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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    I've read some earlier comments about Lexus,
    Japanese cars in general, being boring, having
    no style or character. I wanna respond.
    I hope those of you who truly are owners of
    Lexus cars are not persuaded to believe that
    you're owning boring or unstylish cars. There
    is nothing wrong with our taste in styles. All
    cars have their own character. A Lexus car's
    character is being all it can be to please its
    owner. doing almost everything well. A BMW's
    character is "fun driving" but not reliable enough. Lexus cars are German cars biggest
    threat with owner satisfaction. so MB,BMW
    promoters, enthusiasts need to propagate that
    Lexus cars are boring, have no character.
    After all, MB, BMW have to be better than the
    competition at something if not at producing
    reliable cars, offering value.
    Regarding unigueness, look at BMW's 3,5,7, M coupe series. They all have the same basic
    designes except for size and luxury. Check out
    Audi's A4,A6,A8. they all look the same.
    At least each Lexus model has its own unique
    design. Even Acura is trying to do what the
    German makes are doing which is to have a
    "signature design". Acura cars tend to look alike
    these days, even the MDX SUV. So Lexus is on the
    right track of being innovative and a leader.
    Others need to catch up. And they have been
    scrambling to catch up. look at how MB,BMW have
    been offering better value, quality since the
    LS400,ES300 selling success of the early 90s.
    I just hope Lexus will not consider offering
    a "signature design" for all their cars. if so,
    then Lexus cars would really be boring.
    for now, they're on a roll.

    I know some of you are offended. sorry! just
    stating my honest opinion. for those who are
    actually MB,BMW enthusiasts disguised as Lexus
    enthusiasts, please state your claims that
    Lexus cars are boring at the BMW discussion
    board and you wouldn't have a response like this.
    Thank you!
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    It was me (and turbotc I think) that said earlier I thought my ES300 was boring and uninspired in the styling department, but that it made up for it in relaibility and the cost/benefit areas and that drove my decisions to buy. Why do you seem to imply I'm not a Lexus owner? Why can't a Lexus owner have negative thoughts as well as positive thoughts on their car? I am also an MB owner and enthusiest and I will state over and over again that my MBs are wonderful cars with a great feel and styling but have the limitation of high purchase prices for the features offered and a very high cost of maintanence. There are similar trade-offs for any car regardless of the particular car's strong points. It is silly to maintain otherwise.
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    Me again....btw: just saw a picture of the new Lexus SC with the retractable hard-top coming out soon. Pretty hot looking car. It is a little like the Boxter, but still has it's own look. Basicly awsome styling. Maybe some of that inspiration spilled over to the new ES coming out soon?? No one seems to be able to get any pics on the new ES though, so it's hard to tell.

    And, as was said a few posts ago, I don't think the ES is bad, or ugly, and I do own one. This forum helped me make up my mind and negotiate the deal back in July/August.
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    Actually I never said that the ES300 styling was boring. I actually think it is pretty attractive looking. I really like the rear lights (whitish) on the MY2000 and up. It is definitely not boring at all. I am just saying that it rides totally different than my E320. I really enjoy the handling of the MB as I really enjoy driving it. Then again they aren't comparable cars with the E320 like 20 grand more. But you can't beat the Lexus reliability. That just goes to say why so many Americans buy Japanese but if you go to Japan you will see why so few Japanese buy Americans.
  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    Hi guys,
    ok again sorry if I offended anyone.
    I was kinda disappointed with the new SC design
    but it is nice looking. I was expecting so much
    more from Lexus since the last SC was such an
    awsome design that left a major mark in the
    automotive world--future hall of famer for cars.
    I hope the new ES will not look like that.
    Lexus can do better. but the folding hard-top is
    impressive. I think they should try to speed it
    up though. Let's see if other manufacturers will
    do the same with their future models.
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    turbotc - sorry for wrongly including you in the "boring" catagory. I did not look back in the discussion. It's funny that you mention the rear-end. That is where I think the ES styling is the weakest!! Just goes to show you how people and opinions differ. I like the ES profile from the front center the best.

    A bit off-topic but, have you guys seen the whole new crop of convertables? The Toyota MR2, Lexus SC, Honda, the redesigned Thunderbird ... There are some really great cars coming out these days. Maybe I'll pry my wife's hands from her 84-SL and get her a 21st century car.

    btw: we test drove an SLK last year. The retractable hard-top is "way-cool". All the convienence and quiet of a sedan and yet a convertable!
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    Actually I don't understand why a lot of people say they can not tell whether the car is a ES or a Camry if they don't see the symbol on the car. I usually identify a car by looking at its taillights because taillight styles are unique on each car. I could just name any car on the road by just looking at their rear lights from a distance without looking at the symbol. The ES rear lights are never the same as the Camry's.

    After all, it comes down to "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Each individual's taste is different. One may prefer uniqueness (that's why you see car painted with combination of lime green and purple) while other may prefer conservative looking cars, so long as the look of the car pleases their eyes. For me, the 01 ES with clear rearlights lenses is attractive and the wood steering wheel makes it look very classy. That's why I bought the car. Oops, not really. Comfort is what make me decide on the Lexus vs. the TL.
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163

    No problem. My wife actualy loves her ES because she says it "feminine" looking. I actually think the ES is attractive front and back. My wife thinks the E320 and the TL looks too much of a "masculine" vehicle.


