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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    I'd forgive the exterior look if the engine made more HP.

    Also someone mentioned before that the exterior looked like a Peugeot 607. I think so too. Check out the Peugeot:

  • There is a resemblance to the 607. At least the front. I don't like it either.
  • The design of the '02 ES300 has grown on me. If you've already seen spyshots of the '02 Camry, I think the ES300 design severs any discussion about it looking like the Camry. The Camry is edgy and rotund, the ES300 is sleek and refined.

    I get a kick reading postings about the ES300 not having enough power than a TL or I30. If that's the case, QUIT YOUR WHINING and go buy an Acura or Infinity! You'll get a cheap and gaudy interior with less than stellar customer service with both. I had and got rid of the current I30 and it screamed "cheap" everytime I looked at the circular analog clock in the middle of the dashboard. I also couldn't tell it apart from a Maxima.
  • hmm, maybe you should not be so quick and hasty on your opinion (pro or con) of the ES300 and reserve your judgement on it until you actually see it in person and drive it. Maybe if you spent some more time doing research on a car before you made any rash decisions you wouldn't have bought your I30 in the first place.
  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    How's everybody doing?

    first off, thanks Edmunds for being one of the
    first to present the roadtest of the new ES.
    you guys are good!! can't find it in any
    competitor's site accept

    I think the all new ES is a serious stylish
    statement by Lexus inside and out. Sure it
    may not be as revolutionary and groundbreaking
    as a MB, BMW, Audi, Bentley, Jaguars but it
    should compete well against other Japanese
    brands. right? As far as it being bland, Lexus
    cars have never been bland. perhaps only bland
    to those who wouldn't buy it anyway, regardless.
    and don't try to convince me that you're a lexus
    owner who thinks it's bland. how would I know?
    The corolla, camry, tercel, takoma and most
    other nonluxury, basic transportation cars of other brands are "bland". but luxury is a different league. Lexus showed some guts in
    this new ES design considering the fact that
    most ES buyers tend to be conservative whereas
    most other luxury makes, although may redesign
    their cars every few years, are very conservative
    in staying close to the previous designs. I give
    lexus at least this much credit.

    On the exterior, I would prefer a closer look to
    the previous generation ES. because that one
    really help personify the ES. Can't mistake it
    when parked next to other cars. Its elegance and
    a sense of luxury really stands out. does it look
    like a Peugot? perhaps a little but you can also
    say the Peugot looks like a Celica. you really
    have to see the whole picture to apreciate it.

    On the interior, now this is where lexus really
    excel. The ES truly moved upscale despite a price
    I suspect will remain competitive. It looks even
    better than most luxury cars costing thousands $$
    more. And it appears that lexus has raised the
    luxury standard "again" on smoothness and refinement. but we shall see.

    Overall, the competitions including MB, BMW 3
    series automatic sedan, Automatic A6, TL, I30
    don't have much to compete against the new ES.
    think about it. consider everything. look at the
    big picture.

    so the popular way to make oneself feel better
    and appear more in control is to try to downgrade
    a serious contender and that's the ES.


    most of these people who think it looks bland or
    uqly wouldn't buy the ES regardless. The purpose
    of the whining may be to discourage those who
    are considering buying it. They're not the target
    audience. it shouldn't have any problem addressing
    the target buyers needs. especially after lexus
    makes some improvements like a chrome grille

    but seriously, it's great to see so many posts
    even from the competitors enthusiasts. everyone
    should be able to share their opinions and I just
    shared mine. that's democracy. everyone's presence here merely popularize the ES forum and
    ultimately the ES.

    Thanks again Edmunds.

    Take care everybody!
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Bland is an opinion. It is bland if a a buyer perceives it as bland. It does not require unanimous agreement.
    I think the rear looks slightly bland, but the front is beyond "bland." It is actually a a negative aspect to the car.
    A TL has bland styling that is kind of boring and too similar to an Accord, but it is not offensive or ugly like many view the looks of the the 2002 ES300's front end.
    The interior looks nice in the photos and, of course, being the newest design, it should be the smoothest and quietest in the class when it comes out. The aging design of the current 2001 ES300 has been bypassed in smoothness and driving feel by less expensive cars like the TL for the last few years.
    It would truly be shocking if the new 2002 ES300 would not be the smoothest and quietest since it will be the latest design and also the most expensive of the Japanese near-luxury cars when equipped normally.
    It is kind of ridiculous that leather seats and moonroof are still not standard equipment in a car like this. They make these features optional so that the base MSRP looks more competive against competing cars even though they know that 99% of the cars will be ordered with leather seats and moonroof at the very least.
  • Currently, I have a 1999 300M with about 50k. I will be looking to replace the car in the spring and the new ES 300 will be on by shopping list. I think the new design is looks fresh and elegant, in my opinion, much better than the old version. My objective for a car is an interstate cruiser because I log alot of highway miles annually. I want comfort, quiet and reasonable handling. My 300M is a good car, but lots of rattles and very noisy. More of a sports sedan versus a luxury sedan. Based on the limited reviews I have read on the ES, this car tilts toward the luxury side of the scale, which is perfect for me. Regarding the 210 horsepower engine, if it does 0 - 60 in around 8 seconds, that is more than enough power for 100% of my driving needs. The difference between 8.0 and 7.8 (the tested time for my 300 M)is negligible and I think the 300M is very powerful. If your main objective in a sedan is acceleration, than go buy a BMW or TL. You will sacrifice luxury for a bit more performance. Your call. I prefer the luxury of the Lexus.
  • Good article in Motor Trend. There only real negative was the power *dificiency*.

