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X Type 3.0 or C280 4Matic Help me Decide!!

contemplating either of the above...was leaning towards the C280, have a great mechanic, but only works on German on my Audi TT and ML320...Seen a couple of really nice 06 X-Types...almost out of Jag dealer close by is a problem plus would expect $$$'s..
What should I expect from an X-Type and are the good warranties available and how much...
Thanks for Any Input..


  • What year is the C280? I actually might go with the C280, as jaguars have fast become mechanical nightmares for most folks. Probably the biggest flaw is the JATCO tranny that is fitted in x-types, which has become notorious for quitting extrememly early in the cars life. And I mean early! If you go for a jag, go for the manual transmission for sure. The manuals are fitted with the same type of tranny that rolls royce use, and encounter farrrrrrrr less problems than the autmatic. Just a suggestion though, either car is a nice addition. Good luck!
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