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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • Here are some approximate costs for services for my 1995 ES300. It now was about 105,000 miles on it, so some of the earlier service costs may have gone up by now a bit.

    7.5K: ~$90
    15K: ~$250
    30K: ~$350
    45K: ~$300
    60K: ~$650

    At 120K miles I'm planning on changing the timing belt so total 120K service cost should be about $1.5K.

    The servicing costs for my 2000 LS400 are pretty similar at least up to 20K miles.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    I've noticed that for some of the Lexus services, (e.g. 15K), not that much more is done outside of standard maintenance (oil change, tire rotation, etc.), but they charge a whole lot more.
  • Well, of course, they ratchet up the prices of major services by doing alot of useless services. Like, I know, the "checks" and "inspections" are basically B.S. I remember my 15K service included oil change, oil filter, tire rotation, air filter, wiper blades, transmission fluid change, and then of course, the usual checks and inspections at 15K interval. Personally, the price isn't that overinflated.

    I do feel the 7.5K oil changes are overinflated. All they really do is change oil, filter and rotate tires and wash the car for $90 bucks. That should really cost $50 bucks tops.
  • On the other hand, my son's Honda recently went in for it's 15K service and that car also cost about $250 and that included no transmission fluid change. So other dealer's inflate prices also.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    Yes, I agree those "checks" and "inspections" are BS. In fact, if you asked them about those things during a routine oil change, they'll check those things for you for free, and probably more carefully.

    If you think the 7.5k service is overinflated at $90, then I would think that you would think the 15k service be overinflated as well. You're paying $160 more for air filter, wiper blades, and transmission fluid change.
    Wiper blades...$10, easy to change yourself. Air filter...$30, easy to change yourself. That leaves $120 for a transmission fluid change. I don't think even Lexus would charge that much for a transmission fluid change as a separate service.

    On another note, I take my Honda to the dealer for service and this dealer has pretty competitive prices ($20 for oil change, top off of all fluids, and the BS checks). My Lexus dealer charges $50 for the same, which is pretty expensive but not enough to make me want to risk service at a non-Lexus place.
  • Well, I called my local Acura dealership and I spoke with service. He tried to rattle off things that they do, and then said that the extra charge probably came in the window repair saying that not EVERYTHING can be covered by warranty. I though that he was just BSing me so I demanded to speak with the owner of the dealership. I was put on hold for 25 minutes and they finally said he must be out because he isn't answering and I was continuously kicked back to the operator. I have decided to call Acura direct and complain about this dealership. If for nothing more than the problems I have had with them (too many to list). I will also ask about the price I was charged.

    Is this common for Acura? How is Lexus service? I may just buy a Benz because of the service if this is what it is like. The Chevy dealership I bought my son's car at is better than this!
  • autos3autos3 Posts: 24
    I wanted to share with everyone my experience to date with our 02 ES. I am the guy who traded in a 02 Acura Tl Type S for this car, which created some debate here.

    First, this car is so different from the TL, they should not be compared to each other. The Lexus ES IS in a different league here. My TL was a nice ride, (don't forget, we also own a 00 3.5 RL, which we LOVE) but the 02 ES blow the TL away.
    Sure the ES is not as quick as the acura, but that is not what the Lexus is about. The
    Acura is a sports sedan, the Lexus is a luxury sedan. I am not suffering from the buyers remorse that was discussed on this thread. Again, the Lexus is a better car. Period.
  • How would you compare the two cars? How is the ride similiar or different? the comfort? the stereos? Which one do you most enjoy driving?
  • antiosama (love that handle; maybe I'll adopt one called antisaddam starting in a couple of weeks or so),

    Your posts show a little Canadian flag rather than a US flag, so I'm wondering if the costs you cited in your post #1761 and others are in Canadian or US dollars? They seem to be US, but if Canadian, you're getting a great deal. And if US, how come your posts show a Canadian flag? Just curious.

    Al in Seattle area

    P.S. I called both Lexus dealers in the Greater Seattle area for the cost of a 10,000 mile service on my 2000 ES 300 (just the routine LOF, tire rotation, fluid level checks, wash and vaccuum.) The Bellevue Lexus dealer quoted $135!! (which I confirmed by a callback--and got a different voice on the phone--the next day.) The Seattle Lexus dealer quoted $79.95 for the same thing. Guess which one I used? Wrong!! I took it to the local Toyota dealer for $69 (didn't get the car wash, but G-d did that for me on the way home.)

    Moral: if you have more than one Lexus and/or Toyota dealership in your area, or a trustworthy independent (non-dealer) shop, call around for pricing, especially for routine servicing.
  • gdb55gdb55 Posts: 14
    Anybody have any recent experience purchasing from Lexus of Portland or Lexus of Eugene? Any difference between the two as far as price, service, etc.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    Bought the car in Valencia, Ca. ($1000 over invoice for ML, NAV etc. Black Garnet Pearl)

    Brought it to Fletcher Jones in Vegas for service. I was very happy that I didn't get the 3rd degree about where I bought the car.