    It looks good in Motor Trend though.
  • rogert3rogert3 Posts: 2
    Those who've been whinning about how ugly, bland, and hyundai-like, an so on... I think it just looks the most expensive of any japanese near-luxury models out there, and I don't see how this redesign is any bland/boring than the current model!! I've often heard that japanese cars are boring to look at or to drive and have no personality. Nevertheless, the 2002 ES300 is a REALLY FINE LOOKING automobile, in my opinion. No cars are perfect no matter at what price range, so buy what you can afford and feel comfortable with.
  • apakdapakd Posts: 2
    i am thinking of buying a lexus es 300 2002 but iam not sure if the new curtain airbag is safe for children who are sitting in the back .If anyone have this information please let me know.Thanks a lot.
  • I haven't added up the comments on this forum, but it appears more people are disappointed with the styling on the 2002 ES300 than love it.

    I will reserve styling comments until I see the car in person. I was very disappointed initially, but have seen a few photos that show promise.

    My wife and I own two Lexuses (a 2000 LX470 and a 1999 RX300) and one Mercedes (98 E320). I couldn't disagree with you more ved3. I think everyone wants the same attributes in this vehicle - style, luxury, sport, quality, and value. That's what I want. I don't want a car that looks like every other boring car on the road or, as it relates to the ES300, like a Toyota Camry. I haven't seen the 2002 Camry, so I don't know if the ES300 looks like it or not.

    I assumed Lexus would design a car with stunning style. Since they haven't, in my opinion, I am less inclined to buy this car.

    Has anyone on this board seen this car in person. And, if you have, would you mind providing comments?
  • bcjacob1bcjacob1 Posts: 39
    I read the Edmunds article talking about the '02 ES300 nav sys stating this is 1 of the best systems out there....B/S

    We own a '00 TL w/ nav and '01 RX300 w/ nav. The TL nav system is mucheasier to use and has more info than the Lexus system. It's not even a close race.
  • tcpip1tcpip1 Posts: 121
    I know Acura uses the nav system made by Alpine. Does anyone know who makes the nav system for the new ES300/Camry?
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    Can anyone tell me why the prices for the ES300 have gone UP on I would think that now that the 2002 ES300 is out that the prices would have gone down. Their prices are approx. $1300 over invoice. Did a recent incentive expire or what?
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    The 2002 ES300 is not going to be out until October.
  • fredvh,
    I paid $500 over invoice for my Coach edition in March 2001. My dealer, Concord Lexus, told me invoice price was $30,600, not including destination. I called two other Lexus dealers to confirm invoice. Both said invoice was $30,600. So, I don't think they lied to me. I figure with the hold back, $600, I left $1,100 on the table. That's a little over 3%. I guess not to bad for a car in demand.
    The day I picked mine up, three other customers were picking up their new ES also. When I bought mine, end of first quarter, salesman was very eager to sell a car. I think the dealership was more concerned about moving volume rather than profit margin. They probably had ordered a "ton" of coach editions and wanted to move them so they could take advantage of "hold back".
    If the new design does not meet customer expectations, I suspect there may be a run on the existing ES inventory. Dealers may be less likely to deal. Don't know.
    I am glad I bought mine when I did. The new design does not appeal to me.

  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    Go to your local shopping mall and notice most of the stores that remain year after year specialize in something..."Nothin' but Candles" or "T-Shirts by the Billions"...the ones that are really successful aim at one market segment and do it better than anyone else. Automobile makers (at least the ones that do well) all do it too. If you want the best no-nonsense basic sedan you buy an Accord or a Camry. If you want the same thing for a bit more $ with more power and sport, you buy a Maxima. If you want the biggest, most beefy, nine passenger hauler, you buy a Suburban. Lexus is known for an absolutely smooth, plenty quick, very quiet automobile with great reliability, good resale, best-in-the-business customer service, and a prestige nameplate. They have a large customer base who wants just what they have to offer. I'd be surprised if they changed direction in 2002. The name of the game is finding your audience and doing whatever it is you do better than anyone else...exactly what Lexus has done so far with the ES300.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 853
    Thanks for your information. I suspect we will see better prices as the introduction nears for the new ES300(October according to s852).
    I too do not like the new styling but then again I do not like a lot of the new styles. They seem to grow on you after a while though.
    How do you like your new Lexus? Have you had any problems? What kind of gas mileage are you getting on it?
  • So far it's everything you hear about the Lexus experience. Dealer is top notch. 4200 miles, nothing has gone wrong. Checked mpg only once with about 1,000 miles on odometer, avg. 21.5mpg combined driving. That number should go up when engine breaks in.
    Couple other web sites you may want to check for invoice pricing. and
    Good luck!

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