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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • tcpip1,

    Nippon-Denso makes the Nav system.
  • it includes a few pictures I have not seen elsewhere

  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    If you don't care for the styling cues on the ES, consider the 2002 Camry XLE with Navigational system.

  • lievliev Posts: 93
    the es 300 2002 styling has the sporty look to it. but i somehow think the old style though boring but has more class in its look.

    anyways, i got a question. i had a 5K maintenance service on my car. do i t need to follow the schedule maintenance at every 7.5K (i prefer at least an oil change at 5K)? i could just have an oil change at 10K and then major routine maintenance at 15K, right? anyone has any idea?
  • Don't know if this is proper board to discuss maintenance, but lets try until host tells us different. Lexus includes 1,000 and 7,500 check ups free. So take advantage of it and keep your Lexus under warranty.
    I to questioned the maintenance schedule. I change the oil on my cars every 3,000 miles, give or take a couple hundred. I called my Lexus service manager and asked about doing oil changes myself. He said that was fine, don't even need receipts. I'll keep mine anyway. He said the 15,000 marks were important to have done. (15,000, 30,000, 45,000 etc.)
    Does anybody else have comments on this?

  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    I used to think oil changes at 3,000 to 5,000 miles were a good idea. Then I started reading Edmund's Town Hall topic,"Engine Sludge". Now I think oil changes at 3,000 to 5,000 miles are a GREAT idea. Every car, no matter how good, seems to have an achilles heel, and the RX300 is no different. The engine really needs clean, fresh oil!
  • hayabusahayabusa Posts: 26
    All the reviews I've read till now said nothing about the styling of 2002 ES being ugly or bland... In fact they call it daring, sleek, and stuff. I think you have to see the ES in person before judging it.
  • I too have read the "sludge" board. Only seems to have happened to several Lexus's. I know the people it has happened to feel it is a Manufacturer problem. I think somebody, oil change shop?, did not change oil or put sub par oil in engine. I have had several bad experiences by these oil change places. I do not trust anybody to touch my car. I do all my own oil changes. Only submit to dealer at 15,000, 30,000, 45,000 ect.
    How do you like your RX? I have a friend who owns one. He loves his.


    P.S. Host, I know we have digressed to sludge and maintenance on this board. Will try to stop. Did not intentionally take conversation this way. Just kind of went that direction. Thanks for your understanding.
  • You're just seeing things.

    Check out alot of other cars, the front wheel wells usually have bigger openings than the rear wheels due to the greater up and down travel the front suspension makes as opposed to the rear. Why does it do that? When braking a FWD car pushes all weight forward dropping the front suspension, and when accelerating, the weight lifts off of the front wheel. Second, it also looks like the front end wheel wells are much higher because front to back, cars typically gain height. By that I mean, the side glass has a higher ending point at the end of the rear side doors, and the mouldings and so on rise also as they go backwards across the car.
  • My wife's BMW has the bigger front wheel well opening also, but only slightly as compared to the rear.
  • You are right. I have deleted my message.
    I'm just trying to figure out what it is about the style that does not appeal to me.

  • Disclaimer: The following is subjective OPINION based on the limited knowledge of some nitwit who just wants to get his two cents in. If you have a problem with opinions other than your own, KEEP SCROLLING, DO NOT read the following.

    What were the Lexus designers thinking when they were designing the rear of the ES. I mean, were they tired or sleepy or something. It looks ripped right off the hind quarters of the first-gen Avalon. I mean, come on, the plebeian rear doesn't match with the haute front styling.

    Furthermore, i always thought that that luxury version of a car was supposed to look better than the everyday midsize version of it. The '02 Camry looks WAY better and far more balanced (Remember the disclaimer if you disagree with me)than the ES.
  • domettgdomettg Posts: 55
    Looking at the spy photo of the '02 Camry, I think the side view around the 'C' pillars looks like the current generation (1997-2001) ES300. I think it looks more sporty than the '02 ES300.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    I so dislike the style of the new ES.

    It looks like Chrysler designed it!

    I especially dislike the window treatment on the back doors, with the curved C pillars.

    That's my $.02.
  • shus226shus226 Posts: 9
    I have a 95 ES300 w/120,000 miles. I may need a rebuilt transmission soon. Right now it is running fine. Has anyone have their transmission rebuilt? At what mileage and how much? thanks,
  • Get the tranny rebuilt when it falls apart. Don't rebuild it just because of mileage.

    I'm sure a rebuilt tranny for a Lexus is expensive, somewhere in the $4K range.

    2002 ES300,

    I think people need to wait to see the actual car in person. I didn't find the ES300 to be good looking at first in pics either, but it's grown on me. And the magazines have all basically said the car is good looking and distinctive.

    I think one of the reasons alot of people don't like it right now is because the 2002 ES300 is a big styling departure from the 1997-2001 model. Alot of you people were expecting evolutionary styling like what happened to the ES300 from 1996 to the 97 model year.

    I welcome the new big headlights, it adds alot of character to the styling and those headlights create a family resemblance with the GS, LS, and SC430.
  • I agree with you, ripinrocket, on two points. Car will look different in person and "it" is starting to grow on me also. But, you can't deny first impressions are important. When I saw the spy photos of the new 2002 Camry, see post #1184, I liked what I saw. Granted the views are very limited. But, from what I can see, I like it. First impression was good. Not so with the ES.

  • Personally, it's just a car, so if in real life the car looks good, the first impression means nothing.

    The 2002 Camry looks pretty good too, but from the pics, the rear overhang looks too long and the rear Maxima-Neon-ish tailights don't do it for me. But again, I'll wait to see that in person also before passing judgement.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    For years the automotive design trend was to larger windows, lower "belt-line". That tends to make cars look lower and lighter. Now, it seems, the trend is to raise the "belt-line" with taller doors and smaller windows. It's very retro and things are beginning to all look like a 1951 Mercury. There are certain "truths" in design (and I happen to be in the design business) and something called the golden-mean (around since the Greeks) that describes visually pleasing proportions. Raising the visual center of gravity on the new ES300 makes it appear a little over-weight in need of a six-week low-cal diet. Glad I bought my '01.
  • Could not agree more. Also glad I bought mine in 2001.
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