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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • toyo_ztoyo_z Posts: 47
    lotusfla --
    My ES300 has the premium package + HID lamps;
    Edmunds TMV was $33,674; Countyline gave it to me for $33083 + tax&tags

    I was more than happy with the price, and I didn't have to kill myself to get it. The buying experience was really easy, just like buying any other major appliance. (go figure!) Ask for wayne, the Internet Sales manager.

    I was told by the folks there that they are getting retail for all the ES300s that come in, except for internet sales. So stress that you are an internet buyer. Good luck!
  • Would you know what a Lease goes for on that Es 300 you got? From 36 to 39 months with 12k miles a year

  • dbordbor Posts: 5
    Have now put about 1000 miles on our new ES-300. Question I have for other owners is relating to the gas mileage you have been getting. On city driving we have been getting about 17 miles to the gallon and on freeway about 23 miles. These are substantially below the estimated gas consumption of 21/29. We have only put premium gas in the car. When we brought the car in for the 1000 mile checkup, one of the service administrators told my wife that they were aware that there was a problem with the gas mileage on the new ES-300's. When I told my wife to get something in writing from them, she went back and was told by another service person that for the first 5000 miles the car was still breaking in and not to expect great gas mileage. Any comments would be welcomed.
  • yonyon Posts: 7
    I'm seeing around 23-25 with a mix of town/highway. I was expecting higher, but it seems to be better than what you're getting.
  • dbor - why premium gas? ES300s are made to run on unleaded regular. Believe it should say that in your owners manual (by octane number), or check with a couple of your dealer's people -- salesman, two or three service personnel -- to get a consensus.
  • Where did you purchase your Lexus in Northern Va. The dealer in Richmond doesn't want to budge off MSRP. How much did you pay over invoice?
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    The '02 ES Lexus manual says to use premium (91 octane or higher), probably to help them meet the ULEV standard. So technically, the engine is tuned for premium but there's probably no harm in using regular, as the ECU will compensate for the reduced octane gas automatically.
  • My dealer claims that I have to do my services every 5000 miles on my 2002 es. I only drive the car on freeways in warm weather. The owner manual states that I can do services every 7500 miles. Who should I believe?
  • A stone hit my windshield (I can see a small spot). Do you know any ways of preventing the window from cracking?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Basically, IMO, you can believe either source. The 5000 mile interval is recommended for heavier duty usage... such as city driving, varying temps, varying loads, etc. The 7500 mile interval is probably fine for you. Personally, on our 2002 Camry, which we just purchased in December, we will be following the 5000 mile interval, just to ensure that everything is always at tip top condition. The car is driven mostly by my mother, with a light to moderate load, under NJ weather patterns. Its really your call... but once you choose, maintain consistency, and just so Toyota (Lexus) can never dispute maintenence procedure should anything go wrong, I would have the car serviced at a Lexus dealership using Lexus "genuine parts" for AT LEAST the duration of your basic warranty.
    Thats my take,
  • hk2lahk2la Posts: 53
    Lexrules: that happened to my current car right after I had the windshield replaced (due to another crack that got really big). There's some kind of clear stuff that they can inject into the crack to prevent it from becoming larger. That's what I had done and it's been many years, and no problems.

    Kreativ: remember, I only got the VIN because my bank needed it for the loan. I also got the total price (incl. tax/license) through my bank and the dealer's total is slightly higher than my calculations, so we shall see. Got the VIN probably about a week or so ago. My car should arrive tomorrow--at last! Don't get me wrong, pretty much everyone I've spoken with at the dealership has been pretty good. I just don't enjoy the car buying experience. Btw, thanks for the exterior/interior upkeep tips.

    I saw the Olympic torch! Or, as the publicity line goes, "I saw the flame!" Just thought I'd share with everyone.
  • hk2lahk2la Posts: 53
    I also noticed a lot of roll when I did the test drive, and I was very surprised. But I noticed quite a bit of that in the GS too. Anyway, I had already decided on Lexus (ruling out BMW, Mercedes), so I'll live with it. btw, there is a huge difference in freeway wind noise between the 2001 and 2002 ES. I guess that noise absorbing material really works.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    dbor - I've only driven 200 miles locally, but I'm getting even worse: 15.x MPG. I ran into a lady also with an '02 ES who was extremely unhappy with the gas mileage - she was only getting 15MPG out of hers, and had gotten much better MPG from the 2000 and 2001 ES models she previously owned. The '02 ES should be getting BETTER mileage than the '00 and '01. I did hear an engine gets better mileage after break-in, but a jump from 15 to 25 seems unlikely to me.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    lexrules - The dealer is interested in your money. Of course they're going to tell you to come in every 5000 rather than 7500 miles. They make more money if you come in more often to pay their ridiculous service charges. After all, that's how Lexus dealerships make the bulk of their money. To add insult to injury, all those "checks and inspections" you're paying good money for is pretty much BS:
    1. Many of their mechanics won't even bother if it takes more than a visual glance.
    2. They'd do it for free as long as you asked them to during a routine oil change, as these checks are very simple to do.

