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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • The inside of the rear window on our '05 ES330 has some kind of crud or film on it that is slowly getting harder and harder to see through. Cannot clean it with window cleaner or vinegar and water but it kind of scrapes off under a fingernail. Any idea what this is? Is there supposed to be some kind of coating to protect the defogger wires that might be going bad? Dealer as you might imagine, was clueless.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Plastic window tint..??
  • The sound on my Mark Levinson system just stopped working in my 05 ES330. The sound on the navigation works but no sound on the radio/cd players. The warranty is now out due to the miles. Any one ever had this problem or heard of it? Sure hope it will be an easy, inexpensive fix. Thanks for any advice?
  • I have inherited my wife's 2005 ES330 (She's got the Infiniti EX35) . It is approaching 50K miles. Transmission hesitation problem, I lived with as I learned to drive conservatively. In return, saved me from many speeding tickets.

    I am ready to move on to a different car though. I looked at 2005/2006 CPO LS430, since it was the ultimate luxury. Testing driving the LS430 taught me that ES330 was very nicely built car for the half of the price.

    So, for those former or about to become a former ES330 owners, what car or SUV are you considering?

    After the comfort ride in the ES330, I don't think I can ever go back to small cars like 328, C300 or even G35/G37 coupe.

  • curt2005curt2005 Posts: 70
    When I bought my used ES330, I also drove the ES350 a couple of times. A big difference (aside from the price ) was the very large blind spot on the 350.

    BTW, when you do need to really accelerate just depress the gas pedal very quickly. The engine computer will then accelerate the car quickly.

    My theory is that the slow acceleration was designed into the software so that the car would get better pollution ratings.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    How quickly you depress the gas pedal has less to do with avoiding the 1-2 second downshift delay/hesitation than how "quickly" (or slowly) you released the gas pedal just previously.

    Oftentimes when you relax pressure on the gas pedal an upshift sequence will begin. Once that upshift has begun and you now suddenly wish to accelerate the DBW system will ENFORCE a delay in rising engine torque until the upshift is completed, and the subsequent downshift (for acceleration) is completed.

    Even worse if the previous releasing of the gas pedal was a full release. In that case the engine RPM will have dropped to idle and the ATF line pressure volume capability will drop accordingly, resulting in an elongated re-acceleration downshift delay, more in the range of 2+ seconds.

    Newer Toyota/Lexus FWD and F/awd vehicles, ~'08 and forward, have revised engine/transaxle ECU control firmware that "watches" the rate at which the gas pedal is released and attempts to predict your current/future intent. When accelerating slowly or moderately, and with a quick/fast release of the gas pedal will result in the transaxle remaining in the lower gear you were just using for acceleration. Whereas a slow/easy release of the gas pedal in the above circumstance will result in a normal upshift on the assumption that your wish is to exit acceleration "mode" and simply begin cruising along.

    The problem is that the driver does not always know his/her "future" intent, as in slowing for a stop light which suddenly turns green. Or in a freeway entry/acceleration lane, fully release the gas pedal to/while looking over your shoulder for a traffic entry slot, oops, one upcoming but now no downshift available for the next 2 seconds...

    The Ford Edge has adopted a variable displacement ATF oil pump to overcome this problem, high volume capacity with low engine RPM and incrementally lower capacity as engine RPM climbs.
  • mgormanmgorman Posts: 1
    Have a chk engine light and Traction Control light. What are the steps to check/diagnose? Thanks
  • wdwwardwdwward Posts: 9
    I am the original owner of a 1998 Lexus ES 300. It has just turned 81K. Besides the usual maintenance at every 3,750 miles, I have had the following done:
    New tires at 45K.
    Replace cabin air filter at 60K ($75).
    Replace 2 oxygen sensors at 64K ($500).
    New battery and alternator at 75K (405).

    The brakes still have 25% left and a Lexus dealer has never seen the car since I bought it. A good independent garage in Seattle has always serviced it. I plan to replace the timing belt & water pump at 90K.

