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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • johnnyboy4johnnyboy4 Posts: 10
    I remember the original in 2000 being something like 17-24.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Oh that, well the S430 has gained weight since 2000. Most cars gain a few pounds during their production run due to added features, safety equipment etc.

  • l125l125 Posts: 1
    Any one here about rebates on the S Class in August? Are dealers sitting with abundant inventory which may force action action by Mercedes to help make way for the 04's coming in September? Ready to lease but if I can save a few bucks along the the way I would be happy to wait the week out.
  • karkeskarkes Posts: 1
    Anybody have the VP or SVP contact info at MB USA for customer service. My 2000 S430 has been in for A/C problems 6 times, COMAND center problems 4 times, system problems (brakes, engine, etc.) 5 times and misc junk another 3. All I want is a swap for a car with a better repair history, nothing new, just even swap. Nope, they won't do it. They say that's what the warranty is for, to fix the problems. Well they aren't the one in the shop every other month.
  • boo20boo20 Posts: 85
    That's not what the warantee is for. That's what lemon laws are for. Depending on the state in which you live an unsucessful attempt to repair a major component after three tries triggers the lemon law. I believe that attornys take these cases on consignment and get paid by the manufacturer if you win.
  • jawdocjawdoc Posts: 6
    We're considering a 4matic '04 S500. Anyone out there having any luck with reliability in late model S class vehicles. I have an E320 4matic wagon ('99) and it has been very disappointing.
  • jawdocjawdoc Posts: 6

    Sounds like a really good deal. Good luck.
  • mb1raymb1ray Posts: 3
    I am not going to get an S class, I'm just passing on this good deal!
  • jawdocjawdoc Posts: 6
    I appreciate the headsup. Thanks.
  • In response to karkes message #1548, you should be able to get the address/phone number for MB USA from their website. We were able to use the lemon law in Virginia to obtain a new S500. The vehicle had to be owned for 18 months or less and have been in for service 3 times or more for the same type of problem (refer to my messages 1487, 1493 and 1498). Good luck.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,704
    Just about everyone knows that Princess Diana passed away while riding in an MB S-Class, a '95 S280. I am currently in London and have seen many examples of S280s all within the span of two weeks. What I don't understand is why Benz chose not to bring that particular model to the U.S. I would have loved to see how that relatively small 6-cylinder engine, in that big W140 body, could handle American driving conditions. I bet it would have performed beautifully.
  • Princess Diana passed away while riding in an MB S-Class. However, it was a S600. The S-Class with a v12.
  • Actually, Princess Diana was in an S280. It was widely publicized in Europe the model she was in. I am not sure if it was a long or short wheelbase model though...
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Just curious......did they ever determine at what speed the car was traveling when it crashed?

  • Interested in pros and cons on '99 S500. Looking at one with 13,400 miles and in mint condition. Would be trading in a '99 Jag Vanden Plas. Also, is true that the S500 operates best on Mobil 1 synthetic oil? Any info appreciated.
  • Merc1,

    I seem to remember that the French police estimated that it entered the overpass tunnel at approximately 70mph - 75mph. It actually crashed into the wall a short distance after entry considering the entry speed.
  • boo20boo20 Posts: 85
    I don't know when the FSS was introduced in the S class (it is present in the '99 SL). All MBs with FSS (flexible service system) need to use synthetic oil. I think that only AMG engines specifically recommend Mobil 1. The dealer where I have my cars serviced uses Castrol syntec. This is another recommended oil for MBs with FSS.
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    I purchased a 99 S 500 a little over 2 years ago. It had approx 14000 miles and had been used by the sales manager's wife. I paid $56000 but that included negotiations for a trade in on my 93 S 500 for which I got a reasonable amount. I have a XKR convertible as my everyday car and use the Mercedes when I need the space. Since 1999 was the last year of that model I felt it was going to be reliable and it has been. In a couple of years I will probably consider a 2003 or newer S500 when they get the bugs worked out.
  • i got a call from the dealership, my SL55 has been fixed! i am so excited. i am going tomorow to inspect and drive the baby home.

    sorry, but I am too happy at the news.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Speaking of which, MB has released the video from this year's AMG Challenge:

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