    Follow the guidelines in your owner's manual, not what the dealer tells you. Lexus says 7500 mile interval unless you drive under one of the listed "severe conditions", in which you should follow the 5000 mile interval. Here is what Honda has to say about oil changes (cut and paste off their web site):
    "Following the "severe conditions" guidelines won't help your Honda unless you really do drive under those conditions. Many vehicle owners waste time, money, and oil on unnecessary oil changes, for example. The quality of engine oil and filters has steadily improved to keep pace with the requirements of new engines."

    The oil change industry would love for you to come in as often as possible, and they've managed to get most people to ignore what the owner's manual says (75% probably don't even know what the manual says) and follow the "3000 mile" oil change interval religiously.

    As for servicing your Lexus, it's best to find a trustworthy local mechanic that charges fairly: you'll actually get the service and attention to your car that you're paying for. Ask around for recommendations. Otherwise, just take it to Lexus and pray you get a mechanic that actually cares, and the high school kid that drives your car to the back doesn't floor it over the speed bump for fun (not representative of all Lexus dealers of course).

    As for the warranty, it doesn't matter where you take it for service as long as you make sure quality parts are used and keep all receipts of work done.

    If you want to be good to your engine, use Mobil 1 synthetic oil. Far better than the Valvoline conventional oil that Lexus service centers use, and the money you'd save by taking it to a local mechanic and paying "labor only" will easily cover the costs of the synthetic oil and a Mobil 1 oil filter. The hard part is finding a local mechanic you can actually trust.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    hk2la - I don't care much for the car buying experience either. Although I do like selecting what make/model to get.
    I was at Universal Studios tonight too. I thought it was funny when they were rehearsing the "torch run" earlier in the day.
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    Look in yellow pages. Your insurance company may very well provide free repair for this regardless of deductable. Mine does. You can save yourself by repairing now and not cracking.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I was very interested to read your post, I feel somewhat ignorant now, but I do have one major contention... despite that the dealer may charge higher prices, i think it is worth it to be serviced there instead of a local shop, regardless of its quality, at least until the warranty's end... why?
    My father's 1994 Corolla experienced a transmission problem around 63,000 miles in 1998. Technically, we were over Toyota's Powertrain warranty by 3,000 miles BUT since we had always had the car serviced at the dealership, Toyota agreed to pay nearly half of the $1200 repair bill.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    Yes, what you said is very true. Lexus/Toyota is more willing to cover expenses after warranty if you've shown that you have faithfully serviced the car. To them, that means bringing it to a Lexus/Toyota dealer for regular service (i.e. "you spent 2x more money than you should have all along, so sure, we don't mind covering some of the right-after-warranty expenses for you")
    You could see the higher dealer service prices as insurance for possible after-warranty problems. But I'm not sure how long after your warranty expired that they'd still cover you, as there are no set rules.

    For an ES, you could take it to a Toyota dealer and get the SAME parts and service as at your Lexus dealer. That is because the ES and Camry share much of the same internal works. My local Toyota dealer charges $21.95 for an oil change and $15.95 for a tire rotation. Compare that to my local Lexus dealer's $50 for an oil change and $50 for a tire rotation. Don't ask me how they justify those kind of prices.
    So anyways, you would still be getting Toyota service except at a much more reasonable price. As far as after-warranty coverage by Toyota/Lexus, this would be much better than if you went to a random mechanic.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Those oil change prices are high. The dealer near me charges $28.95.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I think the 1st and 2nd generation ES300 sedans were very sharp and handsome looking sedans. What happened with the new 2002 3rd generation? I am not sold to the new "bug eyes" look. The car has lost the fluid design it had in years past. The interior is very nice, but the exterior is a huge step back IMO.

    I am not impressed by CALTY's design excercises of late.
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