    The porters, service writer, greeter......everyone came out to look at the color. They all said it was rare and couldn't stop complimenting it. They may do this to all colors for all I know. LOL!!!

    I did have 2 complaints that were deemed normal. Found out that "clunk" upon roll out is the ABS going through a self check. The wind noise complaint was funny. The service mgr. drove it and could not duplicate at 65 MPH. I told him that it buffeted around 80. He said he can't drive a customer's car that fast. I told him I could, get in!! We did 90ish and he did hear it but said at those speeds it was just outside air. Oh well, the car is perfect except for those 2 things and the dealer service was great.

    I did the first oil change myself(the filter is a PITA to get to)at 1500 miles and will let Lexus do the 5000 mile change for free. 3000 miles there after.

    Not to start a flame war but if a Ford or GM made this type of noise would it be accepted??
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    I hadn't thought of going to Toyota for service before, but now that I think about it, the Camry and ES must share a lot of internal components. Now I'm wondering if the national service history database is a Lexus/Toyota thing or just for Lexus.
  • Who did you work with at the Valencia Lexus dealer? I was quoted about $2,000 over invoice about a week ago. Was the car sitting on their lot? You got one heck of a deal!!!
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I wouldn't buy a Benz just for service. In the latest Road & Track magazine they have an article on owners who filled out a survey for their 1996-2000 E-Class. In the article it says:

    "If the E-Class - and Mercedes-Benz in general - has an Achilles' heel, it's in the area of dealer service, which topped our survey respondents' gripe list. Relative to competeing luxury marques, Mercedes dealers did not fare well in our survey. 75% of the owners gave their dealers good or excellent marks, compared to 97% for Lexus..."

    Later the article says "...the most likely answer comes down to the high cost of dealer service; it's appallingly high. A whopping 65% of the owners rated dealer prices for parts and labor as either expensive or very expensive. Compare this to...40% of the Lexus owners who said the same."

    The article also said Mercedes in Southern california charges $60 for a simple oil change.

    The one time I had a minor complaint about a service I had Lexus Corporate called me the next day at work to follow up and then sent me a golf shirt.

    As an aside, I think the service database is Lexus only. If you get work done at a Toyota dealer it will not show up.
  • kreativ, $25 for a HOnda oil change to $60 for a simple Lexus oil change is questionable. That is a 140% increase in price. $200 for a 15K service at a Honda dealer vs. $250 for a 15K service at a Lexus dealer(which includes trans. fluid) is a 25% increase but you're getting your trans. fluid changed also. Doesn't seem bad at all. The oil change does though. Not to mention my son's Honda dealer charges for Loaner cars at the clip of about $15 for they day plus insurance. Free at Lexus.

    afinegold, That is US dollars. I am Canadian by birth and citizenship but live in the United States. Adopt antisaddam as your name. Gotta do your part to mock those evil people as the Pres calls them.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    I will admit I had a "connection". My Brother in law was a manager there and let Gary Schaffer(?) handle the deal. Ask for Gary and tell him Jack from Vegas sent you. I was told that they, up to that point in time, had never let a NAV car go for that deal. Yes, the car was on the lot and, as strange as it may seem, was EXACTLY what we wanted equipment wise, the color just sealed the deal. Good luck.
  • As an aside, I think the service database is Lexus only. If you get work done at a Toyota dealer it will not show up.

    Actually, it does not matter at all, whether it shows up in their database or not. You can even get the car serviced at jiffy lube or any other quick service places, to maintain your warranty. You can even change the oil yourself at home, just be sure to save your receipts. That is all it takes to keep your warranty active. When there is warranty work however, it is preferable to take it to a Lexus dealer.

    For all other services, you can get it done anywhere, as long as you keep the receipts.

    Of course, I personally would get my car (3.2TL) serviced at the Acura dealership, even though I would un-hesitatingly take it to a Honda dealership, if the Acura dealers overcharge me.

  • This figure may be misleading. Mercedes is now using synthetic oil in its new cars. Even at Costco, six quarts of Mobil 1 costs $22. Also, everything is relative -- I know a guy who owns a Porsche 911 who paid $195 (this is not a misprint) for what amounted to an oil change (with syn oil) at the P dealer.
  • I used to work for a guy who owned a Porsche..we both used the same service station for routine work and the owner of the service station was a friend of mine. He once told me, you know why it costs $250.00 (or some other outrageous number) for a Porsche tune up?

    Just because......
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    The standard '02 ES audio system has excessive background noise/hiss, which I confirmed across a couple ESes. The background noise can be easily heard if you turn on the radio with the engine not running and the volume set to its lowest point. The ML system doesn't have this issue, nor do any of the standard Lexus systems I've heard in the past.
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