheel. 28 mpg hwy. Just a joy to drive.
  • ajagajag Posts: 4
    Who cares. The ES is just a wonderful car and it is a pleasure to be cruising in it. Enjoy life and buy the car. Loving the interior and the delight of a comfortable ride.
  • My 2005 ES 330 with 7600 miles is starting to fall apart! We use the sunshade in our ES quite a bit because our 8-year-old son rides in the back, and it makes the back seat more comfortable for him. For the past few months I have noticed a white nylon "cord" sticking out of the top of the sun shade on the passenger side. When the shade went up and down, the cord scraped against the rear window defroster glued to the inside of the rear window. Then I noticed on the driver side of the shade it was sagging, and no longer taut when it was up. So I assumed the cord probably anchors the shade material to the frame. Anyway, I took it in to Lexus for servicing, and they determined it has to be replaced (under warranty). So now I am "waiting for parts"!! The service writer said he had "never seen this problem before", but I am skeptical every time I hear a comment like that... The sun shade looks kind of flimsy to me.
    Has anyone else had any problems with their sun shade??
  • When we bought our 2005 ES330 in April, 2005, one of the attractions was the "Free Loaner" program. Well, it turns out the loaner car is not quite "free". Apparently since June of 2004, our local Lexus dealer charges for gas for the loaners. Their quote is, "The loaner is free, but the gas is not". I am not going to complain about a few bucks for gas, but I wonder if this policy is common among Lexus dealers, and if so, then why does Lexus continue to advertise "free loaners" when they are not free.
    So my question is, when you take your Lexus in for service, and you get a "free loaner", do you have to pay for gas or any other fees???
    Thanks for letting me vent....
  • I don't bring my 2001 ES to the dealer anymore. But when I did, the loaner was provided for free, no charge for gas. The gas tank was always about a quarter or less filled. So when I returned the car, I always put a gallon or two as a courtesy because I didn't want to return it with the empty warning light on. (Come to think of it, the last dealer trip was about two years ago. So it may have changed since. Must have something to do with increased price of gas during the last couple of years.)
  • I have the same rattle in the sunroof....have had it to the dealer and they claimed to have fixed it...but its back again...have other rattles they can't fix also the pass side door has a annoying rattle which they have tried to fix twice...and new this week is a horrible rattle from the instrument cluster. Add this to the master cylinder failing at 1030 miles, the hesitation problem and paint that chips and flakes like cheap nail polish and you get an unhappy customer. I fill out customer surveys from Lexus but no one ever contacts me. I expected more....however it is very comfortable and effortless to drive
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