    Wow, looks like you can make a good state trooper, looking for stolen cars. My wife has no clues about what cars are what. She always says "as long as I can start it and it runs, who cares?" She once came home and told me a John Deere vehicle almost ran her of the road. i said what are you talking about, John Deere don't make cars. It turned out to be a Chevy Impala which has the logo of a deer. haha
  • I found some info and pictures on the Internet and thought I should share with you guys. I don't know if they were real or touch-up pictures. Does anyone know?


  • poomjai,

    Looks like you may have hit the jackpot on the first 2002 ES300 pictures.

    BUT....if those pictures of the front end are accurate, I sure as hell am glad I have a 2000-2001 model, not the upcoming one.

    Whew. Am glad I dodged a bullet in styling degradation by buying the current model.!!!!

    Al F.
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    That looks like a BAT MOBILE. or a Hyundai Tuboron.
  • If that article is correct and the engine is remaining a 3.0L, that is REAL disappointing! The current car suffers from a severe lack of low end torque even with VVT-i. I don't understand what Lexus would be thinking, especially given the fact that the new Acura 3.2 TL-S is cranking out 260HP. I would be nice to see a 3.3L (ES330) or even 3.5L (ES350). Maybe they are trying to keep the gas mileage up or developing a brand new engine would have driven up the cost too much. I hope they at least go with a 5 speed automatic and make the transmission more responsive, i.e., quicker to downshift. The current transmission is a smooth one but there is at least a once second hesitation when you try to kick it down to 2nd.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    That is NOT the new ES -- it is somebody messing with existing photography. That is the exact image that was in the ES brochure a few years ago. Somebody just altered the front end. If you look at the rest of the car, including the creases on the hood where they meet the windshield, you'll see it is the current car.

    The new ES should follow other recent Lexus new cars and have the pullout door handles (this car does not have them) and either no lower cladding or cladding that is body color (this car is two-tone).

    I don't buy this picture for one minute.
  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    I don't think that's the new ES either.
    It doesn't look right. If it is and Lexus
    maintains the same 3.0L 210hp, I would be
    very disappointed in Lexus.

    furthermore, I believe I saw an ES pic on the
    jp site that was just like that(same background
    and front end shot) but it was the current
    ES design.

    so a strong possibility is that it's just a
    touch up. nice try!
    thanks Poomjai for sharing it. how did you find
  • I know what you're talking about with the taillights. I can do that too. I was kinda disappointed when they changed the LS's real taillights; they stayed the same for the first 10 years.
  • First-a sidenote. I have been looking for Scoop's site for a while now. Thank You

    As far as the accuracy of the pictures, Scoop is hit-and-miss, but I remember with the LS 430, they were way off, so I don't know. That other site had the picture though, so it could be accurate.

    The specs will not be accurate, because that is a Japanese site, so the specs will only apply for Japanese models. I would be really surprised if the don't put a new V6 in there.

    In relation to Scoop's accuracy, check the lexus on this page out:

    I doubt it
  • Hi

    I'm shopping for an ES 300 in the Maryland region. Any ideas on the prices paid for it ?
  • lievliev Posts: 93

    Well, but scrongo, I didn't pay attention about taillights that far back, especially, luxury cars. I have been looking at taillights 2,3 years ago. so I only can name new car models.


    I should have said that I can name newer models of cars by looking at taillights. I'm not qualify for being a state trooper yet, but may be in few years......
    That was funny, but at least your wife knew there is a company call John Deer.
  • lue5lue5 Posts: 2
    I really like the Coach Editions because of the leather seat styling. Yesterday I saw a 2001 Coach that has a half wooded steering wheel which I don't like. Does anyone know what was the last year they made a Coach with just the simple leather-covered steering wheel?

    I've been in the market for over a year looking for a new/ewer car. So far I like the Lexus ES300 because of its reliability. While the handling is okay but it doesn't really excite me like a BMW does (which I've owned but no longer want the hassles that come with it). I test drove a '01 GS300. It was nice but don't know if I would spend the extra $10K.

    Has anyone test drove the GS300? I would appreciate any comments. Thanks in advance.
  • The Coach is new for this year and the package includes the wood trimmed wheel. You won't see any usaed ones yet.

    While the Coach is nice for $300 less you can get the Nakamichi package which offers more practical accessories and deletes the wood trimmed wheel. You might have to look for a used one with that or other packages instead.

    Don't know where you live but remember the GS is rear wheel drive as opposed to ES FWD. As a Minnesota boy that rules it out for me. It's definitely tighter and better handling than the ES but surprisingly offers less room especially in the rear. Aesthetics are up to you of course. Personally even if I lived in RWD country I'd still take the ES and the extra cash but both would be far more reliable and offer better resale value than a comparable BMW, as well as being smoother and quieter over time.
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