    Now a question for you experts - how long can I expect it to go without major repair?
  • carholmcarholm Posts: 1
    I am currently looking for a one of these which include the nav system. for a 2002 lexus 300ES. Wow.Harder than I thought. Tryin desperately to find a cheap one online.If anyone has any advice,pls.advise eek,help! thx
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Depends on what you call major repair. If you consider a Radiator or Alternator major, then probably 150,000 miles. If you consider the engine or trnasmission major, you can probably get to 300,000 miles if properly maintained.
  • sean300sean300 Posts: 41
    Hi. I have posted in this forum many times before but I need help with another issue. I have a 98 es300, 199,400 miles on the odometer. Just replaced the alternator with a rebuilt one. The abs and traction control light have flickered on and off for a few minutes 2-3 days in the last week. The lights go on simultaneously and blink for a couple of minutes then go off. Can anyone tell me what is going on and how do I correct this? I know that I will have normal breaking even if the system is off. Thanks for your input.
  • dmac50dmac50 Posts: 1
    Let me if your search is a successful one. I am looking for the same thing.
  • firbirdfirbird Posts: 9
    I need tire recommendations for Lexus ES330 2005 in Charlottesville VA.

  • Go with the Michelin Primacy MXV4. I put them on my wife's 02 Lexus ES300 and my 09 Camry. They have 60K warranty and are the top rated tire in the November 2009 Consumer Reports tests of 29 H & V rated tires. They are also best in class on road tests and consumer reviews.

    Really upgraded the Handling significantly in from the OEM Camry Bridgestone Turanzas which wore out prematurely.
  • Hello all and Merry Christmas!

    Just purchased a 2003 Lexus ES300 with 57K miles. Paid 13K for it in Houston, Texas at Westside Lexus. Rudy Hall was my salesman and did a good job I felt. If you need a good friendly salesman give him a call. Car is in pretty awesome shape. New Michelin tires and all the services are documented through the dealership and even the 60K and 65K miles services have been completed. Car was bought and traded in at this dealership. They would have certified it for $2900 more, but I decided against it for the money.

    Moving from a Volvo S80 into this machine. The volvo has been an awesome car except for the electrical repairs that are starting to add up.

    Looking forward to learning more about this car from you guys! Thanks

  • I just purchased a 2006 Lexus ES330..i was offered by the dealership to purchase an alarm system. I was wondering if i am being offered an item that is already built in the car. I need your help ASAP because i still have the option to cancel the installation of an alarm system. I was also offered to purchase a warranty, 4 years/50,000 miles for $2,100. Is it worth it to buy the warranty? My new car's mileage is 45,700. Thanks. Pinaynars
  • My driver's side low beam just went out on my 2002 Lexus ES300. Can I just replace a bulb or do I have to buy the whole headlight assembly. The manual doesn't say.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    The bulb can be replaced.
  • I've just purchased a 99 Lexus and I hope someone can help me with some CD player questions.

    I currently have no player in my lexus but would like to install one. I understand that there were two types used. Trunk mount and glovebox mount. Which one was used in the 99 es300?

    What cables would be needed (if required) and would it be a plug and play situation?
  • toyolla2toyolla2 Posts: 158
    regarding the '99 ES300
    The Pioneer 6-disc CD autochanger (Multi-CD Play) is located in the glovebox. The car is pre-wired for this option which was dealer installed.

    The magazine holds six trays with the CD's loaded label face down - Pioneer Style. Although the magazine appears similar to that which Pioneer uses on their home machines it is not compatible.
    The Lexus trays slide out for loading, the domestic Pioneer has the trays pivot out from one corner.

    The player was always included in Package 1 cars which had the moonroof as well. That may not be too helpful because the last time I was in a breaker's yard I don't recall seeing any Lexus at all.

    I would at least try your local dealer. I remember at the time, while outside, deciding on the color scheme, the salesman drew my attention to a totalled Lexus just brought in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the much trumpeted "crumple zones" on this car. The owner was able to walk away, he said. Which got me to thinking it's possible they remove any goodies like the CD player and put them up on EBAY.
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